Meaning of Love in Modern Time

              Meaning of Love in modern time

          Don't miss it. Because you need to understand the meaning of love in modern time if you want to enjoy love properly in your life. Until that you may not get your dream love.

There is a huge difference for the understanding of love by different generations. Which create a lot of misunderstandings for modern love
Modern Love

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Why modern love is different from earlier ones 

The most important thing of Life is Love. It is the real happiness of life. 

But most of the people never understand what is love throughout their whole life

In present time where life and the meaning of other aspects of life are totally changed, yet most of people try to understand and explain love by the old theory and concept of love

But just think how it is possible!

Time has changed everything. For example there was a day when human beings were use ink and stick to write something. But now a days we use  voice keypad to type something. Is it possible to write something in your device with ink and stick now?" 

Definitely your answer will be "No".

Same in the case of love. 

Here I am not saying that the old theory of it is wrong. 

Of course they are right! 

But according to their time.


The meaning of love according to present time is totally different from that. As I told earlier that time has changed everything so love has also changed.  To understand the modern meaning of it first you have to understand the impact of modern life on love.

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How modern time has changed the meaning of love
The life of modern age is totally different from 20's or earlier. In those days competition for survival was low. So if nobody supported your love then you had an option to went to the forest or any other lonely place and made your hurt.

"Then cultivated something around your hurt and sold that to earn your livelihood."

Also needs were low at that time so little money was sufficient for survival in those days.

Treditional love

But in modern time there is very high competition for survival. If you have no money then there is no way to survive.

"And if you can not able to survive then definitely nothing to do with love!"

So Now a days the thinking of men and women has changed about love and life. This is not their fault, this is the demand of present time.

So it needs the meaning of love in modern time should be changed.
According to the present conditions every one's desires have also changed. Money is always the first priority. 

Is not it?" 

I am not saying that it is wrong. 

Because without money you can not able to survive or enjoy your life. For the present situations it is necessary to give importance to money. Because we are so much involved with innovation and technological development that we can not live without these. 

In today's world these are the basic requirements of us. This is not the question of comfort but becoming the needs of survival. 

For example even a baggier has also his own mobile phone now a days. So it is not wrong if people give priority to wealth first now. 

Therefore definitely modern love is being different from the earlier ones. 

So you need to understand the meaning of love in modern time for a better and easy life.

Importance of love and money

 Although money is given due weightage but it not means that you have not to give priority to love.

Because by money you can get all survival requirements, comfort life, luxury life style and all other precious things and these things are able to give you pleasure, but not happiness. 

And remember one thing, pleasure is always temporary and happiness is for long term even permanent in most of the time also." 

So now think what you want from your life, temporary pleasure or permanent happiness...
Of course money creates the base of life, but love is the plant of happiness on this base. And without true love all wealth are worthless because you will have no one to share your feelings, problems, happiness and everything.  And how you can be happy without sharing all these!" 

For example just imagine that you are a millionaire, but there is no one who loves you really.

There are only those persons who pretend love for you because of your money. And by chance if something bad happens with you then nobody will be there to care for you heartily. 

No one will be there to be sad with your sadness and to be happy with your happiness!

There will be no one who celebrate your success and no one will be there for being worried about your health, life even for everything. 

Once just think and you will realize that no one wants that kind of life. Every one wants money, that is true ! But not only money, they also want too much love.

 Of course wealth gives you a comfortable life but without love you never able to enjoy that permanently and properly.  

But also in other case if you do not give importance to money then in your love life you must struggle too much and  will be unhappy. Because without wealth or money the survival of yourself  and your love are next to impossible. You have to struggle for even a piece of bread, even for a salter, for a single cloth, for medicine and many more. 

These are the basic needs. And you have your lover or not, but these are must needed because without these you can not survive. If you can not able to survive then  how can you enjoy your love life

So we need both and these two have the equal importance in our life and these things changes the meaning of love in modern time.

Love forever
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Importance of love now a days -  Has the importance of love decreased?

This question is asked many time. Because of the increasing rate of breakups and divorces people think that the importance of love is decreasing day by day. 

But do you think it is really true?"

Actually it is wrong. It is a misjudgment. 

I know you are totally surprised. But do not worry because I am going to justify my words.

Let's take an example to understand it properly. Imagine that here is a young boy of 6 fit height. And we have to compare him with a baby elephant who is born just few minutes ago. Now tell me who is smaller?

Of course the baby elephant!"

Now imagine that 20 years has passed and that baby elephant is being a huge elephant and the boy is now 7 feets. Now again tell me who is smaller?" The man. Is not it?" But in reality has the height of that man decreased?


Even his height is increased.

Although he is smaller because the increasing ratio of the baby elephant is higher than the young boy. So it seems like the man is being smaller. Same is happening in case of love and money. 

The importance of money is increasing very speedily in comparison to the importance of love. Therefore it seems that the importance of love is decreasing.


Why people suffering for love now a days?

With the passage of time the life of human is being critical day by day. Directly or indirectly every one is engaged to make money for survival and comfort life.  There is no time left for human to think about love. So they have not clear understanding of love. 

Every one learns the art of love from the society or from their friends. No one is trying to understand the actual art of love by which they can easily be happy. 

In our society only 20% love relations are successful or uncommon.

That means there is too much examples of unsuccessful love stories and a few examples of successful love relations. Every one wants successful love relation but mostly knows and hears about unsuccessful love relationships. It is like you want to be a scientist but read commerce. 

I mean if you want a successful love relation then first you have to know what it is and how to maintain it. It is a basic human nature to follow the easiest process and try to get everything as quick as possible. 

But to find real love this process never works. Although they are trying to get real love by using this shortcut. To get love they are lying, cheating, being selfish, even doing every wrong thing in their relationship and expecting from their partner that he/she will give real love. 
But just think how it will be possible?" 

For example if you will plant a poisonous tree and expect mango from that then how it will be possible!"

In real world it is impossible. 
Therefore people suffer for love and peace even after earning a lot of money also. 

Actually there are some rules and regulations to get true love. 

For example if you want that your partner should give you special importance but you do not give him/her importance, then how it will be possible! 

You get what you give!

It may be possible that he/she gives you importance, but after few time he/she will also avoid you because it is a simple human behaviour that we give what we get from others. If some one is good with us then we are also good with him/her. If some one is honest with us then we also be honest with him/her. It is a natural psychological process. And of course these are the policies to build up a real love relationship from both side. But these policies are not common. Every couples have their own rules and regulations for their relationship. Some time these are conducted consciously and sometime also unconsciously, depending on the nature, maturity and the intensity of love of the couples.Those couples who are very serious for their relation are make some rules for their love and follow them. It makes their relationship more and more strong with the passage of time. But no one shares their secretes of love with others. So people wants a love relations like them but do not know how to build that and maintain that. They try again and again and fail. Finally they meet depression and suffer for love.       

What is real Love

Why more love relations are fail in modern time :-

As we know in earlier times development is minimum so people has less options in life. The society of that time is also different from present society. Those days love affairs were also low. Also less communication facilities were available those days. But now a days we live in a develop society with a very developed communication facilities. We have Internet, social media and many more. Even we have mobiles and within one minute we can contact with whole world. I mean we have too many distractions now a days. But in earlier days there were less distractions. So they had more focus on their love relation. Even the did not think about breakups and divorces. They were believe that love is the relationship of soul. So it is unbreakable.

But now our thinking is more scientific. We see everything according to science. Also there is too many options we have so distractions are high. Modern thinking also gives us more freedom which is not wrong, but yes, in some cases the freedom is used badly and in the wrong way, that is of course wrong. And when these things are happened in any relationship then definitely for a result both are suffered.

Actually with the development every one is very cautious about their love rights from their partner but at the same time they are not attempt or interested to properly accomplish the duties of love for their partner. I am not saying for all but in maximum cases it is happened. So this is the reason why people are suffered for love in today's world.

Well, now you were understood how modern life changed Love. The importance of love is not actually decreased with the passage of time. In simple world you can say that it is just a latest version of love according to the demand of modern time.

So because of the life requirements of today everybody wants that his or her lover should be financially strong or belonging to a well established family. Is not it? Most of the time not consciously but unconsciously everybody wants it. This is the big reason that everyone give more importance to money rather than love because he/she thinks that if he has no money then his lover will left him out. And it is the biggest difference between Earlie's love and today's love.

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What is the definition of love in the present situation?   

From the above discussion, we are now clear that the definition of love is changed with the passage of time. Then what is the definition of love?"

When we determine the definition of a thing we actually count the characteristics of that particular thing. Same in the case of love.

Modern love

The characteristic of love according to modern time are:-

  • Give and receive Love: The first characteristic of love is to give and receive love. If you give love to your partner but not expect love from your partner then that is not loved. One-sided love is never excepted as love. Because if you do so then you definitely torture a human being that is "you". Yes, it is!! And if suicide is a crime then why it not. Therefore give and receive love for both sides in an equal manner is mandatory. And this is love because love is every one's requirement and need.

  •  Happiness in LoveThe second important characteristic of love is happiness. Love is introduced only to create happiness for human beings. But because of the wrong experiences of a few people, all others agreed that love is the root cause of sadness. But it is not true. Love hurts only when you do silly mistakes or chose a wrong person or disobey the rules and regulations of it. And that is totally your fault. Then why blaming love. If in a relationship you are not happy then it is better to do break up and build another more favorable relationship. 

  • Respect and security in Love: If you are not able to give respect and security to your partner and also can not able to get respect and security from your partner then how can you continue that relationship! Life is a gift and we all love our lives very much. We all want to be happy and enjoy our life properly. But without respect and security, no one can be happy. It is not only your right but also your duty to think about your happiness and do efforts to fill up your life with happiness in the right way. It is not good to continue a relationship with too much pain because a lot of other people are also connected with you and your life. And a painful relationship not only hurt the couple but also hurt and give too much pain to their loved ones. Remember one thing, disrespect and waves of anger kill love." 

  • Emotional attachment in Love:   Emotional attachment is the backbone of love. If in your relationship there is not a good emotional attachment then it is better to come out from that relation as soon as possible. Because of the base of your relationship is not strong then it never survives throughout your whole life. If it may survive but the quantity of pain will much more than love as love is 80% emotion. Therefore in the present time a lot of couples are suffered too much although they are in a love relationship because they can not able to share and communicate their feelings and emotions with each other. But if you want to love and happiness from your relationship then definitely you must build a good emotional attachment with each other. It is a myth that love gives pain. It gives pain only when you do it wrong. There is a process to get happy love and everyone should follow this process if they want a happy love life.

  • Honesty in Love relationshipThe most difficult characteristic of love to follow is honesty. It is the strongest defense in love to face difficulties. Also, it is the most expected thing in love. Everyone wants that his/her partner must be honest although they themselves are dishonest in maximum time. It is almost impossible to get real love without honesty for the whole life. If you are honest with your partner and admit your mistakes in front of her/him then it may be possible that she/he left you, but he/she miss you throughout his life and trust me, he/ she will have a lot of love for you throughout his/her life. It is a psychological truth. We human beings have always naturally affectionate for honest people. So always try to be honest with your love. Even it may be possible that he/she will forgive you. And if so then you respect in her eyes will raise and his/her love for you will be increased.
  • Needs and survival requirements in today's Love  Finally the last important characteristic of love is the effect of modern civilization that is needs and survival. And this requires a good quantity of money. Without money, love is like a rose plant without roses. Money and love are the two parts of a coin. So both are equally important for a happy love life. In the absence of any of them can spoil your happiness. So you should do the right efforts to get both these to live your life with joy.

  1. Acceptance: As for human beings acceptance quality is at the top. No one can be perfect in this world. In many cases, we have to do sacrifices. But sacrifice should not be an option. We are a human being and if we want then trust me we can get the best. Although in some cases it is needed. But there is also another option. That is acceptance. Because if you do sacrifice then you will be feeling bad. But if you make yourself to accept things as they are and try to improve them then definitely your happiness in your relationship will increase. But yes, both have to try in the same way otherwise it will not work.
               By the above discussion, we can say that Love is a mutual honest real relationship of two persons with good emotional attachment and ability to fulfill each other's needs and requirements by full respect and acceptance for each other to fulfill their life with happiness and security. This is love in modern times.

So finally I think this blog What is LOVE in the 21st Century helps you to understand the modified reality of love in the present time. Our whole life stands on the base of love. The decision to love and chose a partner is the most important decision of your life. So keep in mind all those 6 points in your mind. And remember all these points are most important to live a SUCCESSFUL LOVE LIFE.
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