What Is The Value and Purpose Of Life For Me


  Hello Everyone

              First of all I am very thankful to them who are giving me a great support by apriciating my articles.

I started blogging from 27th May 2018 and from that day a lot of people have been connecting with me by whatsapp, facebook and emails.

But I noticed that many of them are depress and unhappy from their life and want help. So today I have dedicated this article What is the value and purpose of life for me to them for some inspiration and make them to achieve their happiness.

What is the value and purpose of life for me

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When this question arises in our mind what is life?

              This question what is life arises in our mind when we are upset or at that time when  we go through the bad time of our life. Because when we are happy this question do not disturb us. Is not it?"
 "Today I am not only tell you what is life even I will saw you what is life for me."

Of course you want to know how!"
  In this article I will share with you the 4 most important incidents of my life which have a huge impact on me and trust me these will also impact your life. Your life will be definitely change. So let's start :-

First one

              "At the age of 12 when I was in class 6 it had happened with me."
The final exam of that class was going on. At that time History was my poorest subject. So in the exam room at the day of history exam I was trying to achieve pass mark by any means. Those days the full mark in history was 50 and pass mark was 15. I calculated and saw that I will get only 8 marks. I was afraid and said that to my friend sited next to me.

But at that time our principal Mam who was also our history mam came in to the room and crowded on him"why you are talking".

He suddenly told her "mam, Sushil is saying that he needs 10 grace marks from you".

Mam just gave me a look!"

"But did not say anything because I was scared!"

Results were declared and I got 17 marks. Finally I thanked to god because I now I was passed to class 7.

 "But at that time mam asked me to come to the stage."

Then she shared that incident to everyone and insulted me a lot!
 I was sad."

I went to my room and thought about that. After a few hours I decided that in class 7, I will be the topper of the class and will get the highest marks in history.
Half year gone.

 Pre exam was finished. The results were published.

"Mam came to the class room!"

Called me to the stage:

Gave me a look!


This time with a lot of love and smile!"

I had got that what I wanted. I had got 48 out of 50. Mam was so happy and appreciate me a lot!

Mam said to me "I had tried a lot to cut more marks but I did not get a way. But if I will give you 48 out of 50 then everybody will say that I do partiality for you." She said that because those days no one gave full marks in any subjects. Any ways mam again said"last year I had given you few grace marks, so this year I want those marks return from you with your permission. Can I cut one more mark from you?" I smiled and said"yes mam."
              After this incident I was the most popular boy of that school. Each and every teachers were giving me special focus. Girls were giving me a lot of attention. That was the golden era of my life.
What I did here?                                                              Now lets talked about what I did here. Firstly I was hurt. Means life kicked me hard. I fell down. Then what I did!

  • I went to my room.
  • I thought.
  • Then I gave a commitment to me.
  • And finally achieved that.
     : This is life for me!

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What is life for me

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Second one

              This was happened when I was in class 9th at the age of 15. I realized that no girls were interested on me and they avoid me. I had no girl friends and girls had a very ignorable attitude for me. Actually I was changed my school that year.
              I was upset. Again I went to my room. I thought. And after few hours I gave a commitment to me ' One day girls will be crazy for me and I will have a lot of girl friends.

Any guess what happened!

            After few years when I was in +2 second year. A lot of girls were trying to be my girlfriend. I was changing girlfriends regularly. My craze between girls raised day after night.
              And at the beginning of my graduation I had 5 girlfriends at a time. And throughout my graduation A lot of girls are regularly trying to be my girlfriend. Some times they were fighting between each other for me and I had to handle them. Even few girls left their boyfriends to be with me. My friends were jealous on me. That was another golden era of my life.I enjoyed a lot. 
Again look what I did here

  •  I went to my room.
  • I thought.
  • Then I gave a commitment to me.
  • And then achieved that.
   : This is life for me!     What is love

Third one
              Graduation was finished. Now it was the time to set a career. I do not like jobs. So I decided to setup my own business. But nobody supported me. And I had no funds. I was sad.
              Again I went to my room. I thought. And then gave me a commitment" I have to start my business by any means"
              I knew I have no funds. But I was a brilliant student. So I started giving tuition's. My first income was 150Rs. It is around $3. I gave my 100%. And after few years I setup my Institute with 300% growth rate. My institute was at the top of that area. I was popular. That was another golden era of my life.

See what I did here

  •  I went to my room.
  •  I thought
  •  Then gave a commitment to me
  •  And finally achieved that.
   : This is life for me!
Now it's time for the fourth and most important incident of my life yet.

What is the value and purpose of life for me

Fourth one
              That was the most important incident of my life. Perhaps the second birth of myself.
              It was the starting of 2015. My business was at it's best. I was quiet sure that this year I will achieved 400% success. But unfortunately a huge tragedy happened in my life.
               A person whom I trusted a lot even more than myself was cheated me very badly. I lost everything. My career, my institute, my love ones everything. I was shocked. Very much shocked. Not depressed but totally surprised. Because I never expected this.
              It took more than 6 month to come out from that shock and to believe what was actually happened. Friends to move on it is most important to accept what actually was happened. If you do not accept the reality then you never move on.     more

What I did to get back myself
               First I accepted the reality. Everybody were saying at that time that Sushil Jhora is finished. But after accepting the reality I prepared for next game of life. Because I lost my confidence. Nobody is there to motivate me.
              So I remembered my past and trying to motivate me. At that time the bollywood movie Sultan was in the market. And when I watched that movie, something happened with me, I saw myself in the character of Sultan, There was a sound inside me who said to me"Here's you are, SULTAN. I backed my attitude, I backed my confidence. And I watched the sky, opened my hands and said" SJ is back".
               I am sure you already guess what I had done at that time
               Yes! I went to my room. I thought. Then ave a commitment to me and said" Lets SJ, it's time to bounce back."
                And now I am here. Not 100% that commitment is completed but it will definitely be completed very soon.

Why I told you my stories!

              Of course friends these are not big achievements. But friends we are not Steve Jobs(apple) or Mark Zuckerberg(facebook) that big things will happened in our life. We are normal human beings and expects these kind of little achievement, importance and happiness. Is not it?"
               So I told you my story that you can compare and can say yourself" If this normal boy was able to do then why not me". And friend when this question arises in your mind then catch that immediately. Because that will be the secrete of your success. Because if you can not imagine yourself better than anyone then how you will be better than others in real life.

What is Life :-

              If you want to understand life in a single sentence then I will say "life is what you want it to be".
              Means life can be exactly like that as like you want. But yes! Nothing can be happened as it own. Everything require efforts. Now go to flash back and remember, what ever you can do today, either a small thing or big is the result of your regular effort to learn that. For example how you learned to speak, to walk, to drive, to read or anything.  And tell me had you able to do those things as perfectly as you can today. Never. Because at first failier is guaranteed. But this failier is the prove that you are on the right way. And with every try you are better and better in that thing. Therefore it is said" practice makes man perfect".
              But maximum people give up trying in real life after few failiers. They accept two things. Either they think this work is impossible or think they can not do it. These are the traps of lazy mind! Remember by some evaluational reasons our mind is naturally naughty and lazy. It only wants to fun, relax or sleep. So all human beings love to sleep. But you can learn a big lesson from it! As mind is naturally lazy that means if you always follow it's instructions then definitely it will destroy you life. But we do not want to destroy our life. We want success in life. That means definitely we have to go beyond our mind. But how can you will do it as mind controls all interests and wishes! You can do it by intelligence. You can only control mind and give it a right direction by intelligence. And if once you able to learn this art then you can achieve anything by your efforts and attempts. 
              But effort is not enough. Actually right efforts are needed. I mean if you want to fly on the sky but jump into a sea then how your dream will be real. So first you have to identify the right effort and the perfect way to do that. Then definitely you will achieve what you want.
              Always remember god has never promise that life will be full of joy. If life is a garden then problems and challenges are the best gardeners to build a beautiful life. Problems and challenges are actually identify our hidden potentialities by which we can able to make all impossibles into possible. Of course it is not easy. Big happiness definitely require big price! And the prices are patience, hard work and continuous effort until you reach your aims and goals. Because only after reaching them you can enjoy your dream life. And trust me when you will be get your dream life then these prices will be seem very little. This is life

What is the value and purpose of life for me


              So finally friends I think my story inspires you a lot. Trust me we human beings have a lot of hidden powers inside us. The only challenge is to identify that. If you once able to identify that then you can able to enjoy all those things what you want throughout your life.

Give your comments and 
share it with them who
actually need some
           Thank you

Yours Sushil Jhora


  1. Wow !! Very inspirational. You are a very confident boy. I can sence it that one day you will be very successful

  2. You are amazing. I am sure one day you wil be a great person's.

  3. I know you personally and know you better than others. i am proud on you. Even in some of these cases I was the practical witness.

  4. Wow sorry I don't have words to praise you that's great story.


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