25 Secrets of a Guaranteed Happy Life

25 Secrets of a guaranteed happy life

              Life is everything. It is the biggest gift of god. But you can live your life happily only when you will know the amazing secretes which are the creators of your dream life. In this article 25 secretes of a guaranteed happy life I will tell you those secretes by the use of which you can surely able to make your life  fill with unlimited happiness. 

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Meaning of happiness 

              Definitely the meaning of happiness is different for each one. For some people happiness means money and for others happiness means love. Also there are people for whom happiness means both love and money. Even for a writer happiness means writing. Therefore it is quite possible that what gives you happiness may not give happiness to others. So happiness is a personal decision, choice and need. Actually the meaning of happiness for you is highly depend on your upbringing and the environment around you. For example for our generation it is not difficult to stay happily in a closed house with some devices and Internet. But ask a senior citizen to stay one month in a closed house with Internet, he/she can not.  So it's meaning is different for everyone.

Happiness of life

              After all when we talk about life then the ultimate goal of life is happiness. We all want to be happy throughout our life by any means. But maximum people never able to be happy always. Even some of them are happy for only 10-20% time of their life. Now there is a question arises in mind. Is it possible for a person to be haply at least 90% time of his/her life? Yes! It is definitely possible.

              Happiness is actually a reward. It never come automatically. As we have limited time in our life so we have limited opportunities and chances. That means if we want more happiness then we must have to catch the opportunities and chances as much as possible. Most of people can not able to get the full benefits of these opportunities because they do not know how to get benefit from these. Actually there are some fundamental requirements to collect more and more happiness from life. And if you use these fundamental requirements properly and in right way then you must be happy. But people are not aware about these fundamental requirements. Today I will explain you all those. .

              Remember whatever is happiness for you, it gives same results for all matters. Let's start one by one.

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Secretes of a guaranteed happy life

1) importance of habits for guaranted happy life

                Habits are like the mother of happiness. Yes friends! Your success mostly depends on your habits. And without good habits it is almost impossible to achieve happiness. Of course you can achieve temporary pleasure or short term happiness, but if you want to be happy most of the time then you must build good habits in yourself.

              For example, getting things done is also a habit. But the biggest problem of many people now a days is to jump from a work to another and let them incomplete. They search shortcuts so they can not able to constant on a work until that will be complete. And after some time they are in a habit to let things incomplete. So they never able to achieve success in any thing and finally be unhappy. So never ignore a single bad habit like laziness or anything else. Many people ignore their bad habits by thinking what wrong can be happen by a little bad habit. Let's take another example. Imagine that you eat 1 oily food everyday, it is a very little thing. But we all know that if we want to be healthy then we should avoid oily food. You think what's wrong can be happen with you for just a single piece of oily food. Of course nothing may happen with 1 piece oily food. But after a year,you would be taken 365 pieces oily food! And that will make you fat, fats may make you a diabetes patient! And after that you may be suffered by different type of diseases as we know diabetes is the mother of all diseases. Similarly if you do 20 minutes exercise everyday then after 1 year you would be done exercises for more than 121 hours! Now just imagine what would be your figure and fitness level after 1 year. I think now you can understand the value of a small habit.   

              So if you want to be happy maximum time in your life then you must build good habits in yourself. Even a few small good habits are enough to give you big happiness. Remember our life happenings are the outcome of our small but continuous habits. If you have good habits then you will get a good and happy life and if you have bad habits then definitely you will get a bad life with too many unhappiness. In today's competitive world it is most needed fundamental requirement for a human being to balanced his/her life. 

2) Intelligence and smartness for being happy in today's life

Intelligence and smartness is the key. Who they are too smart and intelligent are the most happiest person of this world today. And notice here I am not talking about cleverness, I am talking about intelligence. Because now a days 90 out of 100 people are clever. And also the competition to be happy in life with limited resources is increased. So everyone is trying to use their cleverness to get his/her happiness even by cheating others in many situations. So if you are not intelligent then there is quiet possibilities that you may be cheated by any clever person. Everyday it is happening in practical world.

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Difference between cleverness and intelligence

              Of course clever people able to achieve their happiness, but they can not able to maintain that happiness for long time and in all situation. Because there is a competition between too many clever people. Let's take an example to understand it. Suppose a clever guy thought that if he pretend himself as rich and successful then he can impress a rich girl and after that he will merry her and will enjoy her money. And he did so. But after marriage he knew that the girl was also pretend as rich to merry a rich guy. Now both are stuck up by each other! Just imagine what will be happen after this in their relationship and life. Will they be happy? Never! It is happen with clever people. In other hand if two intelligent persons are there, then they will think that if they lie then opposition also can lie to them. So they say the truth as to reduce the future loses and also by it they can save themselves and may get a honest person with whom they will be safe.

              This is the difference between a clever person and an intelligent person. Clever persons think these ethics as a subject of spiritual thinking and ignores the real impact of power of truth, so they suffer although they are clever. But intelligent people knows the real affect of truth and lie in future, so they are happy in maximum time as they reduce the risk of all kind of bad affects of their actions at the beginning. This is why you should be intelligent if you want to be happy maximum time.


              Smartness is the best tool to fill your life with more and more happiness. In today's busy life smartness is needed not only in work field but also in all matters of life. Because everything is related with each other. So only a smart person can able to co-ordinate all things with each other and run his/her life efficiently.

              Also because of innovation and development you have multiple choices in every field. Either for career or for choosing a life partner. To take a loan for business or do a job. You have to take too many decision in your life like these. And you decision must be right otherwise you may be suffer. So because of these reasons you should be smart.

              If a person is less intelligent but too smart in the game of life then he/she can be able to live a happy life maximum time.

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3) Awareness for happy life in present world

              Awareness is like a magic box from which you can get anything what you want. In 21st century as much awareness you have, as more happy, successful and popular you are. In earlier days if you had less awareness about the world then nothing to worried because you had nothing to do with the world. But in today's world the availability of communication facilities are so much that we are connected with the world very easily and just in few seconds. Even we cane move from one side of the world to another in few hours. Means the world is getting smaller day by day. In that case if you have no awareness about the world then two things may be happen.

  1.  Any one can cheat or stuck you easily because either you want it or not but we all are now connected by the different sources of developed world. And if that may happen then how you can be happy always!
  2. If you have less awareness in today's world then you have to face ignominious situation in every field of life. In this society, between your friend, relatives, family even more. And not only that you can not able to cooperate and adjust with this modern world. Then how you can be happy?"

              These are the reasons for why you should be aware about all matters as much as possible if you want to be happy maximum time in your life.

4) Financial sufficiancy for happy life

              All of all financial sufficiency is at the top. It is not because money gives happiness, but because it remove hardness from your life. In today's world everything is becoming commercial. Even you can not get the basic needs like food, salter, medicine for survival without money. I guess except real love and happiness you can get anything by money. So it is compulsory to build financial sufficiency in yourself.

              Of course you can not buy happiness but you can buy comfort life, luxury, safety, Importance, popularity, power, success and many more which are the pillars of happiness. And if you have financial sufficiency then you can enjoy your life properly and you can be happy always according to your preferences.

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5) Create value for others to get happiness in return

              Growth is the main motive of today's civilization. So we all are running towards together by giving values to each other. It gives importance to you in this world. More values you create for others more importance you get in return. And importance is the base to get love, respect, popularity from others by which you can enjoy a happy life. But if you do not give any values to others like your family, friends, group, society then you will have no importance for them. And remember we are social beings, so without the value given by others to us we never be happy. That means if you want to be happy throughout your life then you must be increase your value for others and also maintain that.

6) Be desirable for those things which will be helpful to get happiness

             Desire is the very first step to achieve anything. It was the uncontrolled desires of many people that the impossible of past is the reality of present. So if you want something then just raise the desire for that in your mind. Our mind is so powerful and when it is deeply attached with anything then automatically we are full with energy and ideas to get that. It is the super power of our mind but it only works when your mind is crazy to get something.

              A lot of people say to me that they want a lot of happiness and they also know that to get too much happiness the have to do a lot of hard and smart work, but they feel no interest to do so. It happens because the desire is low. Let's take an example, remember your first love. What you were doing When you were in your first love. Of course you were avoid everything to spend time or to talk with your lover. Even you were not taking sleep or rest although you were full of energy and excitement all the time. That was because the company of your lover was the only desire for you. This is the desirable power of our mind and if you can able to raise the desirable power of your mind to get unlimited happiness then automatically your mind shows you the ways to get that and also kill your laziness. 

              You can get anything like top marks in exam, real love, good career, business, health, money whatever you want. The  only thing is to raise the uncontrolled desire for that which will give you the strength, ideas and power to make the dreams in to reality. And of course, when your dreams will be real then definitely you can live a very happy life always.

7) Health and fitness is the foundation for living life happily

              Everybody knows the importance of good health and fitness. The biggest reason of unhappiness is poor health and fitness. Now a days because of global pollution everyone is suffering from more then one health issues. Most common is constipation which is the seed of all diseases. Commerce captured the food industry properly that to get quality healthy food is like a dream. So in such situation if you ignore health then you are actually preparing to destroy your all happiness. And you can not visualize it until any serious health problem arises. Actually when we are young we think everything is all right, no need to waste time in exercise. But doing exercise is not time waste, it is actually an intelligent time investment for a proper healthy and happy life.

              Remember our body is also a machine and if you are not servicing it then it will be expire before it's expiry date. For example think that your life span is 75 years. Till 35 age nothing bad can happen as our body is full young till that age. Your body handle all health problems easily at that period of time so it is almost impossible to watch the monster of disease who slowly and silently come across to us. And after 40 it enters suddenly in our life and we can not able to abstract it from our life by any means. Finally we can only regret rest of your life. 

              That means if you are careless about your health then already 45% time of your life will be pass unhappily. But in other hand if you invest only 20 minutes on any kind of physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming, sports, dance, yoga, pranayam, gym workouts everyday then not only you will be healthy and fit whole life.  

Benifits of maintaining good health and fitness

  1.  You will be diseases free throughout your life.
  2. You will be able to maintain a attractive and sexy figure with natural beauty as a girl and if you are a boy then you will be able to build a sporty figure and more handsome which girls want in boys.
  3. Your sexual power will be highly increase and you will be free from any kind of sexual diseases by which maximum people are suffered in today's world.
  4. You will be not depended in old age.
  5. Finally you can enjoy your life in all ways properly.
              So if you want to live a happy life throughout your life then no doubt yo have to avoid your laziness and must do at least 20 minutes exercise everyday.

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8) Success in emotion for a delightful life

             Emotional success means proper control in your emotions. In today's life success in emotion is very important to live a delightful life because there are too many huddles and paradox around us. If you are not cautious then you may be trapped. So to save yourself and your happiness you must have very good control in your emotions.

              Our society and world is being so critical that if you express your emotions like anger, happiness, shyness, pity, love, care even any kind of emotion thoughtlessly then there is maximum possibility that you can be trapped. Dishonest people always try to control your emotion and use you to get their benefit. Also sometime people feel anger on different persons by different reasons. May be in family or work place or in anywhere. If you are not expert to control your emotions then few minutes anger can destroy your whole life. 

              And it is also happen in love and marriage life. People do not judge their own emotions properly and enter in relationships or do breakup or divorces then latter the only regret. Sometime they chose wrong directions for their life. Even people harm themselves by depression for the failure in different fields like love, career, education and many more. These all are emotional traps and you must have to be expert to tackle them otherwise you will never be able to live your whole life delightfully. So first achieve success in your emotions and then you will definitely live a joyful life always.

Tips>>>  To take right decision always take your time. Never take a decision quickly. Specially in the cases of love and marriage never take a quick decision. See the all sides and then take a decision intelligently and also do not be influenced by others, take your own decision as you know yourself better. Others give you suggestions and opinions according to their experiences and choices which are totally different from yours. Also in sudden emotions like anger and all, think twice and judge the loses you may get.

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Life and Relationship tips

9) Relationship for easy and pleSurable life

              What you think why more people of this world! For  money?" No, more people suffer for relationship. But it is a common human behavior to hide inside story. We are social beings and without good relationship one can never be happy in his/ her life. Of course you can for a little time but never for long. Also there are different things happen with us in the long journey of life like health issues, psychological problems, social problems, financial problems. To handle these we need help from our love ones and maximum time they are either your family or relatives. And also to enjoy the all happiness of our life we need the company of our family and relatives with whom we can share our feels and who they care about us. So you must need good relationship with others to make your life safe, easy and pleasurable life.

Key ideas to build good relationships are:-
πŸ‘‰ Use attractive and sweet language to communicate with others and rule on their heart.
πŸ‘‰ Use sweet and heart touching tone when communicating with others.
πŸ‘‰ Make them feel that you are carring for them and they are important for you.
πŸ‘‰ Do gossip sometime with them and listen more then speak. It makes them to value yourself.
πŸ‘‰ Relationships are like glasses, so never say heart breaking things otherwise your relationships may be either end or empty from inside and just for show off.
πŸ‘‰ Give values to build relationships.

10) Uniqueness to be happy

           In modern world uniqueness is the easiest way to achieve success in any field. That not means you can do wrong things to be unique. That is valueless and even you will be punished by different ways. So be unique for a right purpose and a right way. Let's take an example, the most successful persons of this world are the unique ones in their field. Even the unique things in the market have very high price. Same happen in case of people. Those who have some unique ability are the most respected, lovable, popular and demanded persons in the society and we all know if you also get these things then your life will be a dream happy life. So be unique and be happy always.

11) Love

               Love is the insurance of happiness. Before explain it I want an answer from you. Do you have the surety that everyday of your life will be same? Never! No body can be sure. Bad things are mustily happen with everybody.  May be with career, relationships, family, psychological, social, accidental. Even you may trapped very badly in your life! The most worst thing can happen with you!

              And in that situation if you have no one who really loves you more then their life then at that time your life will be hell. If you have only so called relations then you can not do anything for you. Because you need care, affection, psychological support, trust, honesty from others at that time. And no money or any robot can give you these things. You get these things only from a living human beings. And not every human can give you those, you can get these things only from them who really loves you. In that situation only real love can give you happiness.

              People actually do not think in this way. They avoid this truth because of their covetousness and ignore real love. And finally they regret when something worst happen with them. So if you want a happy life even in the worst time of your life then give proper value and priority to love and your love ones. 

12) Say and accept the truth and be a learner

             Most of the people do not say the truth to themselves. Means they do not accept the reality of themselves. They always lie themselves that they are perfect. It is difficult to accept but it is ego and sorry to say but they are the biggest fools. 

              Let me tell you one thing, if you do not accept that there is something missing then how you can get that in your life? The secrete to get anything in life is first accept that you do not have that, but you want that. After this your mind will be ready to do efforts to get that. And I earlier said. anything is achievable if once your mind is desirable for that. So in this manner children are more intelligent and mature from those persons as they easily accept that there is something which is not in them but they want that. And after accepting they easily learn how to achieve that and finally get that. So simple! The only difference is children have no ego that they are mature and know everything. Most of the time people ask me that how you get these knowledge and experiences in the age of 30 whereas maximum people do not able to get it even in 60's and I reply them that I am physically 30 but from inside I am still a baby child.

              So friends if you want to be happy all that time then be a learner and for that you have to tell the truth to yourself and accept that. Always remember to get happiness in life it is more important to tell the truth to yourself rather than others. Because without this attitude you never be a learner and without learning you never be a happy person.

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13) Be the student of the university of life

              Education is very much important for a happy life. actually it is the back bone of happy life. I am not talking for higher degrees. I know many people who have higher degrees but their knowledge is almost zero. For me education means gain the right real knowledge of everything and the ability to use them for wellness. Degree is not enough if your intellectual development is not their. For example there are people with higher degree but if they do not get any job then they do not know what to do. But their are people who are even uneducated but when I ask them what you will do if you lost your occupation then they say very confidently that there are a lot of other genuine ways to earn money, they will do one of them. 

              See the difference. Of course the persons with degree are more educated, they know latest things,skills and ideas but they suffer where as people with no degree are enjoying with better income sources. The only difference is their mind is open. What you think they are uneducated? No they are also educated. They are the best students of the top university of this universe and that is life. Their subject is "experience". And by this degree of experience they can easily tackle all the problems and huddles easily and live most of the time of their life very happily.

              So if you want to be happy throughout your life then be the topper of the university of life and get the degree of experiences and use that skillfully.

14) Life and education

              Of course education is also very important in life because you can open any door of life if you are well educated. At least you must have the basic educational knowledge because it opens your mind and intelligent. Also you are able to learn that how to learn which is most important to grow. And without growth you never be happy, even you will be more and more unhappy with the passage of time because the difference between you and the modern civilization will be increase everyday. But if you have good educational knowledge then you can easily adjust with the modern educated world and  can adopt innovation and latest technology and development very easily which will make your life more happier than others.

              So if you want to enjoy your life in each and every way then be educated either you are young or old. If you are young then of course degree has a separate importance for you. But if you are older then also education is important for you if you want to live rest of your life happily. Never think that education is for degree, it is actually the mother of all skills. Actually education is a training which makes you a creator and when you are master in it then you can even create a lot of happiness for you.

15) Time management to make life happy

              In today's busy world the most precious thing is time. The value of time is more than money today because by time you can get money but by money you never get time. Either you are rich or poor but you have only 24 hours in a day. So time is very important to build a happy life. There are people who have everything but no time to enjoy those things. So you should know the art of time management.

               We have to do a lot of work in a day and all have their own importance in our life. We need time for career, health, studies, games, entertainment, visit, daily work, sleep, for family and many more. All these things are very important for a happy life. If we miss anything then we lose our happiness. That means you must have a proper planed time table. It is little difficult but possible and trust me the results are outstanding! I know it because I always try to follow a timetable. Who they know me personally can easily tell you what would I do at the particular time of a day. I have a very busy schedule but I am expert in time management so I can able to enjoy everything. Remember time is the most important resource. If you ask the most successful people of this world to give their whole money and you will give 25 years of your life then everyone will be agree.

              So if you want to be happy always then you must be an expert time manager otherwise there is no chance for a guaranteed happy life. Remember if you do not improve your life then you are moving backward, because others are moving forward. And to improve your life you need time to invest for your life. This is the reason why you must have a good time management. Here is an example of a good time table.

πŸ‘‡Daily routineπŸ‘‡

  • 7 hours for sleep(it is enough for a normal human being).
  • 9 hours your main work(office/school/studies etc according to yourself.
  • 3 hours for daily work and meals.
  • 1 hour for health and fitness.
  • Rest 4 hours you can use according to your choice.
  • House wives can maintain this kind of time tables. The only thing needed is intrest.

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16) Destiny

              I also believe in destiny.But I strongly believe that there is a reason behind every destiny. Everything you do and think 24x7 is responsible to make your destiny. Because either it is real or illusion, everything is an action. Of course not all or physical action but psychological action. And psychological action have also huge affect in your life. Even it has more influence in your destiny.

             Actually behind it there is an universal law called as Law of Attraction. According to this law this universe is build of energy. Actually energy has not any form, you give it a form by your actions. If your actions(physical or psychological) are positive then it gives you positive results and if your actions are negative then it gives you negative results. For example if you think regularly that any accident may happen with you then one day in future it will be real according to law of attraction.

               Any ways law of attraction is not the topic here. But it justifies that behind destiny there are also actions. That means if you correct your actions then automatically your destiny will be good and positive. And when your destiny will be good then automatically your whole life will be full of happiness.

17) Confidence and believe for a guaranteed happy life

              Confidence and believe are the two powers by which you can make any impossible to possible. When you set a goal in your life then the first requirement is to believe two things.

  1. First to believe it that your goal is achievable.
  2. Second you have to believe that you can achieve you goal. 
              And our life fills with happiness only when we successfully achieve our goals. So if you have not the two believes then you can not achieve your goals. How can you be happy then!"

              Believe never comes without confidence. Actually it is the mother of self believe. Confidence build by efforts. As more you give effort as much your confidence increases. And when your confidence increases automatically your self believe raises. Finally you achieve your goals with the hep of these two powers. And you know as more as goals you will achieve as much as happiness you will get.

18) Patience for happiness

              Most of the people are unhappy in their life because lack of patience. Today's world is running towards so fast. Wants are multiplied and everyone feels that there is time shortage to enjoy everything. So they always try shortcuts in everything and reach to a wrong end. Everyday this habit is increasing in today's world.

            Friends life is full of multiple things and the driving process and maintenance of those are totally different from each other. To win a race you need fast movement, to do yoga you need slow movement, to kick a ball you need power, to touch a flower you need softness. Similarly to get success you may need speed in life but when the question is to get happiness if you will try this formula then guaranteed you will be fail. Because getting happiness is a slow process. It is like cultivating a plant. If you save it, watering it,getting it proper air, sunlight and a fertile land then finally you will get the fruits. But until that you must have patience. You must use this formula in life to get all kind of happiness. Because happiness is not the result of a single effort. Also you can not get happiness by doing a single right thing for a single time. You have to repeat your good actions continuously until reach the goals. Till that you have to be patience. For example imagine you are a student and you want to be the topper of your school. Then you know you have to work hard throughout the year until the final exams will be held. And if you do that then you will get the happiness of being topper. But if you discontinue your hard work after mid season then definitely you will not achieve that happiness. So you have to avoid all distractions, work hard, keep patience and have to give your 100% to get your goal. 

              similar strategy will be use to get all kind of happiness like career, love, marriage, buying car, making house, health, saving money and all. If you lose your patience for any one of them then other happiness will be affect and quite possible that you will lose all happiness.

              Let's take an example. Suppose you maintained patience in all cases except marriage. Means you got success in every field like studies, career, money, health etc. You are rich, handsome, fit and well settled but suddenly you meet a girl and fall in love with her and after 2/3 months you had married with her. But after one year you realized that she is not perfect for you and now you want divorce. Of course you can get divorce but you have to face too many problems to get that and also have to give her alimony. Also your image me be affected badly in society and maximum chances that not any good girl will ready to merry you! You will be definitely sad after that. And all these happened with you because of one mistake. You lack of patience for love and marriage. If you would also keep patience in these matter then definitely these things would not be happen. And notice here it is not a subject of destiny, it is the result of a mistake in decision making of yourself. Because 2/3 even 6 month is also not enough to know and understand anyone. This is just an example so please do not misunderstand me. It is actually happening in real world so I told you. Of course not in all cases it happens but it is a big reason for a lot of breakups and divorces. Anyways I hope now you understood the importance of patience for achieving happiness in every thing. So keep patience in every matter till the right time arrives for a guaranteed happy life.

25 secretes of a guaranteed happy life

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19) Effort to get a happy life

              All ideas are worthless if you do not give effort to get a happy life. A lazy person never get happiness, he/she can only experience pleasure. Never think that happiness is in the hand of destiny. It is the outcome of your efforts. But yes, give effort in the right direction. If your dream is to be a singer and you are practicing dance then you may be a dancer not a singer. If you want to be a successful business man but searching for shortcuts then forget it, because business is not a joke. Even to move from a place to another you have to do effort. Then how one can get happiness without enough efforts.

              some people give proper efforts but can not able to achieve their goals. their mistake is they are not in a proper right direction. For example if you want to be a model then you need good height, figure, looks, style, attitude, confidence and many more. If you have one or two qualities only then definitely you will be fail. Because success is the sum of a lot of effort. Same in the case of happiness. So if you want long term happiness then you have to give continuous efforts.

              Also some people give effort for a limited period or in limitted things and think for big results or want all kind of happiness. That is impossible friend. Can you alive by breathing just once in a day or can you pass out from an university by getting pass mark in one subject only? Never! And remember efforts are the breath of happy life. You have to continue it until death. There is no chance for any excuse. It is  actually not difficult to give proper effort by enjoying all moments of life. And it will also makes your efforts easy. So kick laziness and be active to live your life happily always.

20) Communication skills

                 In today's developing world we are highly connected with each other on real and digital world. It is necessary to communicate with thousand of people to getting your work done for the different matters of life. Therefore everyone has multiple choices to make friends, lovers, business clients and for any kind of relation. And when you have more options then automatically you go for the best quality. And in relationship either social or commercial the first scale for judgment is your communication style. 
                      That means if you are a good communicate in real life and you have good communication skills then everyone will be attracted by you and they will give you priority in all matters. You will be popular and very importance for others. We all dream this kind of social success and definitely if we get that then we will be very happy. So if you want a very happy life for all time then you must have good communication skills.

21) Body language

              Not only communication skill is enough. Of course if you have that then you will be pass in first step, but the second important thing is your body language. If your body language is poor when communicating with others then you will be fail in the second step.

              in today's competitive world everyone is too smart. We all are free and equal so nobody is ready to adjust with anything. We all need the best. So in any matter either love or career or in any other thing we are not ready to sacrifice and always searching for best. That means if we see anything poor in someone then simply we ignore him/her. And body language is the first impression. This is why people with poor body language are ignored in everywhere and finally it make them very unhappy. They have to face struggle in every field as nobody likes them and there is no support for them.

              So if you want to enjoy a happy life then improve your body language. It will make you special and you will get attention and importance of other which are very essential to live a happy life.

Love life 21st century

22) Observation and changing capability for a happy life

              The compulsory requirement to be happy in today's world is continuous growth. If you are not growing with time then happiness is a short term guest in your life. Not only science and technology is developing day by day but also civilization and society is also growing equally. For example if a 60 year person who was master in mathematics and accounting in his time but now he do not know how to use ATM is totally ignored by others. Not only by youngsters but even old people also disrespect them as they do not know how to use ATM. Why this happened? Because he did two mistakes.
  1.  He is not changed with time.
  2.  Because he did not observe the changing world around him.

              Remember if you do not change yourself and move with the flow of civilization then you never be happy for long time. There will be a time when everyone will want to get away from you for your old thinking and old techniques. Is not it? Just see around you, it is happening in real world. I just sharing with you what actually is happening and why. It is a basic human behavior that we all like people who are like us. That means to be happy you have to accept and change yourself according to time. Otherwise you may be alone and of course when a person is alone he is not happy.


              But without observation how you can be change! You have to first observe the things, then learn the things then apply them in your life according to your choice and ability so that at least you can adjust with others easily. This is why observation and changing capabilities are very important to be happy always.

23) Be strategic for the bettle of life

              As civilization is growing very fast so automatically the competition is very high for everything. In all fields like career, social, financial, family life, love life, marriage life every where if you do not able to handle things properly then there is maximum chance to lose that because options are high and the sacrifice attitude is gone. For example there was a day when traffic in the road is too low, so you could drive your vehicle carelessly and noting bad was happening. But now traffic is so high and if you do not drive skillfully and strategically then accident can happen with you.

                Similar thing is happening in life today. The traffic of the route of happiness is too high and the path of life is full of huddles. Therefor you need a full planed strategy for your life and happiness otherwise you will lost everything. So be strategic and handle the battle of life properly to enjoy your life in every way. 

24) 7 common pillars for happy life 

  1. Lawful πŸ‘‰ Always follow the laws. Not only the human laws but also the laws of nature. Either you believe or not but when you disobey the law of nature then it punish you by different ways which is other way known as destiny.
  2. Honest πŸ‘‰ Honesty is the best way for guaranteed happiness in life because you kill all the possibilities of risk and accidental happenings at the beginning.
  3. Helpful πŸ‘‰ You must be need help in today's complicated life. You can't not handle everything as your own. So be helpful first to get help in return by creating a good helpful person's image of yourself.
  4. Positive behaviour πŸ‘‰ Make your behaviour positive and respectful for others. These are the keys to handle today's sensitive people and build your amazing impression. Remember your one negative behaviour will make the base of future problems.So if your behaviour is good then it will make your life easy and happier.
  5. Creative πŸ‘‰ People follow money as money captured all kind of happiness. But money follows them who have the ability to create. That means if you have creative power then automatically all kind of happiness will follow you. For example why people read my articles? Because I create and give the solutions of problems of their life. And definitely it gives me happiness of all types. 
  6. presentation skills πŸ‘‰ The biggest skill in today's world is presentation skill. If you are highly talented but you can not represent yourself then your talent is valueless. Because you can not promote yourself. For example behind a movie there are directors, writers, producers and many other people but why a movie gets success because of the presentation skills of the actors. So if you are master in presentation skills then congratulation! Success and happiness will be your servant.
  7. Be responsible πŸ‘‰ Be responsible not only about your family or work but more importantly about yourself. Maximum people ignore their own responsibility and think that they will be successfully done all other responsibilities. Tell me one thing, if root is poor then how the other parts of a tree like leaf, flower, fruit will be good and strong. Sometime people think that by sacrificing their own happiness they can give happiness to others. Do not mind but this is wrong. A person never be happy without taking the responsibility of his/her own happiness. And a unhappy person never able to give happiness to others. So be responsible not only for others happiness but more importantly for your own happiness.

25) Ability to avoid

              Finally the most advanced idea and that is the ability to avoid those things which are the main huddles of a happy life. In today's world the good thing is that we have plenty of options for everything. But it is also a bad thing as these attract you on to wrong ways and destroy your present and future happiness. For example as a student you have lot of options and opportunities to learn and to be success in life. But other hand you have also a lot of option for fun , enjoyment and entertainment. If you do not able to avoid distractions and invest you time to those thing which will build your successful and happy future then you never be happy.

              There is no need to explain what are the wrong things and what are the right things, everybody knows that. So if you want to a guaranteed happy life then first build the ability to avoid wrong things and chose right things to live happy life always.


              Well now you know the all advanced techniques to make your life happy. Here I have 25 most advanced techniques to you for achieving great happiness in life. Remember today's world is changed so you have to be change your thinking according to that. A single thing can not be able to fill your life with happiness. So you have to apply all these tricks and techniques to live a happy life. All things which are explained here are very important in any one's life and it is sad that no schools or universities teach you how to be happy in life. Here I gave you the ideas and now you have to be expert in these at the school of life. Once you will be understand the importance of these and use these intelligently in your life then you will live a guaranteed happy life.

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