How To Choose Life Partner?

How To Choose Life Partner

The happiness of life will be double and the problems will be half if you find a right life partner.
Everyone needs a Life Partner. Without a good life partner, it is almost impossible to enjoy each and every color of life. Through this article of Love Life and Relationship we are going to give you a clear picture for choosing the best partner in your life. 
We are social beings and we live in a family in society. But to make a family we first need a good life partner. In this blog How To Choose Life Partner, I am going to tell you those important tips which will be very helpful to you when you will choose your life partner.


A life partner should be a person who able and willing to walk with you throughout your whole life. He/she must be with you in all walks of life like in good time, bad time, in the struggle, at that time when you are in any major physical, financial or psychological problem. Even he/she can be with you when you will going to die.

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How to Choose Life Partner?

When choosing your life partner, pay special attention to the fact that all these features are present in them or not.

 1) Maturity>>>

 Maturity should be given the first priority. It is because life is not a game of one day. There are thousands of days and not each day will be the same. 

There are a lot of challenges in life. And only a mature person can able to intelligently solve each and every problem. He/she must have long term vision. Ability to take right decision is more important.  There are a lot of people in this world who are actually biologicaly adult but immature. 

Maturity does not come with age. It is not that if a person is in the age of 40's or 50's then he/she is mature. It is quite possible that the maturity of a 15 years boy is more than a 50 years old man/woman. Because maturity comes with experiences and ability of learning.

But not only experience makes you mature, it is actually the inside nature of yourself. The important thing is what you learn from your experiences. 

Let me explain to you. 

You can learn in two ways. One is negative another is positive.

Negative side >>> 

Let's take an example... 

Just imagine that somebody cheated you in love relation. And it hurts you a lot. Then you thought love is a bad thing. People love others to cheat them. Then you decided that next time you will not be serious for love and if it will necessary then you will also cheat others. 

It exactly happens in this world today. Therefore 90 out of 100 people cheat their lovers. Only because of this negative learning.

Positive side >>> 

In another way if someone cheats you, then definitely you will be hurt.

But if you realize that when somebody cheats anyone then how much it hurts himself or herself. If you are heartily a good person then you will give a commitment to yourself that you will never hurt someone like that by any means. 

Why you abled to do so?" 

Because you felt that deadly pain as yourself. And you do not want to see anyone else in that pain. This is the positive learning. And the statistic will be totally changed. 90 out of 100 will be a great and happiest couple.

Notice that in both situations you have the same experience but the way of reacting to that is totally different.

Now tell me one thing, from both these persons whom you will want to choose as your life partner

Of course, the positive person! 

Now here is the very interesting question- 

Do you want to get a life partner like that? 


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 2) Similar type of Thinking  in your life partner>>> 

The next point to be noted is, you both should have a similar type of thinking

A lot of time it heard from people that one should marry the person who have opposite thinking with you. They said it will create a balance between both of you. But friends it is totally wrong. 

Tell me one thing. If you and your partner pull a vehicle into two different ways then where it will go?" 

No where. Is not it! 

Then how the vehicle of life moves foreword to a right direction if you both have oposite thinking! 

Of course, it is impossible... 

But if you both have a similar type of thinking, a similar type of nature, a similar type of mindset then the reaction of both of you in the different situations of life will be almost the same. 90% of time your decisions will match each other. Then the disputes and misunderstandings will be definitely low and there will be a 100% chance that you both will   enjoy your whole life successfully with each other. So always choose that person whose thinking and nature match your's.

3) Family background >>> 

Next important point to be noted is the family background. 

We all are social beings. And we all have a huge impact on our family background. There is also some scientific reasons behind it. If your partner is good but his or her family members are not good with you, then it is quite possible that it will hamper your relationship in the future. 

OK, it may be possible that your partner supports you but there will be a time when he/she may ignore you if in future there will be some disputes between you and his/her family. 

This is one of the biggest reason for divorces. 

Actually, it is scientific human behaviour. We all have some unconscious psychological attachment with our blood relations.

So in such kind of situation either you have to impress your partner's family or if you think it is not possible then I think it will be good to not choose that person as your partner

Yes, if you love your partner too much and he/she is highly mature and able to handle these kind of things then it's OK, you can move with him/her. 

But trust me it is a very serious problem and you have to be very cautious about it. Because it is a silent killer of your relationship.


4) Time >>> 

Time is the most important thing for choosing the right life partner. 

Because you get only a single chance in life to chose your dream partner

OK, I agree, in today's world, people do 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriage also. But the intensity is gone. 

It is human behavior. And this is equal in all countries, all religions and in all cultures. 

The intensity of the first relation is always unique

It can be possible to live your dream love life in your 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriage. But that requires very good luck. And in 99 cases out of 100, it is not possible. 

Therefore you have to be successful in your first try. That means you have to be very cautious. 

And remember here I am talking about the best of best means the dream life partner of life. Not about the normal marriage life or a normal life partner. Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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But do not be hopeless if you can not able to choose the right life partner in your first try. 

Of course, your chances to get your dream partner is decrees but not end. In my future articles, I will tell you those tips and techniques by using them you can able to get your dream life partner.

Now come to the topic... 

So because people do not know the importance of timing to chose the best life partner, they do the wrong things. 

Let me tell you what actually people do. They decide that now it's time to get a life partner and they start  searching for their partner from the next day. They look him/her around them and after a few days, they choose one of them. 

Now they start to focus on that person to judge him/her. And suddenly they feel him or her as the dream love of their life. 

Then immediately they decide that it is time to propose him or her. They do so in the next week or in between one month. 

After propose and acceptance, they spend time with him/her. And finally, after a few days, they decide now time to marry. And also they do so. And all these process is finished in between 3 to 4 months. 

In few cases, this full process is finished in one-year maximum. But after 2 to 3 years of marriage suddenly they realize that their choice was wrong. Then quarrel, fights begin. 

Finally, breakup or divorce is happened. Now they cry or depressed, doing some foolish things and after at least one year again they decide that it is time to choose a life partner and the full process repeats. And they never get their dream partner.

Reasons for not finding the right life partner

Now let's understand why it happens with almost 80% of people that they do not find the right life partner for themselves. Behind it, there is a very silly mistake. Let me explain to you.

When we go on shopping to buy a dress for any special occasion or for a party we spend 1 or 2 hours and even 4 hours maximum time to choose that.

Just for a few clothes!"

For those clothes which we only use the next six months!

But when we go to choose a person with whom we will spend our next 30 to 40 years, we only invest 3 to 4 months.

Now please make me understand, is it possible to know a person in just 4 months?"

There will be a lot of different types of situations, a lot of different types of responsibilities and also different types of things will happen in lomg life. And friends it is very important to know what kind of features and characteristics your partner should have to face all those situations. Because remember I told earlier that life is not a one day game.

How to use the time to choose a better life partner
OK, now let's discuss what is the solution... 

As one knows that after choosing a life partner he/she has to spend his/her whole life with that person, so he/she should be very careful to select him/her and should have patience while doing this. Because as more you look out a person as much you know him or her. 

Ya, I agree that to know someone 100% is impossible. But trust me you can able to know someone 80% for sure. And it is enough. Because except God nobody is perfect in this universe.                

Then what we need to know someone 80%? 

That's simple!" 

We have to spend more time to know the person whom we choose! 

According to me, it requires at least 2 years to know someone 70 to 80%. And you do not have to be predictable, you have to be very clear and realistic. Because here, it is the question of your life. And that is not a joke
Life partner

To understand the solution you have to understand something about Life. Is there some basic happenings in our life?" 

Yes, there is! 

We all grow, we all have to choose a career, we all have to build our career. We all have to choose a life partner in life. 

We all have to take care of our family and our children, we all have to solve the problems occur in our life, we all will be old and weak one day and finally we will die. 

These are the basic happenings of everyone's life. And must be happened.
When we know that these will have mustily happened in our life, then why we do not have a proper plan for it? 

I have a proper plan for all the basic happenings of my life... 

I exactly know what to do and when to do for my life. I exactly know what kind of girl I want as my life partner. There is not any confusion in my mind. 

Therefore even at the most difficult time, I feel that everything is easy for me. 

My ideal, Sir Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greatest personality of this world says "clarity is power"

I really experience it in my life.
So if you have also very clear planning about you all the basic happening of your life then everything will be easy, even choosing a life partner is also easy. 

Let me give an example of how you can plan. According to me for girls, the best age for marriage is between 24 - 27 and for boys, it is 27 - 30. Of course behind this, there are some scientific reasons. In these ages, the male and female bodies are very perfect for marriage. So if you are a girl and decide to be married at the age of 26 then start searching for your perfect partner from the age of 23 or 24. Because you need a minimum of 2 to 3 years to know someone correctly. And you can do so by focusing on your career also. You do not need to search for 24x7.

5) Acceptability >>> 

Yes, this is very important. Because you must have an acceptable attitude. Remember in this world nobody is perfect. By any means, you have to accept some weaknesses and bad things from your partner. But is on you how much you want and able to accept. If you have 0% acceptability then it is wrong. But if you have 100% acceptability then it is more wrong. Both are very dangerous for your life.
According to me, 20 to 25% acceptability is good for human beings. If you have less acceptability then you will not adjust with anyone. Everybody will be your enemy in this world. And if everybody will be your enemy then you never be happy in life anymore. But if you are a very innocent person and if you have 100% acceptability then it will finish you one day. Everybody will smother you. I am not talking about right or wrong. But it is a law of nature. So it may be quite possible that your partner also smothers you. So it is good to keep a balance between your acceptability and unacceptability nature and behavior of yourself.


Friends, Ofcourse you cannot guarantee that a person will be the samevthroughout his/her life, but still you are able to choose the best life partner for yourself.  Getting a very clear picture of his/her nature and character is very important before choosing him/her. I will suggest you to take atleast 1 year to finalise a person. It is a question of your whole life. So 1 year minimum to understand him/her is mandatory.

Again it is necessary for both of you to have a similar type of thinking about the important field of life like family, relationships, money, love etc. The more similarities you have the  better and easier relationship you can enjoy. So keep all these things in mind and it will guide you how to choose a life pertner.

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