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What Kind of Girls Boys Want

What kind of girls boys want
This article WHAT KIND OF GIRLS BOYS WANT is written by me on the request of many girls. It will help them to be the dream girls of smart boys whom they like.

Before talking about what kind of girls boys want, I want to discus with you about the different types of boys. Because different type of boys have different choices for girls.               According to my research we can classify all boys in to 3 main categories. They are:-
First category of Common boys.Second category of Average boys.Third category of smart boys
              Of course there are too many sub-categories. But for the easy understanding I classified them into these 3 categories. Now let's have a brief discussion on these.

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Love Vs Real Love

LOVE  vs  REAL LOVE               Do you know the difference between Love and Real love?

Here I am going to tell you the actual concept of LOVE  vs  REAL LOVE. So do not miss this important information to enjoy your dream love life. Keep reading :-

There are two types of Love. One is LOVE and another is REAL LOVE

The difference between love and real love is like the difference between the water of a pond and mineral water. Of course both are  able to quench our thirst but pond water not only quench our thirst but also raise different type of diseases in our body because of viruses. 

In other hand mineral water not only quench our thirst but also helpful to us to recover from different type of diseases.

              Same happens in case of Love. Both are able to fulfill our needs. But Love not only fulfill our needs but also create the reasons for too much pain where as RealLove also fulfill our needs and in addition it gives a lot of other happiness and success.

 Actually in this articl…

HOw to Over Come From Breakup

Today's generation is mostly suffered by breakups. It is becoming a big problem of today's love life. But if there is a problem there is definitely a solution. So in this article I have exactly given the answer of the question How to over comefrombreakup.

Reasons for breakup :

              There are too many reasons for breakups like misunderstanding, cheating, change in test, dissatisfaction, family pressure and many more. Sometimes it occurs without any reason. In today's generation it is a common thing and happens with almost every one.

Result of breakup  :             Different people react differently on their breakups. For few people it is too easy to over come from breakup. And for others it is too difficult to overcome from breakup. But there are also few people for whom it is almost impossible to overcomefrom breakup. Even some do suicide and some spoil their whole life which are very serious problems.

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How to Get Lover in Life

We all have basically two dreams. First is to get an awesome career with lot of money and the second is to get a lover. Everybody knows how to get the first one but when talking about the second one there is a question in every one's mind that is HOW TO GET LOVER IN LIFE.

Why people can  not get a lover in life?              I always hear a question from others that what is love but nobody ask why I can not get lover whereas the importance of this question is too much from the earlier one. Because without understanding love you can get a lover but without understanding why you can not get a lover you never get a lover.               So let's first understand why a person can not get a lover.               Actually the word love is so valuable that everyone is thinking that the meaning of it must be very difficult. And the experts are also defining it like they have to define Himalayas. But in reality nothing like that. The meaning is just like other words …

What Is The Value and Purpose Of Life For Me

  Hello Everyone

              First of all I am very thankful to them who are giving me a great support by apriciating my articles.

I started blogging from 27th May 2018 and from that day a lot of people have been connecting with me by whatsapp, facebook and emails.

But I noticed that many of them are depress and unhappy from their life and want help. So today I have dedicated this article What is thevalue and purposeof life for me to them for some inspiration and make them to achieve their happiness.

  👉 7 Techniques to increase self confidence

When this question arises in our mind what is life?               This question what is life arises in our mind when we are upset or at that time when  we go through the bad time of our life. Because when we are happy this question do not disturb us. Is not it?"

 "Today I am not only tell you what is life even I will saw you what is life for me."

Of course you want to know how!"

6 Secrets for Happy Marriage Life

6 Secrets for Happy Marriage life
How you will be feel if you get to know that there are some secrets to make a successful marriage life!"
No doubt married life is the most important part of our life. So it should be a successful with full of happiness. 

Definitely you want to know how you can get it easily. Don't worry because here I am going to share with you 6 secrets for a happy marriage life.
Before knowing those let's give a look on some facts of married life which you should know about your love life and relationship.

Some Facts of marriage life

A lot of time couple are not happy in their marriage life. It is the law of nature that if there is a result there must be a cause. 

So if you are not happy in your marriage life then definitely there are some causes.

Here's they are :-
6 secrets for happy marriage life

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