HOw to Over Come From Breakup


               Today's generation is mostly suffered by breakups. It is becoming a big problem of today's love life. But if there is a problem there is definitely a solution. So in this article I have exactly given the answer of the question How to over come from breakup.

How to over come from breakup

Reasons for breakup :

              There are too many reasons for breakups like misunderstanding, cheating, change in test, dissatisfaction, family pressure and many more. Sometimes it occurs without any reason. In today's generation it is a common thing and happens with almost every one.

Result of breakup  :

             Different people react differently on their breakups. For few people it is too easy to over come from breakup. And for others it is too difficult to overcome from breakup. But there are also few people for whom it is almost impossible to overcome from breakup. Even some do suicide and some spoil their whole life which are very serious problems.

How to over come from breakup

              If I tell about myself then I only need 10 minutes to over come from breakup. Even in a lot of cases less than it.           
           But do not misunderstand that I am a causal lover. Until now I have been in relation with too many girls and most of them are still my good friends and if you ask them then they will always say that Sushil is a very good lover. A lot of time I was in the top category of best couple in college life. That means I can say I have achieved success in love.
              Although I able to over come from breakup in just 10 minutes. Now the question arises here is how it is possible!"

              Yes, it is possible! But to understand it you have to first understand what actually happens with us when a breakup occurs in our life. Let me tell you.
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What happens with us when breakup occurs in our life?

              Here I am going to be little scientific. But do not worry because I will explain in very simple process that you can easily understand.
              Every type of emotion like love, hate, anger, shy whatever it would be is actually controlled by our mind. More than 80% feelings of normal human beings are totally controlled by his mind. That means if your mind makes you feel good then you feel good and if your mind makes you feel bad then you feel bad. Different type of feelings are actually the game of mind. And mind always give importance to instant benefit or loss. Mind always wants immediate gratification. It can not see the long term.
              Long term is seen by intelligence. I know you are now thinking that who you are mind or intelligence. Actually you are not one of them, they are the two parts of yours.
              So when a breakup happens then three things are happened there. They are :-

1) As it's nature mind immediately calculate the losses and you realize that you are single. And the benefits as a couple you were get will be not to get again. And suddenly mind is upset. And as you are in under control of mind so you are also sad. As more you are in the control of mind as much you are feel the pain of breakup.

2) But when a breakup happens and mind quickly react badly, intelligence react totally opposite. It tell you that " relax! It is good to breakup with him/her. He/she is not perfect for you or something similar like it. 
              Means where mind reminds you about the losses and makes you depress or sad, intelligence in other side try to convince you that what happened is actually good for you.
                   Now tell me do not you experience these two contradictory situation just after a breakup?" Everyone can feel this situation. Then comes the third situation.

3) This is what actually you decide. Means go with mind or go with intelligence. Here you actually decide that either you have to over come from breakup and move on in life with accept what is actually happened or to stay in that single mode and feel the pain of breakup. Those whose intelligence is more powerful are able to make understand their mind and if once mind agrees with intelligence then everything becomes normal and we feel good and move on easily. But for those whose mind is more active then intelligence and able to convince intelligence that everything is finished and there is nothing left in your life, are going to spoil their life or goes in to a situation of depression. Read this paragraph again and again and try to understand the hidden game of mind.

Game of mind
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              Well friends, so I think that now you can able to understand why we are in depression or in any type of bad feeling after breakup. It is a game of mind.
              But we want to overcome from the pain of breakup. That means we have to save ourselves from the game of mind. And it is a very difficult task. Because the most difficult work of this world is to control mind. Now here I am going to give you some techniques by using them you can over come from the pain of breakup.

Techniques to over come from the pain of breakup 


1) Be busy

              Just after breakup you must be very busy. Because being busy is a key at that time. If you Will be busy at that time then your mind will be diverted in to other things and you will get relief from the pain of breakup. Let me give you an example. Just imagine you have your breakup now and there is a family marriage ceremony in your house. And you are very busy there with too many people. And because of this your mind have not any chance to get your focus on to the pain of breakup.Think it is happened or not!
              That means if by any way we can able to make ourselves busy then we can remove the pain of breakup. So just after breakup plan to visit somewhere or hangover with friends or visit your relatives or anything where you will be busy 24x7.
              And if your relationship was very deep then do it at least for first 3 weeks. If not possible then must do it for at least 1 week. And after that your pain for breakup decreases more than 50%.
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2) Brain wash yourself 

              This one is my feverate and I am expert in it. This is the secrete why I can able to over come from breakup in just 10 minutes.
              Actually brain wash is an art. And once you learn how to use this art then you can easily trick your mind. It need practice for being master on it. I have been practicing it since 18 years.
              To brain wash your mind you have to repeat again and again the bad things of your ex and try to convince yourself that he/she was nor perfect for you. You actually did a mistake to being with him/her. And now you are lucky that you are totally free from him/her. To do so you have to first accept that your ex was your mistake. Ask yourself again and again to except it. And if once you able to accept it heartily then trust me it will be easy for you to move on. We are human beings and are borned to do mistakes and learn from that. So never go into an ego trap. Freely accept you mistake.

3) Hobby 

              Hobbies are another best ways. Mind always wants pleasure. And if you can give pleasure to it then it will make you free from the pain of breakup. And hobbies are the best way to give yourself some pleasure. For example one of my biggest hobby is to play video games and in past when I was got any serious breakups then I was playing video games for long long times. And it was make me relIef from that pain.
              So use your hobbies as a Key for the pain of breakup and refresh yourself at regular interval of time. But always use feverate hobbies whom you love too much to do.
              If your relationship was not too deep then it is the best and easy way to over come from breakup.

Hobby to over come from breakup

4) Setting goals

              This is the most challenging but profitable way to over come from the pain of breakup. It gives double benefit. In one way you able to pass out the most difficult time just after breakup and in the other way you also enjoy the reward of goal achievement.
              You can use it in two ways.
                1)  Long term goal
                2) Short term goal

              If your patience level is high then you can chose a long term goal and can give a commitment to yourself that until you will not achieve the goal, you will not give attention to your breakup. Tell your mind that after achieving your goal you will accept the pain of breakup. And every time you mind reminds you that pain, give your 100% for achieve that goal quickly. Definitely it will take time to achieve that goal because it will be a long term goal. And when you will achieve it the pain of breakup will almost dead.
                    But if you are not too passionate then you can use the second way. The short term goal. Chose a goal which can be achieved in 4 to 5 months. But chose a difficult one. And give a commitment to yourself that until achieving the goal you never give attention to the pain of breakup.
               Sort term goals like if you are a boy then build abs and if you are a girl then be expert in dance or anything else as you like. Or select few books and commit yourself that you will feel the pain of breakup just after finishing the books.
              Trust me after fulfilling your goals you will feel a great success and the next life of yours will be awesome.

5) Buying a pet

              This one is the easiest way. Pets are like the alternate of lover after breakup. If you have your breakup right now then immediately buy a lovely pet. Automatically you will fall in love with him in a few moment. And most of the time either you will play with him or being worried about how to take care of him. And trust me it will make you totally free from the pain of breakup. Even you will forget your breakup.tree

Relief from the pain of breakup

6) Solitude

              Solitude is a very good option. Here I am not talking about loneliness. I am talking about solitude, means spending time with only nature. It is also a kind of meditation. I personally do it when I feel sad. Go to a place which you love, either your room, terrace or any outside. Then just try to connect yourself with the beauty of nature, try to feel the nature and avoid all kind of thoughts. Of course it is not easy but with a little practice you will be master on it. Once you test that solitude feeling then trust me automatically you will forget the pain of breakup and will enjoy a new happiness and love. Remember spending time with nature is very lovely and I know it because I have been experience it from last 20 years. In today's critical world it is very necessary for everyone to get some free time from their life and enjoy this amazing happiness.

                Except these there are also few other ways. But here I gave you only those techniques which are good for you. Never use those techniques which will give you temporary relief. For example some are entering in another relationship immediate after breakup to get relief from the pain of breakup. And of course they get relief from the pain.
              But after that they realize that to come out from that pain of breakup they entered in a relationship where they are not happy and they could not ever try to break that relationship because of the fear to facing the pain of breakup and being single again.
              This is not better from doing suicide. So never do it.

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              So friends, finally I hope I abled to give you some awesome techniques for how to over come from breakup. Always remember love is from you, you are not from love. If you are there then love will come again with much more happiness. So never spoil your life for any kind of relationship which was not capable to give you happiness. Only those relations are called love which give you happiness even in the hell. Respect love and be a respected lover.

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