Love Vs Real Love


Love is the biggest desire of life. However if you get Real Love then you can enjoy the heaven! But without understand both these two how one can get these?

Today I am going to tell you the actual concept of LOVE  vs  REAL LOVE. So do not miss this important information to enjoy your dream love life. Keep reading :-

Love vs Real Love
Love vs Real Love

There are two types of Love. One is LOVE and another is REAL LOVE

The difference between love and real love is like the difference between the water of a pond and mineral water. 

Of course both are  able to quench your thirst but pond water not only quench your thirst but also raise different type of diseases in your body because of viruses. 

In other hand mineral water not only quench your thirst but also helpful for you to recover from different type of diseases.

Same happens in case of Love!

Both are able to fulfill your needs. But Love not only fulfill our needs, it also create the reasons for too much pain.  Where as Real  Love not only fulfill your needs, in addition it gives a lot of other happiness and success.

Actually in this article LOVE vs REAL LOVE, you will aware about the difference between both these two with the help of the concept of comparison so that you can understand easily. 

1) Origin

When we are in love then we understand it from outside or in our conscious mind. 

Means some kind of changes in feelings are happened in mind and we can identify that these feelings are created for a particular person and we understand it as love for that particular person.
 But real love is actually happened in heart!"

 Here heart means not the organ heart of human body. It is actually the sub name used in love for unconscious mind. 

Unconscious mind is that part of mind which is so powerful that you can not imagine. It is not fully active but alive. And real love is actually happened here. So real love is 10 times more powerful and affective than love.
Real lovers

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2) Control

Now let's talk from where these two are actually controlled. 

As we knew earlier that love is originated in mind so the total control of love is operated by mind. And when anything is operated by mind then  there is maximum chances for mistakes and loses. Because mind never do anything logically or not accept the interference of intelligence easily. Therefore in love relationship people are making too many wrong decisions and get punished by life. 

But if you have good intelligence and good decision making power through intelligence then you will get plenty of happiness in love relationship.
 But real love is not in the control of conscious mind. It is totally controlled by heart(unconscious mind). So we can not control it as it is too powerful. And actually it controls us. This is the reason why people are doing uncommon things in real love.

  •   Note>>> Real love is not only in the scope of lovers. It is even covered every matter. For example a successful business or a scientific achievement. Those businessmen and scientists are actually in real love with their work. So their 100% focus is in their work and they able to get big success in their life.
But not only in other aspects, people can get huge success in real love relationships. You would definitely heared about any uncommon relationship where couples are doing uncommon things for each other in love and giving unbelievable dedication for each others love.
 But yes!! Intelligence is also very important in real love otherwise some time couples are doing wrong things by falling in the under control of heart. Actually in real love people are too much addicted for their partner that they can not able to think or see anything else. So it is very dangerous for couples if they are not properly mature. So it is better to get into real love after maturity.                                   Trivago

3) Realization

              It is easy to realize that you are in love or not. Because you can experience some changes in your feelings.
              Suddenly you can feel attraction for a particular person, want to spend more and more time with him/her. And you feel that his/her everything is right and good. Even you love to do whatever he/she wants you to do. You follow him/her in everywhere and at all time. And you also feel jealous when he/she talks or hangout with other ones. But these all feelings are actually temporary in the case of love.
Love vs Real Love

         These all things are happened in love and we all know that these are the signs of love. So we can easily realize that we are in love.        (How to chose life partner)
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                   But in real love nothing is easy. It is not easy to identify that you are in real love. Sometime it takes year and year to understand. Even sometime people realize it after breakup or divorce!
 Specially we realize real love through our bad time. Let's take an example. When we are in a bad time then we mostly miss our parents or family. Is not it?"
And it is automatically happened. Nobody tell us that remember your parents or family. It is the reaction of heart in that situation. And why heart react like this! Because we deeply know and believe that our parents and family are carring about us and really love us. This is real love which is in other words called unconditional love and it is not only with family but it can also happened with life partner

              If you are a patienceful person and very cautious about love life or you have got a very good guidance from your elders about life, then there is maximum chances for you to do and get real love in life. Otherwise lot of people realize their real love after doing a lot of love affairs. And it is too late at that time. And they only regret rest of their life. This is because lack of knowledge about love life at the beginning of life.

4) Outcome

              There is a huge difference in the outcome of love and real love.
                  Love is mostly happened because of crush or attraction. If you like something and when you get that thing in a particular person then suddenly you fall in love with him. Or if you meet or see a person with an amazing personality or anything similar like that then you are attracted by him/her and you fall in love with him/her. As love is operated by mind so people never notice the negative things of that person. Even if they can notice also but can not ignore that person. Actually it is the power of attraction.
 But every attraction has a limited time. So after a certain time the attraction for each other in love is going to low. As a result couples are notice bad things of each other more than love for each other. And also they try to change each other. But do you think it is possible?" I do not think so because when we assume someone wrong then it is a basic human behaviour that we want him/her to change first. Therefore the base of fighting and blaming each other is created.
 Mature and intelligent couples understand this problem and trying to save their relationship. They give priority to their love and easily tackle this problem and then enjoy their love life or marriage again.

Real love

              On the other hand real love takes time to build up. It never happened in a single meet or first meet.
From childhood in our mind the imaginary image of our future partner has been created consciously and also unconsciously. Conscious imagination is being the crush or attraction and the unconscious imagination is being real love in future. You may hear from your friends that they saw their future partner in dreams. They actually do not lie, it is the power of unconscious mind which saw them the image created in their heart. When a person touch a certain level of maturity in his/her life then he/she is easily understand that real love in in his/her heart.
The only thing left is to identify the person physically. There is not an age limit for this. Sometime in 14 and sometime in 40. Depends upon person to person.
Once some one identify his/her real love for somebody then it increases regularly. Because after realizing real love for someone or some thing your focus is totally in that. Therefore you can enjoy unexplainable happiness and pleasant with that person. And only and only he/she matters for you. That means he/she is being your life. Therefore it is called real love. Hence I told you earlier that real love can not feel by outside, it is the feeling of inner side. And as it comes from inside it gives you too much happiness and pleasant in comparison to love.


5) positive and negative affects

               As love is not intense like real love  because it is connected too much with outside desires and wishes so in maximum cases it decreases after a period of time. Then disputes, cheatings, misunderstandings are automatically happened. That means in love the life and relationship security is weak if you can not handle it with intelligence and maturity.
And as the intensity of love decreases in some cases so couples lie each other because their self esteem never refuse them to do so. Our self esteem refuse us to tell a lie to only that person for whom our love, respect and believe is too high. And that is only happened in real love and no matters who the person is, it may be your father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter or anyone else.
But love is definitely better than real love in case where your partner is a bad person. Some time people are doing very wrong things by the influence of his/her partner. But if you are in love and the intensity of feeling is low, then you can easily chose the right thing to do by the interference of your intelligence. This is very good for all.

Real love

              But in real love as your intensity of love for your partner is too high that you never even think to hurt your partner in anyway. That means you never cheat your partner or tell a lie to him/her. Because in real love your self esteem never give you permission to do so. Of course it is possible that you may be a lier. But you can not lie to your real love. It is because he/she is becoming you life. Means most precious for you. And remember our mind is always honest for that person who is most precious for us. It is natural psychological process and you can not challenge it. Even if you  have a little bit goodness inside you and you go beyond this psychological behaviour then you will feel too much pain of regret.

              So if a couple is in real love with each other then they can enjoy the heaven of love in their life. Because nothing is matter for them exceapt love. No money, no big house, no success nothing. They are always happy with each other.
But the most terrible thing happened when they are separated from each other by any reason. In such kind of situations in maximum cases the spoil their whole life. Because the can not live without their partner.

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What to chose love or real love?

              It depends on your personal choice and personality. If you are passionate about love and you want to enjoy the extreme level of happiness in love relation then of course real love is better. 
But real love needs too much dedication. For that you must have high self esteem and patience. Without self respect real love is not possible. And also people are being very possessive in real love. So you have to ready for a lot of sacrifices.
But if you are not passionate about love and you think it is just a need of life then love is better for you. Because here you are not facing the possessiveness of your partner too much. Of course it is there but in a little bit.
So it depends on you that what you want in your life. But yes! Chose always  a person who's thought process is similar with you. If you do so then the journey of your life will be easy.

How to get real love in life?

              It is totally a myth that real love is a matter of destiny. There is nothing like destiny. Actually behind everything there is a reason.
              So if you want real love in life then you must have patience. Otherwise you will never get it. Because real love is highly related with respect. And patience less persons never able to get respect from others or in society and even not from his/her partner. Without a good image you can not able to achieve real love from your partner. You must be honest because honesty creates respect and respect creates real love.

              Well friends, I think through this article LOVE vs REAL LOVE you have understood the difference between both these two and also came in to a point on which you will easily able to decide what you have to do in your love life. If you have any query or doubt then you can ask me by comment or by email.

Thank you for your
Love and support

Yours Sushil Jhora


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