HOw to End Up Fights in Married Life

How to end up fights in married life

              Fights are the biggest enemies of marriage life and in some cases they totally destroy the relationship. So today in this article How to end up fights in married life I am giving some easy and  very affective ideas and techniques to end fights. I am also telling you some easy ways to make marriage life happiest

Ideas to end up fights in married life
                Married life is the most important part of our life. You live almost 60% time of your life as a married person. That means if your married life is not being good then it is a very serious problem.

              When a person get married then he/she has a lot of wishes and dreams for his/her marriage life. No one ever thought about a bad married life. But it is happened and the biggest reason for that is fighting in marriage life. So if you want a happy married life then you must stop fighting. There is no other way. I can give you ideas and ways for stop fighting, but it will never works until you do not decide to stop fighting. So the very first step is to decide and give a commitment to yourself that from now you want to stop fight by any means in your relationship. And trust me if you can able to do it then congratulation! You won half of the battle!

              Now let's move to the next step and that is how the fights between couple arises and goes out of control although they do not want to fight. Here I am not going to discuss with you the reasons of fight because there are a too many different reasons for this. Even maximum time very unnecessary and foolish reasons. And every couple knows those reasons better than others, so no need to discuss that. But yes! I am going to discuss more important thing that is the pattern of fight.

Fights of couples

              Remember no couple wants that their fights go out of control but it happens automatically in many time. Because behind it there is a very powerful human behaviour. Actually that is a game of mind. 

               Now pay proper attention because I am going to share a top secrete of life. Our mind is very naughty and egoistic. It never wants to give up in an argument. It always wants to win in an argument by hook or by cook. Therefore maximum time arguments start for a very little cause and should be finish in a few minutes, but as our mind wants only victory so both husband and wife throw point after point to make themselves winner. Because they both are human beings and both's mind want the reward of victory. So when one of them feel that he/she is going to be a looser in the battle of argument then immediately his/her mind search a strong weapon means week point or mistake  done by his/her partner in past from inside his/her own memory to fire that on to the opponent and defeat him/her. Same happens in the case of opposite party. His/her mind also ordered him/her to collect his/her partners week point or past mistake from inside the memory to strike back. And this is continued until either one of them accept defeat or something very bad happen. This is why couple fights are going to be very serious although they are just started for a very little or silly matter.

              After all these they realize that why they did fight! They would not want to fight. This is the power of your naughty mind friends. And once you will understand this game of mind and will able to tackle it then trust me your life will be heaven. 

Convert fights in to love

                    Anyways let's talk about those ideas by which you can able to end up or minimize the conflicts with your partner.

14 Ideas to end up fights in married life        


1)  Logical and intelligent expectations

               The most common reason for fight of couples is high expectations from each other. For example, suppose a wife expect a high status, lifestyle, comfort or facilities from her husband and if her husband is a middle class man, then how he can be able to fulfill her expectations. Of course he should try, but logically it is not a right expectation. Or suppose a wife expect that her husband must be fit or popular like a film star then also it is illogical. Of course you can expect that your husband should be fit and he should also fulfill you expectation but according to their capability as because not everyone be superman.
              Similarly if a husband expect that his wife should be beautiful, hot and sexy like a model then it is also a illogical and foolish expectation. Of course as a husband you can expect that your wife should be beautiful, hot and sexy. And she should also fulfill your expectation but according to her capability.
            So the maturity here is that tell your expectation with a logical and possible quantity and ask him/her to fulfill that for your happiness. 
           Now the most important thing. If your partner ask you to fulfill an expectation of him/her and if that is logical and possible then never reject or refuse it. At least try to fulfill it for his/her happiness. Because the biggest responsibility of marriage is to do adequate and right valid efforts for the happiness of your life partner. And if it is not then why people merry each other! Marriage is done to double the happiness of life. So it is your right to expect from your partner. And also it is your duty to fulfill the expectations of your partner.
           And yes, your expectations may be anything. Here I just gave few examples. It is your duty to first judge your expectations that actually they are valid or will really create value and happiness in both of your life or not. Because married life is a mutual relationship. And if you only think about your benefit then you are breaking the number 1 rule of marriage
              So remember that you must do these two things but in a logical and intelligent quantity. Otherwise they definitely destroy your relationship rather than to fill it with happiness. And when you do these things according to given process then trust me half of your fights will be killed before start in your married life.

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2) Sweetly and clearly express everything

              The second most common reason for fights in married life is to use opposite or wrong way to express your feelings as well as expectations.

              This is the most foolish thing couples do. They express their feelings or expectations in a way to raise the anger of their partner. I can not understand from where people learn that if you want to motivate some one for something then say in a ugly tone and hurt that person as it will charge him/her to do what you want from him/her to do. Of course this process worked in old days, but now a days it is the most foolish idea. I agree your motive is never wrong but your way is totally wrong. Of course you may able to charge him/her but you also create a negative impression for yourself inside your partner's mind and heart by your ugly tone and wrong communication process. If may be possible that he/she fulfill your expectation after this or understand your feelings after this but what about the hateness you created in his/her heart for you! Do you think after this he/she will love you and respect you?" Never! And I can challenge it. Because it will hurt his/her self respect. And a human being never love a person who hurt his/her self respect.

              Let's take an example to understand it properly. When you were a child. Obviously you would find two type of teachers. One who always try to encourage you by insulting, by using ugly tone and words for you. But his motive was good. He heartily wanted that you to be successful in your life. And the second teacher who's motive was also to encourage you to be successful in life. But he was always using lovely words, he was always motivate you with love and care. Now tell me, whom you miss today and whom you do not want to face again. Of course we all want those persons around us who use good and lovely tone for us and who encourage us with lovely and positive words. Is not it!

              Then how you think that you can build your dream married life with this kind of ugly tone and misbehave attitude? Do you love and respect them  who hurt your self respect? Then How you can expect that your partner should give love and respect to you where as you hurt his/her self respect? By this you can get only one thing and that is hateness. And definitely if hateness will be increase in your relationship then of course, the fights will be increase. 

                  So please stop this and communicate with your partner with a lovely and sweet tone and encourage or motivate him/her with love and lovely words. After that see the power of love! It is my guaranty that your marriage life will be full of love and happiness.

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3) Kill the root cause of fights by these magical words

             Accept it or not but the fuel to run the fights and make them dangerous are those words which you use during fight. But if there are some words to encourage fight and anger then also there are some words which can encourage love in married life. And remember to end up fights in married life you must have to increase love in your relationship. Because only love has the power to end up fights. So there is a very simple, but very affective trick to end up fights in marriage life.

               Use sweet words or lovely words during fight for each other like darling, sweet heart, baby, jannu etc. And also those lovely words which you use for each other to express your love for each other.

              Of course it's look like little crazy. Some body can ask how they can use these words for each other when they will be in anger on each other? I told you before that it is a game of your powerful mind and you can not control the power of your mind. So do not try to stop it, just turn it's direction from anger to love. And trust me these words are the steering to change fights in to love and fun. So never neglect these two things if you want to finish fights from your marriage life. This is the most easiest way to end up fights from your marriage life or love life. Just use it and see the magic.

4) Never be hasitate :-

               There is a very serious problem in too many marriage couples. That is hesitation. And in the case of arrange marriage it is more exsist than love marriage.

              Let me tell you one thing. If you feel hesitation for that person with whom you have to spend your whole life then I am worried for you because you will never be able for a happy marriage life. Because when couples hesitate to each other then they can not able to understand each other. They misjudge each other's intenssion and this create misunderstanding between them. In result they loose each other's faith. Finally because of the doubts on each other they never able to make their relationship strong.. And without a strong relationship you never enjoy your married life properly and without free communication you never be able to build a strong relationship. And if your relationship is not strong then you will be dissatisy from each other always. Therefore in result you both will fight throughout your life.

              So if you want to end up fights in your relationship then first stop to being hesitate in front of your partner and communicate freely with him/her. This is the real meaning of marriage. We all need a person with whom we can share all our feelings and other things. And if you can not able to share ever feelings with your husband/wife then did your merry him/her!

              It is actually very easy if you leave your ego. Just be free with your life partner not only physically but also mentally. Because mental free-ness is more important in marriage life. If once you will be properly free with your partner then fights will be automatically finish because you both can easily understand and express yourselves to each other. This will create a strong bonding between both of you and new happiness will enter in your life.    

Priority to love first


5) Keep love at the top                  


                  It is natural to fight in marriage relationship or love relationship. Because marriage life is a very long time relationship and if sweet fights are not happen then it will be boring. Actually it is also a part of romance if you do it under the circle of love. Intelligent couples use fight to increase romance and fun in their relationship. Even I have done it in my relationship with my gfs a lot of time. It goes bad only when you do it beyond the circle of love.

              I never agree with couples when they say that they do not want to be bad in fights, it happens automatically. Friends in this world nothing is happen automatically. Does any one ask you to fight badly by force? You are not a baby and you do it consciously. Otherwise everyone knows that fight will never be a solution. Actually by it people express their frustration. Those who are more frustrated are done more fights with their partners even without any reason many time.

              So if fights are happen too much then first accept that your relationship is fill by frustration of yourselves. There may be lot of reasons behind it for example financial, physical,lack of romance, children issues, family issues or anything. So first take your focus from these problems to your love. Of course it will not solve your problems but tell me do fights solve your problems? Never! Then why to spoil your mood! Do not you think that it will be better if you focus on love and romance in your relationship and try to solve each and every problem with a fresh mood? Don't you think it will be a better idea than fighting to solve the problems?

              So give priority to love if you want to finish fights from your married life. Definitely it will not solve your problems but it will make your mood fresh and will give you more time and energy to solve them easily. And of course you both have to do it because one sided try may not give you adequate results. So clearly talk about this idea with your partner. And yes friends! I said before that Do not be hesitate, just talk about it freely with your partner. Remember no one will be come to you to fill your married life with love and happiness. Not even God! It is your life and your responsibility. So take the first step for your dream marriage life and clearly tell your partner that you both should give priority to love first. Always remember problems will come definitely either you fight or do love with each other. This is the law of life and never be change. So now choice is yours feel bad for problems and fight or feel good for your love and try to solve the problems of your life.

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6) Be a family 

            This is the best way if you understood it and use it properly. And the idea is "Be we from I". Yes friends, a lot of time I see that couple are just being a so called family. But in reality there is nothing between them like a family. Marriage means to be one, not two. 

              It means you both have to think for both in same manner and in same intention. There should be nothing as personal in married life. Of course it will be very difficult in today's situations. And because of the absence of this feeling too many breakups and divorces are happening now a days. But if you want to live a dream married life then you must have to follow it. As more you follow it as much you get happiness in return. And it will be worthless if followed by one side. It requires mutual consent and mutual interest.

              Once you able to be we from I, then everything will be very easy. Because your power will be double and problems will be half. After that no problems, no fights hamper your relationship. Automatically love will increase between both of you. Of course it needs too much dedication from both side. Actually every couple exactly do it. But some do it only 1/2% and some do it 80/90%. And who they do it more are the best and happiest couples of this world. 

              So try to be we from I as much as possible. And after that if any fight will be happen between you then trust me, that will only increase love between both of you. It is most difficult idea to use but the best idea. Difficult because you must need a partner who is good human being and love you too much. A lot of people when ask me about the best idea to end up fights in married life, I suggest them this one. Now it's on you that how much you can able to use it.

7) Increase romance   

                The big mistake of couples is they do not understand the importance of romance in marriage life. Maximum time the only do casual romance. But guys, lack of romance is the root cause of frustration and frustration is the root cause of fights. Couples say to me that they have poor romance or no romance because they fight everyday. And I tell them you fight everyday because you both do not enjoy your romance everyday.

              Romance and sex are two different things. Sex is just a part of romance. You can not do sex in every minute but you can enjoy romance in every second.

Romance in married life

              Remember friends human beings are naturally primogenitor animal. It is god gifted. You never go beyond the nature. So you must be give romance proper importance if you love your life or want to get love of your spouse. Lot of my female clients ask me how romance will be back in their married life. Here first I am going to tell for women then men.

For women

              First of all ladies, you are always on the driving seat. So you have to drive romance in your married life. Remember boys never be automatically romantic after marriage. Of course before marriage it is happen, but after marriage it can not. So your work is difficult after marriage. Before marriage your man automatically attract on you, but after marriage you have to attract him on you. Behind this there are some biological and scientific reasons so please do not blem your man. it is natural.

              But do you know if you want then your husband can more romantic for you than the king of romance sir SRK! sound strange! Of course it can but for that you have to boost your man and for that you have to make yourself more beautiful, attractive, colorful, sexy for your hubby. Because remember after marriage boys do not attract on girls automatically. So do some effort for your better married life. And trust me once you will be continuously able for it and expert in it then the next question you will ask to me is " Sushil what is fight in a married life? My husband do not fight with me and always he agree with me even if I am wrong also". This is the power of romance.

For men

              Guys remember one thing, girls are the symbol of happiness of this world. It is really true. Only thing is people realize it in their old age. So if the girl or lady of your life is not happy then you never be enjoy your life properly. According to my experience I can say any girl do anything for you if you give her the dream love of her life. So give her love always and she will be always with you in any situation. She will be your strength.

              Girls love romance more than sex. So do not forget to be romantic. Even just a kiss will make your lady very happy and obedient for you. Girls do not follow logic if once they do real love to you. They only follow their heart for you. So if you will win their heart they never argue with you. They will always support you as they want to make you happy and be the queen of heart of your life. 

              So be romantic, there is no price for it. Give some gifts to her regularly, even only a flower is enough but give regularly. Take her to date, long drive, moon light dinner and many more. Do according to your possibilities. Saw your love to your lady by romance. Remember no girls love to fight. They only fight when they are unhappy from inside. Make them happy and kill all fights from your married life. Remember wife means life.

8) See the good side of your partner and marriage 

              It is seen that after few years of marriage fights are increased between couples. This is because they have already spent too many time with each other. Now they can easily notice each others bad things and bad habits. Also they feel irritation for each others negative things and try to change each other. Therefore regular fights occur.

              But friends in reality no one can be perfect. Everyone have some bad habits and bad things. You can not change anyone until he himself does not want to be change. That means fighting to change your partner is worthless. It will only create distance between husband and wife. So be intelligent and never try it.

              Of course you may feel bad or irritation by the bad habits of your spouse. But you will never find a person with only good habits. who knows if you would merry another person and he/she would have more bad habits! So try to accept your partner with his/her bad side or try to ignore those things. Because you never get everything good and right. In such case focus on the good sides on your spouse. It will increase your love and affection for your spouse which are very necessary to end up fights.

              Strongly remember this thing that if love, respect and affection for your spouse will increase in you mind and heart then automatically the interest for fight will finish. And these things will be increase only when you will see the good and positive side of your spouse more and more.

              I am saying again that you can never change others. But you surely change yourself. So make yourself a person who do not judge others and his/her spouse. Just accept and love your spouse for your lovely family. It may not change him/her but the changes on yourself encourage him/her to listen you more and also obey you more. That means, definitely fights will never Come back in your married life.

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9) Celebrate your love 

              In today's busy and critical life it is common to be tied very soon. Also there is shortage of time. Too many pressure are there. Because of all these many time married life is become boring. Then definitely irritation occurs and finally fights are started.

              So you must make your married life joyful. And celebrations are the best way. Even try to celebrate each and everyday of your married life. If you have money problem then no need to go outside. You both can create a lovely environment in your house. It may be candle light dinner, moon light time spend, dance,even some Indore games. movies, coffee Anything that refresh both of you together. And try to do it everyday. Just for 15 minutes but to it regularly. But yes try to spend that time with only each other. It will make you closer and the bonding of yourselves will be more and more strong.

              Call it as the celebration of love in your life everyday.. Trust me the fights will wind away from your married life and every next day you can feel that you have your first day after marriage. Some of my clients have the greatest results of this idea given by me and they thanking me a lot.

10) Celebrate special days 

              Many couples are actually very careless about the important days of their life. But it is a big mistake of couples. Friends marriage life is like a vehicle. It need servicing and oiling regularly. it means you have to boost your love feelings regularly otherwise it's efficiency will be gone with time.

              And the special days like wedding anniversary, birthday, rose day, kiss day, Valentine day etc are all the servicing means boosting day for your love in your married life. There are too many days like this and if you enjoy and celebrate these then all fights  end and that time which you were used to fight are now convert in to  lovely moments of your life. And no need to spend money a lot. Play a romantic song, cook some sweet dishes or cake and just have fun.of course you can add romance to make these momenta more memorable. Try different things according to your choice. Enjoy your relation and say good bye to fights!

11) Gossip :-

              Gossip can be a very good idea to end up fight. Married couples are always talking about the problems of their life or other related topics. Of course you have to discus these things but for a limited time only. Heavy discussion never give you any solution. Instead of that it will create frustration. 

              So do gossip about your hobbies or any other interesting matters. Gossip is easily and quickly refresh our mind and fill us with new energy. And keep a tip in your mind. We never fight when our mood is fresh. You should make your gossip as interesting as you can. It will also improve your out knowledge. It is a very easy and interesting idea to end up fights in marriage life.

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12) Remind yourself the losses :-

              some time particular incidents or situations encourage you to fight with your spouse. it may be your office tension, home tension, financial or any other reasons related to any other person. Actually your mind wants to release the irritation to anyone and spouse is an easy option. Therefore fights may happen without any reason. At that time it will be better if you remind the loses for you if a fight will happen with your spouse. Definitely you had some loses when you fight with your spouse before. Loses those made you regret. 

             It is actually a technique to trick your own mind. As our mind do not like loses. So when you remind your mind the previous loses then it thinks that if you fight again and if you will get that loses again then what will be happen! Immediately you mind encourage you to do not fight. It is a very effective technique as here your mind itself stop you to fight. You have nothing to do, just remind the previous loses to your mind and the fights will be automatically end. Even use it in between fight. It will immediate change your mood and fights will be stop there.

13) Be little dramatic

               This idea is specially for girls. A lot of my female clients are complained that their husbands love them too much but many time they get angry on them for very little reasons and fights are started.

              So I give this idea to them. Actually it is a little crazy idea but in 90% cases it works. Men do this when they feel a lot of pressure. They have a lot of responsibilities and they are so busy to complete those responsibility that they have no time for fun and enjoyment like in bachelor life. They actually miss those days. So try to understand them and do not fight with them at that time. In that case just be little dramatic. I mean pretend to indignant or cry. Please do not misunderstand me. My intention is never wrong. Actually I want to say that maximum boys or men do not like to make their lovers or wives cry and when they realize that they make their lady cry then they feel guilty and do not do these kind of things again. Actually by this you can easily remind your spouse that he loves you so he has your responsibilities. Boys never hate responsibilities, the only thing is they are mentally tied sometime and this is the easy way to convert their anger in to love. Then definitely fights will become romance. 

14) Divorce 

              Divorce is the very last option. I only suggest it when no other option is left. if your married life is full of pain, non stop fights or cheating and no chance to rebuild it then divorce is necessary.

              But divorce also create new challenges for your life. And for specially ladies it is more difficult to handle those challenges. So before taking a decision of divorce you should fully aware about those challenges and also get idea about the worst thing can happen with you after divorce. If you feel that you are able to handle any situation then chose it. Always keep a thing in your mind that there is always a option to rebuild of your life as the happiest life in any age. So never be depress and just change the way of visualization of your life.


              Fights never end up fights. So these ideas and techniques will definitely solve your problem of too much fights in your married life. Life is too big and god has given unlimited ways to make it full of happiness. So it is on you that how you can create your married life. Remember to stop fights and live a happy marriage life you must have to do some efforts. But yes, you have to do these with love as the ultimate motive of yourselves is love and a happy married life. 

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