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Make your relationship better with these"Secrets of a good relationship".

Relationships are the tree of happiness in life. If you have good relations with others then half of the problems of your life are automatically solved. 

But it is not easy to make. You have to learn the art of making good relationships. So in this article Secretes of a good relationship I am giving you the most affective ideas and techniques to make good relationships with anyone. Enjoy the relationships of your life by applying these.

If you are not able to make good relationships then definitely you are doing something wrong. 
You will never be successful until correct those. So the very first step is to accept it and let all the excuses go

Trust me it is the biggest obstacle for making good relationships

If once you will be able to jump this obstacle then it is my guarantee that you will be easily successful in relationships.

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Things you must do to make good relationships

There are some common human natures and behaviours which are the key factors to focus while building a relationship. You can not be able to get success in relationships by ignoring these.  

Here are those:-

Common nature and behaviours which affect relationships most

Never hurt self esteem and ego of others in a relation

We are always cautious about our self esteem and ego. 

Even we never abide that someone hurt these and if anyone do so then we either break all relations with them or just maintain a casual relation with them.

 Is not it!"

That means when you hurt any one's self esteem and ego either for fun or for any other reason then definitely they have also the same feelings for you. 

The most interesting thing is people hurt their ego more with whom they want good relations. 

It is like that you want mango from a mango tree and every month you cut the branches of that and thinking why mangoes are not there!" 

Sound foolish?? 

But in real world people are doing exactly this kind of things in relationships.

Let me tell you what happens actually. 

Of course most of the time you don't hurt others self esteem and ego intentionally. 

Although it happens!" 

Either physically or psychologically, direct or indirect, for fun or in anger, by any way when you tell or do things which hurt others are actually printed in their unconscious mind and they never forget it. Only thing is you can not see it and they also not show it to you consciously.

 But it is in their mind like a pin putted by you which give them pain  again and again when they remember it. 

Exact thing happens with you

Remember something when you had hurt by anyone and many time that incident is automatically remembered by you. 

What kind of feelings you have at that time for that person?" 

Love or hate! 

That may be anyone your father, mother, husband, wife, that's not matter. 

You definitely feel bad for them. Now put yourself in that place and remember those people whom you have hurt intentionally or by mistake

Imagine what are the feelings they would have for you!" 

It may possible that they treat you as good as possible by them because of some benefits or losses based upon survival needs.

 But what you think, do they really want to make a good relationship with you for love only? 

If in future if they get chance then do they love you or take revenge from you?

Now put this thought in every relation and think because you can call it as a cancer in relationship.

 And this is why relations are never be strong. Because that cancer prevails there always which close all possibilities to make a good relationship with that person. 

Therefore I told you never hurt others self esteem and ego otherwise you will never be able to make good relations.

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Do this to make a good relationship

In other hand if you always give proper respect to their self esteem and ego then automatically good feelings  arise in their mind and heart for you and every time it will be doubled when they feel sad or unhappy because it is a basic human behaviour to be more emotional for them who give respect to your self esteem and ego. 

Actually there's a psychological bonding and feeling of support is created which are the basic needs of human mind. 

That means definitely that person will want to make a good relationship with you and after this you can easily able to make a good relationship with that person.


Understand feelings and give support

Everyone knows about a problem which is called physical blindness. 

But there is also another type of blindness exist which you can call mental blindness

There are a lot of people who can not feel or see other's feelings. Even if you openly saw them but they can not understand.

 Actually I call it blindness of intelligenceMost of the people do it deliberately. 

Tell me how do you feel when some one do this kind of thing with you?" 

Of course you even do not want to see them again. 

But unfortunately maximum of us do this with almost all relations of ourselves for different reasons. Then we expect good relationship and behaviour from that person. 

Which is again impossible.

Remember one thing!" 

If there are relationships then no doubt there are also expectations. If not then what is the need of relations?

 Why not live alone!" 

So you never ask them for do not have any expectations from you. 

I know it is not possible to fulfill each and every expectations of them. Even no need to fulfill all. But the main problem arises here is people either ignore or refuse, but in such a way which hurts. 

They do so because of their ego that they feel shame or hesitation to express their inability to fulfill that. 

And this method build their negative image and finally relations are either end or weaker.

Do this to make good relation

Neither ignore nor refuse. Just try to understand their feelings and if not then simply ask them with love. 

After understanding all things if you do not want to fulfill that then politely refuse that with logical reason or just express softly your inability to fulfill that. 

There is nothing to feel bad!"

You are not god or not a super human who can do anything! 

Even if you express clearly then there is no chance of misunderstanding or hate. 

Keep this thing strongly in your mind that once the seed of misunderstanding is planted in their mind then definitely it will be a big tree of negative feelings of different types. 

Of course there are some old thinking people with whom it is almost impossible to use these positive methods because they do not ready to change their mentality any more. But the quantity of those kind of people are a few. 

There is no option except ignoring them."

But at least you can use this method to mature persons and specially with future generation people. So if you want a good relationship then follow this methods properly.

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Give equality to everyone

You must have to give equality to everyone if you want to build good relationship. 

This is the biggest problem of maximum families. The guardians think that they are the rulers of family and always make other members to follow them. They think they have more knowledge because they are older. 

Only fools have this kind of mentality. These persons are evil for a family.

Because it is totally wrong. If there are some children then it is good to direct them, but rule on anyone is wrong. This is why children avoid their parents after maturity and settlement in life. 

Actually some persons plant the seeds of hate in other members of family by doing such kind of things. And finally they get what they give.

Time is changed. 

Now a days no one accept this kind of behaviour. So if you want a good relationship with anyone  then he/she is either strong or weak, rich or poor, old or child, failire or successful, you must give him/her equality in all matters.

Remember it, in today's developing world everyone is very sensitive about their rights and self respect

Even children are more sensitive!

If once you made a bad image for yourself within the mind of a child then he/she will never forgive you until death. 

They never give you love or respect any more. And when you will become older and they will be young and successful, they will return your behaviour to you. Not only child will do it,even everyone like your wife, husband, friend, daughter, son will return your behaviour to you. 

But if you will give equality to others then you will get equality from others always. Equality is most important requirement in today's world to make a good relationship.

Mutual intention to make a good relationship

If mutual intention is not exist there then any effort of yourself is worthless to make a successful relationship. 

It is actually the base. If it mutual intention to make a good relationship is very strong then automatically your relation will be successful. But most of the time this is one sided only or although from both side but not equally intense. That means definitely who's interest will be more intense will suffer because other one try to get advantages and it is a natural human behaviour.

So good relationship always need the mutual intention to build it. Either it is the relationship of husband and wife or father and son. In every relationship the first requirement is mutual intention to make a good relationship.

Tip >>> Not all people are equally interested to make a good relationship. Most of them make it casually. They understand it only when they face huge problems or in old age. So be careful and judge proper that person with whom you want to make a good relationship.

Never underestimate

The most bad human nature of 99% human beings is to underestimate those people whom they think less able from them. 

But they are actually fools! 

How you can know others ability? 

You only predict about those things which they show. In reality it is quite possible that they are better than you in everything. Only thing is getting the right opportunity. 

This is a very big secrete of success and intelligent people knows it and others call it as destiny or good luck.

If you underestimate a person who is your close one and in future if he/she will be successful then what you think, what he/she will do with you? 

Imagine that... 

You are much clever to predict it. 

Of course you will have to pay the price for underestimate him/her. 

Is not it!" 

In 90% families there is at least one person who is underestimated by other members. It is happened in family, love, marriage, in office,  in politics, between friends and everywhere. After that people expect good relationship. Tell me, How it will be possible! 

It may possible that they will only do their responsibility, but they will never love you and where there is no love, no good relation is possible. If you cultivate the seeds of poison in others mind and heart then in return you will get exactly the same. 

So if you want to make a good relationship with anyone or others then never underestimate him/her or them otherwise be ready to pay the price in future. And this is applicable with everyone like husband, wife, friend, son, daughter, employer or employee because every one have a heart. And remember pain never die. It only moves from one person to another. 

If today you give others then tomorrow they will return it to you. 

It is the law of human nature and you can not challenge it.  

Do this to make good relationship

Remember money never able to give you love, respect or good relationship. It is only your behaviour which make you find these. So give importance to everyone if you want to make a good relationship. 

No doubt everyone has their own unique talent and self feelings. So make them feel good for their uniqueness and they will definitely feel a lot of love and respect for you which will create a strong and good relation between both of you. 

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Build transparency as much as possible

Many people think that there is no need to share everything with their close ones. There may be different reasons behind it. Of course few things are not for share but except those everything can be sharable. Maximum people suffer finally because they can not understand it. Because when you cover something in a relationship from opposition then in 99% cases it create negative thoughts about you as human mind is naturally guess negative things first. It may be possible that your intention was good but result is bad. 

That means you must share things either good or bad with your spouse or others, otherwise you will open the door of misunderstanding and doubts. Remember one thing, transparency kill misunderstanding. So say clearly, do not be hesitate or over smart. Only those relations are stronger than time which have pure transparency from both side. So if you want a good relationship then build transparency as much as you can in your relation.

Separate relationship from other things

A big reason for weak relationship is people mix everything like profession, work, out side matters, power, success, achievements etc. It needs an explanation for better understand. I actually mean a powerful person also show his power in relations, a rich person also show his wealth in relations, everyone shows their personal achievements in their relationships and maximum time people do it with wrong intention like make other jealous or to make them feel low. Even these kind of people try to dominant in relations. These are really foolishness. Relationship is not your empire that you need these things there. Relationship is an invisible connection to exchange happiness and equality, respect and good behaviour are magnates of this connection.

So if you want to make a good relationship then totally avoid theses kind of foolish things and separate these things. You may be a minister, collector, CA or big businessman, but when you are with your wife then just be a husband, with children just be a father, with friends just be friend and with people just be a human being. Remember bot any achievement can give you 10 heads, 20 hands or anything. But if your behaviour and response is polite, sweet and attractive then of course everyone will be put their hand when you will fall. That means 1000 hands give support you that time. So keep it in mind and follow this method to make a good relation.

Tip>>> In today's world most of the breakups and divorces are happening because of these reasons. Ask yourself a question, are you do so! If yes, then immediately promise yourself to never do it again with anyone if you want a good, lovely and happy relationship. Always remember never give others that pain which hurts you. Actually making a good relationship is very easy. People make it difficult by their wrong activities. So be cautious about it because relationship are very sensitive and life never give you second chance to rebuild it.

Show your affection

Many people do not express their affection to their love ones either because of hesitation or for ego. And after that they complain that their love ones do not understand their feelings. How they can understand if you do not show your affection in right way. Do they god who can understand anything? No! You have to make them understand but with love otherwise there is no value of your feelings for others.

Remember good relationships are only based on love and love is only based on good heart touching behaviour. So to create love you have to show your affection in right way, and if once love is created there then automatically your relation will be strong and good. 

Tip>>> Lack of love is not the problem. Main problem is people can not able to express love or if they can able then they do it in such a way that create negative feeling not love. So first learn the art of express love and affection effectively if you want to make a good relationship.

Stop whisper

Another common mistake of maximum people is to whisper about their love ones. It happens specially when some disputes happen. I can not understand why people do it. Do they think that other people support them and punish that person on behalf of them? Remember others are audience for your relationship, they listen you only for fun. Everyone loves to listen others tension because it motivate them that their life is better than you. No one will come to you when you will be in pain. This is why we need relations. Even they will make jocks about you and your relations. So stop it.

Also do not think that people do not know when you whisper about them. Tell me when some one whisper about you then do not you sense that by different ways? It is a mysterious thing but everyone can sense that. So it is another reason to not whisper about others. It only spread negativity and it is my guarantee that you will suffer for that negativity finally. Remember love never possible in such kind of negative environment. Nothing will be change by your whisper. So never whisper if you want to make good relationship.


Through this article I tried to explain the secretes of a good relationship. Never think that material success is only the motive of life. To live a happy life success in relationship is very important. I know a lot of people who are unhappy because they are alone. Relationships are the only thing by which you can remove your loneliness. So you should make good relationships in your life. By applying all these methods you can easily make good relations. These are applicable for all kind of relationships because these are the basic psychological needs of every human beings. Remember relations are a subject of psychology. You have to give respect this psychology for better relations and better life.

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