21 Ways to Relieve Stress

21 Ways to Relieve Stress
You can live a stress free life if you get to know these 21 ways to relieve stress. Actually stress is a very common thing in every one's life. The only difference is, every one's way to deal with it. But out of those some techniques are very effective. Let's give a look on those. 
21 Ways to Relieve Stress Stress can be caused by any reason. Many times the person gets stressed without any reason. In fact, whenever something does not happen according to the wishes of human, it is natural for him/her to feel stress.

So let's understand and apply practically these 21 ways to relieve stress in your life.

1. Early morning visit
Morning visit is a very good way to relieve stress. But yes, you have to do it at the very early morning. For example - In India it should be 4 am in summer and 4.30 am in winter.

Actually, the fresh and peaceful environment of early morning effects very positively to your mindset. It relieve your stress throughout the day. A…

Things to Make Life Easy

Things to Make Life Easy Human life is becoming more and more difficult day-by-day. Through modernity, a human being was made to make life easy and pleasant.But in this era, the reverse is happening. While every human has a dream to live an easy life. As because this blog Love Life and Relationship has started with the same purpose, so I have done a lot of research and studies to find out the most necessary Things to Make Life Easy for you.  Here are those -Things to Make Life EasyNow we live in a devloped and advanced world. There are multiple things to make our life comfort. However, it has become difficult in this affair. So through a lot of studies about life and after observing a lot of people I have found these 7 things to make life easy which will be very helpful for you to make your this dream a reality.According to my long studies and observation the most essential things to make human life easy in this era are -1) Health - (The most Important Thing to Make your Life Easy)Yes f…

What is Most Important in Life

What is Most Important in Life

Hey, here's the top secret!

Today I am going to share with you about the thing which is  most important in life. After knowing how to apply this advantage in your life, you will enjoy the easiest and happiest life forever.

We all do hard work in our life although in maximum cases we do not get that result which we expect or want.

Is not it!

Do you ever think why it happens?

Behind it there is an invisible power of nature works. You cannot see it with your eyes. But it can be feel or experiance.

If you able to learn how to apply that power in your life then no doubt you can get more than what efforts and energy you will put in anything.

So read this article till the end otherwise you will miss a top secret and the art of use it which is applicable by the happiest people of this world to get unlimited happiness and success.

Most Important in Life
So now let's understand for what I am talking about :-

The term which we human beings use to identify thi…

Why It Is Essential for You to Know About Yourself

Why It Is Essential for You to Know About Yourself
Do you know about yourself? - 

Whenever this question is asked, most of the people do not have a clear answer. They know a lot of things about this world, but they do not have certain knowledge about themselves.

 By the way, do you have a clear answer to this question?

Yes or no...

No doubt you want a wonderful life and a lot of happiness. 

Is not it?"

But for that, you have to know about yourself. Because without knowing about yourself you cannot choose the right direction and path for your life. This is why I always tell my clients "Why it is essential for you to know about yourself."

Why it is essential for you to know about yourself
75 years, means 900 months, means 27375 days - near around this, you alive on this earth. 
It means you have a limited time to get all the happiness of your life.
Am I right?"
Because you have a time limit or deadline, so you need certain goals, certain plans, certain strategies, and a most imp…