How to Get Lover in Life


             We all have basically two dreams. First is to get an awesome career with lot of money and the second is to get a lover. Everybody knows how to get the first one but when talking about the second one there is a question in every one's mind that is HOW TO GET LOVER IN LIFE.  
How to get lover in life

Why people can  not get a lover in life?

              I always hear a question from others that what is love but nobody ask why I can not get lover whereas the importance of this question is too much from the earlier one. Because without understanding love you can get a lover but without understanding why you can not get a lover you never get a lover.
              So let's first understand why a person can not get a lover.
              Actually the word love is so valuable that everyone is thinking that the meaning of it must be very difficult. And the experts are also defining it like they have to define Himalayas. But in reality nothing like that. The meaning is just like other words and it's value in life is just similar to other things like money.
                Then why not we compare getting love with getting money in life. By this you can understand easily.
              So give me an answer. Do you know how to get money in life?" Of course you do. You all know that for getting money we need some eligibility's. And without these eligibility's we never gel money. Same happened in the case of love.
                  That means to get love or for getting a lover we also need some eligibility! They who have those eligibility's have a lot of lovers. And who they have not those eligibility's have no lovers through out their life.
              That means if you want a lover then you must have those eligibility's.
             Now you definitely think that what are the eligibility's for love?" here's they are:-
How to get lover in life

              The eligibility's for getting a lover of boys and girls are totally different. So let's first talk the eligibility's of boys to get a lover.

Eligibility's of boys to get a lover 

What girls want in boys :

  1. Gentleman

              A boy must be gentle. Because girls never like those boys who are not gentle. Because girls are too sensitive for their safety. Not only physical safety but also in all other cases like social, psychological and even more. And they strongly believe that only gentle man can able to give her all kind of safety.
              So boys if you want a lover then you have to impress girls. And if you want to impress girls then you must be gentle.

2. Smart 

              Smartness is the key factor to get a lover. Because if you have not other eligibility's but you are too smart then congratulation! You will definitely get a lover. There was a time when for few years I was less eligible from my friends but I was too smart , so when many of them were struggling for girl friends I had 3/4 girl friends already.
Why smartness is a key :
              Smartness is key because girls always prefer smart boys first. Actually girls are naturally give priority to safety. Not only physical safety but also all other kind of safety like social safety, financial safety, psychological safety etc. And girls are smarter than boys. So they exactly know that smart boys can handle any situation and will take the driving seat and make them safe and relax
                So girls give priority to smart boys first.

Importance of money for girls

3. Finance

              All of all financial eligibility is at the top. The final decision of girls to chose you is based on your financial stability. Here's they finally approve or disapprove you as their boyfriend or husband.
              That means definitely girls lookout about your wealth and actually they are not wrong.
                 Only those persons who do not understand what life is, are ask the question'what is more important money or love'. In actual reality both these two are the two parts of a coin. If one side is unavailable then the whole coin is valueless.
               Same in the case of life. LOVE is like the soul and MONEY is like the physical body. And both are valueless without each other. Without soul body is dead and without body soul is a spirit. And girls are too smarter than boys. You do not hear anywhere that a girl asking this question what is more important money or love. Only boys ask this question. Girls exactly know what life is and how to create balance in life.
              These three are the must demanded eligibility's of girls in boys to chose them as a lover. Also there are some other optional eligibility's which girls give too much importance.They are:-
How to get lover in life
4.Good looks

             Of course girls also give more important to good looking guys. But color does not matter. Even it is seen that most of girls prefer less fare boys.

              Looks does not mean only the face, actually it means the overall presentation of yourself. Your dress up, style, hair style, personality all maters. Because girls are notice everything and make their judgment.

5. Extra ordinary talent

              This is very interesting. Because girls love blindly those guys who have some extra ordinary talent. So if you have any extra ordinary talent and you are good in that then congratulation! Because girls will compete with each other to be yours. You have not need to propose girls. They will propose you. And I can say it as because I personally experience it.

6. Uniqueness

               If you have not any of above these but you are different from others. I mean if you have uniqueness then you have better chance to get a lover. Because girls love unique things.
              So boys these are the eligibility's girls expect on you. And if you have all then there will be rain of lovers in your life.

Tips>>>  Boys you should maintain a good physic and a good height. Because girls curious and give importance to these. I have talked with thousand of girls and all asking about physic and height. If you are very thin then there is no chance to attract girls.
               And also they do not like a very muscular body like WWF champions. 5.5" to 6 fit is the preferable height of girls. No girls like that her boyfriend/husband will shorter then her. Short height is the biggest demerit. But as a fitness expert I know it can be increased by special kind of workouts

               Of course girls have the advantage,but also boys demand some eligibility's in girls to make them their lovers. Not all boys are demanding but those boys who are extra ordinary and intelligent are highly demanded for few things on girls.
              So lets talk about the eligibility's of girls for being the queen of heart of boys.


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How to get lover in life


1. Beautiful

               Every boy's first choice is a beautiful girl. When talking about an extra ordinary beautiful girl then boys forget everything. They are ready to sacrifice anything for that girl. And no doubt the scale of judgment for a girl of boys is beautiness.
              But natural beautiness, not artificial beautiness. Lot of girls use heavy mack up to attract boys. But actually boys make jokes about those girls behind them and girls do not know that. When we boys see a girl regularly using heavy makeup then she naturally lose our faith. The standard of that girl goes down in boys eye.
              So girls should be try to be a natural beauty. It not means that those girls who are less beautiful are not eligible. Of course they are! Because beautiness is just a quality of girl, it is not the meaning of a girl. And girls have always the advantages.
             But my suggestion for girls is not to use mack up like a joker. If decrease your importance.
             And also maintain a good hair style. Because hair style naturally attract first and create an attractive environment for that girl.

2. Figure

              Figure is the key factor for girls. If a girl has a very good figure then congratulation girls. You do not need to do anything. You are always in the center point of boys. All things are one side and a top class figure is in another side.
                So you must maintain a very good figure. And do not be thin because boys do not like a thin girl. And ya very few boys like fat girls. So maintaining a good figure should be your first priority.

Tips>>>  Fasting never give you a world class figure. You have to do physical exercises. 30-40 minutes everyday good enough.And it is not a big price for that attractive figure.
              Do not cut non veg from your diet.Otherwise it will be difficult for you to get a sexy figure.

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How to get lover in life

3. Style

              Style is like a magic. Do you know who is the queen of heart for boys in all time! Of course Madhuri Dixit. And why! Because she has an extra ordinary style. Also she have the other eligibility's but her style rules in boy's heart.
              So girls create an extra ordinary style in you. Of course there are schools who teach styles. But not every girl can able to join them because of different reasons. But now a days it is easy to learn because we have TV, Internet and many more. You can copy any super star who's style is attractive. And there is not any ego issue because if you do not follow the style of great personalities then how can you get the life of them.
              By your attractive style you can able to be the crush of boys.

4. Emotional support

              This is the key to capture a boy. Boys can not able to get the emotional support of others. Very few can get only from their families. And from friends it is almost impossible. Because when we boys getting emotional in front of our friends they cut jokes.
              So boys never express their internal feeling. But once if you able to be the emotional supporter of a boy and if he depends on you for emotional support then he can not able to live without you. It can be possible that he left you for few days, but he must be return.
               Because in reality we boys can not live happily without emotional support after the age of 25.
               Also there are more things which matters to get your dream lover but these are the most demanded four eligibility's which covers 80% to win the heart of a boy.

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              Well friends through this article I explain all the secretes to get a lover. If you follow these and work on these then definitely you get lover in life. But never play with any one's feeling. Love is the sweetest gift from God to us and we must give it respect otherwise it never come in our life and we never enjoy the colors of love.

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