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CRUSH I always say crush is also a love and in this article I am going to justify it. Still now people have a very narrow approach about love. Most of them think unconditional love is actually real love. But truth is totally different guys. Love has a lot of types like real love, conditional love, casual love, needs based love, survival love, dream love, true love and yes, crush! Yes friends crush is also a pure love. The only problem is the understanding of it is not proper. Here I will try to give a clear understanding of crush and also ideas for how to handle it.keep reading.

What is crush?
Now it is the most important part of this article so read it properly and try to understand it. To understand crush you have to first understand where it happens and how it happens. As I have said before that love is a game of heart and it is not about the physical heart but a part of our mind. Scientifically our mind is divided in to three categories.

Conscious mindSubconscious mindUnconscious min…

7 Techniques to Increase Confidence

When you have the believe in yourself that either it may easy or difficult but possible for you by your own real ability to get the things done and find the desired result which you want then it is called confidence. Hello friends, I am Sushil and today I am going to tell you 9 amazing techniques by which you can surely increase your self confidence. So read this article 7techniques to increase self confidence properly to get these techniques.

If you are searching any shortcut to increase or build confidence then you are in wrong place. There is never a shortcut for real self confidence. Of course I can tell you hundred of ideas to increase short term confidence but that is not my motive. I want to build real confidence in to my readers by which they can defeat any problems and challenges of their life and live their life as a champion.

Real confidence never build or increase suddenly. It is a long and continuous process and if you do not continuo…

Amezing Facts of Life

AMAZING FACTS OF LIFELife is different for everyone. Even happiness is also different from everyone. What may be the meaning of life and happiness for you but there are some amazing facts of life  which are similar for everyone. There are the tools of life by which you can give any shape to your life according to your choice.Anyone who has achieve something in life has use these facts consciously or unconsciously to make his/her dreams into reality. Then why not you! Let's get the idea of these facts by this article AMAZING FACTS OF LIFE and simply use them as tools to make your dreams as reality. 

MotivationHappiness secretes

Of course god has not give us everything equally, but there are some things which he has given to us equally and the most interesting thing is that you can get all other things of this universe by those. Here are those 4 amazing facts of life.

ImaginationIntelligencePracticeReal loveCompound Interest                 👉  Relationship secretes

1) Imagination