What Kind of Girls Boys Want

What Kind of Girls Boys Want

 Throughout their life, atleast once a while, all girls want to know - What kind of girls boys want?
No doubt if a girl got the answer of this question then she can be the Queen of boys heart!

What kind of girls boys want

Before talking about what kind of girls boys want, you need to know about the different types of boys. Because different type of boys have different choices for girls.

You can classify all boys in to 3 main categories.
They are:-
  1. First category of Common boys
  2. Second category of Average boys
  3. Third category of smart boys 

1) First category of Common boys  :

In this category there are too many boys. Almost more than 50% boys belong to this category.

I am little worried about these boys. Really want to help them. 
These boys have actually lack of confidence. Sometime they saw over confidence because they have lack of faith on themselves. 
Specially they are poor in every field. Also maximum of them are lazy and even not trying to improve themselves. They actually do not know their own potential.

No girls are interested on them because of their attitude. As a result, misunderstanding arises and they think girls follow money. So they  criticize girls even in those cases also where girls are totally innocent. So almost every girl create a distance from them.
              As girls are not interested so these boys have no choice. So they can not show their demands about girls and accept any girl. In other words they kill their own wishes from their lover or wife.
               But the result is terrible. Because most of them can not able to build a wonderful love life or environment as they are not happy from their partner. So they are less romantic and even some of them are very careless about their partner. But most of the time they are very possessive because they feel insecure about their relationship. In result girls are sad and suffered and reject them. So these boys should improve themselves and if they want they must can.

2) Second category of average boys  :

              More than 30% boys are belonging to this category. These boys are basically average in all field. Actually they are simple and have no big dreams or desires. They are more gentle from other categories and also have high maturity. Also they are calm and full of patience. They give priority more than anything else.
              Because of these qualities they are more successful in relationships in comparison to other categories. 
              But the only problem is their average attitude. They do not want more in any field. So maximum of them are not very interested in girls. They mostly prefer needs of life and less interested in fun, enjoyment or romance. They are little causal for love. Not all but most of them.
               Therefore I heared from many girls that if you want simple life then these boys are best as partner. Because they are not very demanding and not possessive. But yes, if you are a girl who loves to enjoy the each and every color of life and want deep love and romantic life then here you can be disappoint.

Boys love smart girls

3) Third category of Smart boys  :

             Now let's talk about the most demanding boys category by girls. Near to 20% boys are belonging to this category. So these boys are rare..


              But they are the dream boys of girls. So girls always follow them. Basically either they are good in all field or in multiple fields. They have an attractive attitude, laborious, intelligent and too smart. They are full of energy and achievers. They always try to move with innovation you can see that they are always growing.
              Because of their good qualities and champion attitude they are successful in different fields.because of all these positive things girls are dreaming for them.

Kind of girls boys want

              Different boys may have different kind of choices on girls. But here I am talking about the most common demands of boys from girls. Here they are :-

1) Beauty

              Of course beauty is the first choice of every boys. Specially who are more demanded between girls are looking for most beautiful girls. Because they have a lot of choices as girls always follow them. There are also some boys who does not give priority to beauty. But they are very rare. Lot of boys pretend that they are not searching for beautiful girl. But most of them are tell a lie to impress girls.
              So girls, beauty is the biggest advantage for yourself not only in the matter of love but even in every matter of life. And remember I always say that it not means of your face only, it represent your over all presentation of yourself.
               Every girl should be very careful for their beauty as in today's world it is very important for each and every field. I think you would realize it if you are touched with modern developing world. It is seen that lot of time boys ignore other things if a girl is too beautiful.

2) Smart

              Boys always want smart girls. Here I am not talking about smart looking girls. Here I am talking about intelligent girls. 
              Boys always like those girls who are able to handle situations and even them perfectly. Actually these kind of girls easily create respect for themselves in boys mind. And where there is respect, there is love. Also boys knows that these kind of girls are able to successfully handle their family and  their life as well. Actually boys have more faith on these kind of girls for a comfort life.
              Now a days  lot of boys are more serious about love and comfort happy life rather than money. So the importance of these kind of girls is increasing day by day.
              Therefore girls you must know those skills which help you to fulfill these requirements of boys if you want to win the heart of boys. Because specially smart boys give it more importance.

3) Character

              I am not going to judge anyone here. I am just going to share the truth what actually is happened.
              Actually boys are very sensitive about the character of a girl. If a girl have a bad image in society or between friends and even in front of their family then they do not accept that girl.
              Actually girl friend or wife is the reputation of a man and if there is even a little bit of bad image of a girl then boys refuse to accept her. In some cases although they accept but can not able to give her real love heartily.
              Naturally all boys want to be the first man of his girl friend's or wife's life. So this is a very important factor. Of course boys are psychologically satisfied by those girls for whom they are the first man of their life. I am not judge about what is right or wrong. I am just telling the truth what actually happen.
              That means boys are definitely very sensitive for the image and character of girls according to their own choice.

Personal suggestion

              It is my suggestion to never tell a lie to your partner. Because in this case boys are always able to know the truth. And after that they never forgive that girl. So do not think that a lie can fill your life with happiness. That will never be happened.
              In other hand if you tell the truth then there is maximum chances that your partner will accept everything. And also his trust on you increases as he realize that you are a honest girl. We all are human beings and mature. So be honest if you want real love from your partner.

4) Emotional support

              Boys always like those girls who gives care to their emotions. Actually a lot of time boys love to share there emotions. And if a girl give respect, care and support their emotions then they love and need her so much.
              That means obviously boys can not leave that girl. It is the key factor. No human being can be happy without emotional support. 
              According to me it is a myth that boys are very strong internally. Actually girls are more strong than boys mentally. So a lot of time in a bad situation boys do wrong things. It is seen that if a good girl is there then she can move a bad boy in to a right direction. This is because boys are physically too strong but the always need an emotional support.
              This is the reason boys have more affection to his mom because their maximum emotional support come from their mom. And if a boy has spend his life under the good and lovely environment by the ladies of his family then it is almost sure that he will be a very good human being with good heart.
              So girls keep it in your mind and if you want real love from your partner then be the emotional pillar of him.

Kind of girls boys want

5) Attractive girls

               Boys are always interested on attractive girls. And to be attractive the very first requirement is a very good figure.
              As we human beings are reproductive animal so the physical attraction is natural. Therefore boys are very attracted to those girls who have good figure. Actually when a girl maintain a good figure then she automatically get a magnetic power to attract boys. It has the biggest psychological affect. To reject a girl with top class figure is almost impossible for boys.
              Boys do not like fat or thin girls. These are the biggest demerits. If you want that you partner should be romantic always throughout whole life then you must have to maintain a good figure always.

6) Entertaining

             Not only to win the heart of a boy but also to maintain a lovely relationship it is most important.
              Boys have to take a lot of responsibilities in their life. And they are always cautious for it. So naturally they have a lot of tension in their mind. It is the main reason for which boys are many time being fretful and boring. Because they feel too much pressure in their life and forget to enjoy their life properly. Sometime they move to wrong direction to releas their tension. So they must want their partner should be entertaining.
              So girls should earn those skills by which they can entertain their partner and make him refresh. 
              For example boys like those girls who are expert in talking. It is a reality that boys are never focus on what about girls are talking, they are only interested to listen her. It makes them relax. Boys never like those girls who talk less. Actually boys love the sweet and innocent attitude of girls.
              So if a girl is highly expert in the entertaining skills, then she can make any boy to be crazy for herself. It is like a magic and works always.

7) Coquerty

               Coquerty is the most psychological demand of a boy from a girl. Love is a psychological activity. Girls are always on the driving seat on a love relationship and they should be. 
              Coquerty is needed to boost the love of a boy for a girl. And girls should be aware about it. Life is a long journey. It is quite possible that the attraction of your partner on you may be decrease. At that time this will be a booster. And as a girl if you are expert in coquerly then every time you can boost your partner's attraction on you. It is most important to maintain a smooth lovely relationship.
              And boys want lovely relationship throughout their life. Remember boys are not romantic. It is you girls who make make them romantic.So boys highly expect this quality in girls as they need the mood to be romantic.That means as a girl if you want that your partner should be a fan of you and always be crazy for you then you must be expert in coquerty.

Loyalty in love

8) Loyal   

              If a boy is not serious about the loyalty of a girl then it is quite possible that he is not serious about her. He is just doing time pass with her. Because boys are naturally very possessive for their real love or wife.
              Even maximum cases they do not like that their partner talk with other guys. Although they will not say anything but it affects their heart badly. Actually boys do not like those girls who are more friendly with boys or doing more hangouts with boys. It actually create a negative impression. And maximum cases it is the reason for breakup or divorce. I am not talking about right or wrong, i am just telling what actually happen. I have not any personal opinion on this topic.
                Some boys like working women some do not. Now a days boys are more interested to enjoy their love life and family life properly and also more aware about their children. So lot of boys specially smart boys want those girls who are not working anywhere as they realize that house wives have more time to take care about their family, children and them selves. Lot of girls are complaining that their lovers ask them to leave their jobs if they want to merry them. Actually a lot of boys are now understand the value of love is more than money  if they want to live a happy life. So they want to divide the responsibilities as it will be easy to enjoy everything. So they prefer house wife more than working woman.
              Besides all these there are also some basic requirements like maturity, responsible, healthy etc. But everyone know that, so it is not needed to talk about those here. Maximum boys also very sensitive about the family background of girls. Different boys have their different wants and demands also. Here I only talked about the most common requirements of boys from girls.

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              So friends I think I have abled to answer all those questions asked by you to me and all doubts of your mind is now cleared. Boys accept or reject a girl according to the basis of these wants. It may be possible that not all boys demand all these, but you have to identify that what your partner wants from you. Remember that is very important. And after that you can decide that you can fulfill that or not. Always chose that person who's choices, wants match with you otherwise you will be definitely suffer in future. Never be hopeless in any case. This world is very big and you will find your perfect partner if you search him/her properly. And yes, never decide anything in hurry, always take your time before reaching the final decision. Otherwise you may be regret rest of the life.

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Thank you.
Sushil Jhora

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