6 Secrets for Happy Marriage Life

6 Secrets for Happy Marriage life

How you will be feel if you get to know that there are some secrets to make a successful marriage life!"
No doubt married life is the most important part of our life. So it should be a successful with full of happiness

Definitely you want to know how you can get it easily. Don't worry because here I am going to share with you 6 secrets for a happy marriage life.
Before knowing those let's give a look on some facts of married life which you should know about your love life and relationship.

Some Facts of marriage life

A lot of time couple are not happy in their marriage life. It is the law of nature that if there is a result there must be a cause

So if you are not happy in your marriage life then definitely there are some causes.

Here's they are :-

6 secrets for happy marriage life


Love is the base of marriage. 
Either it may be love marriage or arrange marriage. In both cases if love is not the base and in place of it anything else is the base then that relation never gives you too much happiness. 
Is it enough for you? 

If yes then it's ok! But if not then here's the solution.    
Happy Marriage Life
The biggest obstacle for a very happy marriage life is interest. 

Many couples are not interested in their marriage life. They live their life like a donkey takes the load of a washer man. They are not interested in each other. They do only those things which are needed to do.
Look friends, we get this life only once a time. Problems and challenges are the part of it. 

In other words life means challenge and problem. Remember one thing either you ask for it or not but nature gives you problems and challenges regularly. If I told you about how much problems and challenges I faced to reach here then you will be totally surprise. So if you do not forcefully borrow your happiness from nature then it never give you any happiness in alms. You have to be achieve it. And for achieve something the base requirement is interest. Of course I am not talking about half hearted interest, I am talking about that interest which make us crazy about something. And when we are crazy for anything we must get that. Therefore if you able to create the interest about love then definitely enjoy a very happy marriage life.

Of course it is not easy to maintain lovely environment every time in a relationship. There will be disputes, arguments, misunderstandings and quarrels. So do not continue them for long. Otherwise it will be very dangerous for your future marriage life.

These are also a part of marriage life. When you live with a person 24x7 then it will definitely happened. Because the thought process of two persons are never be equal 100%. So if you fight with your partner for 12 hours in a day then love him/her rest of the 12 hours. And I strongly recommend you to do it must. Because it is a very vast subject, and it is impossible to explain that in a single article. As more and more you will read my articles and when you connect them, you will definitely understand what I am saying.         Trivago

2) Understanding

In a relation understanding is like the engine. As powerful as it is the your relationship moves more smoothly. But if understanding is weak then your relation can not give you standard happy marriage life although you have the best facilities. So understanding should be very high between both of you.
Understanding in marriage life means the coordination between both of you to tackle the different situations of life. Of course it is a very difficult thing. But when we marry we build a family. And husband and wife both are the two wheels of a motor cycle where other members of that family are sitting on the seat. So if both the wheels do not maintain co ordination with each other, for example both moves in to opposite direction or one is fast another is slow then definitely accident will be happened. It not only wreck the motor cycle but them too who sit there. Means not only the husband wife but also the other members of that family. Therefore in a marriage life you both have a top class understanding between each other.

How to maintain understanding in marriage relationship?
So the next question arises here is how to maintain understanding in marriage relationship?"
To maintain a good understanding between both of you, you have to first understand each other. And how can you understand each other !" Oh that very simple. By just listening each other! Yes friends, it is true. The biggest mistake of ourselves is to speak more and listen less. Therefore we can not understand our partner. But you have to first listen your partner if you want to increase understanding between both of you. Try to understand what is his/her thought process, how he/she thinks about marriage and other things, what are the expectations of him/her from you, what are his or her dreams. After listening all these things you can understand him/her.
And after understanding each other there will be a combo understanding created between both of you. Combo understanding means the arrival of both of you in to a particular point for a particular topic at a same time with a same psychological thinking. And then definitely your marriage life will be very happy because there will be very less misunderstandings and disputes.


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  • Understanding in Marriage Life

    3) Communication 

    Next important thing is communication. Communication is the key factor in all these.
     The only reason for misunderstanding in relationship is lack of communications. If you do not communicate with your partner freely and frankly then there is no chance for a happy marriage life in your relationship. Because without proper communication how you both co ordinate with each other? If you can not tell everything to your partner, like your needs, requirement, thoughts, dreams, desires, wishes,right,wrong whatever in your mind, how he/she can support you. He/she is not god who knows everything.
    Sometime people hesitate to express their feelings in front of their partner. And this is happened when people do not understand the meaning of marriage. Marriage means sharing everything what ever do you have with your partner either that is physical or psychological. It is your right to share and your partner's duty to receive. So do not think that what will be your image after this, what your partner thinks about you. In today's world every one is easily to give their body to their partner but not ready to give their soul. This is called ego. So avoid this hesitation and also submit your soul and mind like your body in front of your partner.
    When you frankly communicate with each other then the bonding between both of you is being stronger and stronger. And when the bonding between two person increases then naturally the love between them increases.And when love increases then definitely you will be enjoy a very happy marriage life.
    Now can you connect the relationship between communication with understanding. And these two with love?" I told you earlier that is a very vast topic. Any ways it is not finished here. Now let's move ahead.

    4) Romance

    Now let's talk about the most favourite topic of couples. That is Romance in marriage life. Is it not your favorite topic?" If not then from now make it your favorite topic. Because in marriage life Romance is the soul!"
    Here I am not only talking about sex. Of course that is important for every couple. Here I am talking about romance. Romance is a big subject and sex is just a part of it. Romance can be done in  physical level as well as mental level. But very few couples do romance in all ways. This is the reason for poor love after marriage. Remember one thing friends, girls like romance more than sex.
    Maximum time it is expected by girls that their partner should be very romantic .
    One should be romantic in his/her marriage life. Romance spread happiness between both of you. But as old as marriage is romance winds up from couple's life. There are a lot of scientific and psychological reasons behind this. But in this article I am not going to discus that. I will write a full article on that topic in future. Here's I am Just telling you to maintain romance for a happy marriage life.
    Boys are like iron and girls are like magnate. So maximum time girls are at the driving seat of romantic life style. Girls should have to attract their partner. Of course maintaining a good figure is the key. Look girls you are not only beautiful and attractive, but it is your responsibility to be beautiful and attractive for your lover or husband. There are a lot of different ways to do so. Here I am not going to tell you any beauty tips. But try to make changes, like hair style, dressing, dancing etc. In simple words try to attract your hubby and if you able to attract him then it's my guaranty that he will be romantic all the time.
    Of course it is difficult. But the reward you will get after that will be awesome. And try different things because boys get bored very quickly from a similar thing. So you should be change the romantic environment of your marriage life as well as your bedroom.
    And boys, girls are the sweetest gift of nature and one of them is in your life as your wife. Be a man and fill her life with lots of love and romance. Give surprises to her, surprises are the magic trick to make your lady happy. Of course kissing and hugging have the huge psychological impact for a very happy marriage life.  These are some of the practical tricks by which you can alive romance in your marriage life.
    Actually it is a sensitive topic so I can not write frankly about it because of some policies. But hope you understand what actually my meaning is.
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    World haritage

    Dating is the easiest way after marriage for romance. It is not required to explain the meaning of dating. Everybody knows it very well. But lot of ladies complained that after marriage or having babies they do not go for a date.
    Friends do you close to meet your friends after finding new responsibilities?" Then why to close down dating with your partner! Life partner's value is more than friends. So it is your first responsibility to give time to your partner.
    Dating is like the reboot of a device. It gives your relationship a new energy and refreshment, which is very necessary. Ok it is not easy to go for a date after having babies,but you have to plan it according to your schedule. But you most have to do it. It does not matter how old are you. Be young always in your heart.
    Always remember marriage is like a vehicle. If you do not fill it regularly with the fuel of romance then trust me it does not move foreword. You can only push or pull to move it foreword. We are not beyond the law of nature. And opposite sexual attraction is a law of nature. So if you do not maintain it in your relationship then definitely the results will be very serious.                    Mintra

    5) Family get together

    Family get together should be done in every family. Because it create a strong bonding between the family members. And  the biggest responsibility of a couple to bring a strong bonding between the members of a family. Without this no couple can be able to live a happy marriage life. Because if couples are the heart then family is the heart bit. Specially the children of the family.
    So how you can be happy without the happiness of your family. It is natural that each of the members in a family have their own problems, but they could not share their problems with you. In that case the family get together make all of you closer. Then the family bonding will be strong. And if the family bonding will be strong then the bonding between you and your partner will definitely be strong.
    Always remember that without a happy family a happy marriage couple is not possible. Because marriage is done to build a family. So create the happiness in your family and the happiness of marriage life will automatically comes in your life.
            (my life)

    6) Time and Discussion

    Time and discussion have the maximum value in a marriage relationship. Anything can possible when you give priority to these two things. Because these two things automatically manage all other things.
    When you give time to each other then naturally discussion is started between both of you on different topics. And it helps you very much to understand each other. And earlier you understood that what is the importance of good understanding in a marriage relationship.
    Do not give excuse that you have no time or you are very busy person. Life is not the name of a particular subject. If you give attention to your work or job or anything else and avoid other things, then I guaranty it that one day you will be regret.
    So for a happy life and happy marriage life you must have to maintain a balance between all these factors of life. Money is important but without the love and happiness of you partner you can not enjoy money for a long time.
    So avoid all excuses and give time to your partner. It is also good if you discus with your partner on the bed before sleep. There is a great psychological affect of this in your relationship. Oh yes do not fight at that time. Just forget everything and enjoy the company of each other at that time.
    Finally be happy and enjoy your happy marriage life.              also visit Analytics


                  So my friends I think by my this artical I able to give you 6 best techniques for living a very happy marriage life. All points are relatted to each other. You have to keep a balance between all these. Of course it is not easy. But trust me we human beings are very powerful than every problem and challenges. In my every love relationship I always took the place of best couple. Because I know the importance of all these things and truely know how to make a balance between all these.     also read Love  and  Life partner

    Share this with your friends,
    family and others and build
    your impresion.

    Thank you



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