7 Techniques to Increase Confidence


When you have the believe in yourself that either it may easy or difficult but possible for you by your own real ability to get the things done and find the desired result which you want then it is called confidence. Hello friends, I am Sushil and today I am going to tell you 9 amazing techniques by which you can surely increase your self confidence. So read this article 7 techniques to increase self confidence properly to get these techniques.

If you are searching any shortcut to increase or build confidence then you are in wrong place. There is never a shortcut for real self confidence. Of course I can tell you hundred of ideas to increase short term confidence but that is not my motive. I want to build real confidence in to my readers by which they can defeat any problems and challenges of their life and live their life as a champion.

Real confidence never build or increase suddenly. It is a long and continuous process and if you do not continuously work on it then either it will be convert into under or over confidence. But the process is very very simple and after few time you have no need to focus on it because it will be a habit of yourself. Ok so here are the 9 ways to increase your confidence.
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1) Get lower confidence first to get higher

You never be real confident by a single effort. Real confidence is the sum of unlimited efforts. But it not means that you have to do big things to get it. You can get it by very small achievements also. So do the first thing first and everyday decide to do a thing even a very smallest thing, but must complete it. And after that reward yourself. After that say yourself that your confidence has increased one more step as you have successfully done that work and now you have more confidence to get the work done what you will be decide tomorrow. Now feel the proud and enjoy that. No need to tell or express these thing to anyone.  Keep it personal.

Do you think this is an stupid idea! No my friend. Let me explain you. Do you know who drives our life? It is our mind. Our mind is very powerful but very silly. Whatever you tell it believes blindly. Mind never ask for a prove. Only intelligence ask about prove. But unfortunately mind is in the driving seat. This is why a lot of time people do those things which are wrong according to their intelligence although they do it by the order of mind. You can also realize it in your real life.

Now back to the point. If everyday you Will saw your mind that how confident you are because everyday you successfully done a thing then after few days your mind accept it properly. Then you will be confident from inside and no need to get confidence from out side. But yes, do exactly what I said otherwise you may lose the desired result because there are a lot of invisible traps in the game of real life which you can not see by these two eyes. It may be possible that you will be fail in some works. But do not be depressed. Just give ask yourself that can you be able to done it successfully in your next try. Never be serious about that as it will not give you any kind of benefit. Just be prepared for the next try without wasting time.

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2) Spend sometime with people who are less able than you

It is a natural human behaviour to feel good with the people who are less able from him. Actually it creates a self satisfaction which makes you proud on yourself. And this kind of feelings naturally increase your confidence. Again they also give you more respect and importance as they realize you are more successful than themselves. So it is better to spend time with these people rather than those people who neglect you for your poor confidence or for anything else. Because you need positive environment.

Tip>>> Try to spend few time with the people who are in the related field on which you feel your confidence is low.

For example if you have a weak physic and your friends cut jokes for it then obviously you will feel bad for it. It may also break your confidence. But at that time if you visit a hospital where a lot of patience are suffering or spend some time with old people then definitely you will feel good for your better health from them. Not only it will increase your confidence but also motivate you to improve your health. Similarly if your English is poor then talk in English with them who are trying to learn English. It will also improve your English and they never neglect or demoralize you as they would know that they are also not good in English. It is a very good and positive technique to increase confidence.

3) Positive environment to increase self confidence

Maximum people do not know the importance of a positive environment to increase confidence. But it does not only increase your confidence but also very helpful to retain that confidence which is very important.

Of course it is almost impossible to make a positive environment in everywhere. But you can surely make a positive environment inside you. I mean form inside how you treat you and your confidence is in your hand. First forget outside and just say positive things about your confidence in your mind. Say it again and again. Of course your mind refuse it as you believe that your confidence is low. But after few days you can feel that your mind does not refuse to accept those positive words. It is the inside positive environment.

Now let's talk about the outside positive environment. Of course you can not change the environment of everywhere but at least change the environment of your room. Use those things which represent positivity like pictures of confidence, motivational quotes written pictures, see movies and videos, musics which boost your confidence. Even if possible then change the environment of your family. Try to make positive environment around you to increase confidence as much as possible. Trust me it is very affective.

Tip>>> Ask one of your good and faithful friend or close one to motivate you or to be your mentor who can help you to increase your confidence. Talk with him or her about confidence, read confidence related stories. These are my personal techniques to increase confidence. You can contact me too for help. For it visit the contact page.

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4) Grow your awarness to increase confidence

Confidence is actually the shadow of awareness. If your awareness of a thing is more than others then obviously your confidence about that will be high than others. And if you have proper awareness then you will have the real and unbreakable confidence. For example ask Sachin Tendulkar about cricket then will he have lack of confidence? Never! Because he is master in cricket and called the God of cricket.

Confidence lacks only when your preparation is poor. When you do a thing about which your knowledge and practice is poor then obviously you will feel lack of confidence. This is because you will have the fear of failier or fear of shame that if you will not be successful then others will laugh on you. So grow your awareness as much as you can and practice that thing in which you want to increase your confidence. Of course it will take time and effort but I said earlier that I never give shortcuts as they are the path of guaranteed failier. 

5) Jump the hold ups to increase confidence

The biggest problem for unable to increase confidence is people avoid those things in which they have low confidence. But in reality if you want to increase confidence then you must do the opposite. So I have divided this technique into 2 sub-techniques.

Make the hobbies

It is my favorite one and I always do it. Make that thing in which you feel your confidence is low as your hobby. Of course it is not easy but if you really want high confidence then must do it.Hobby is a thing which you love to do. That means there is no problem of confidence there. You do it that time also when you know it will be shameful for you. This is the power of love about which I have tell in amazing facts of life . Once you will able to make that as your hobby then your mind power will encourage you to do that again and again which is otherwise know as practice. Everyone knows practice makes man perfect. And when you will get perfection in that then automatically you will get unlimited confidence in that.

Be shameless

Shame is the last obstacle for increasing confidence. Even people never try to overcome from lack of confidence by the feeling of shame. Just imagine that you are surrounded by walls from all directions and you want to get out from that. Then the only choice you have is to jump that otherwise you will die there. Is not it! 

Similarly if you do not jump the hold up of shame then how you will get your confidence which is in the other side.what you will get by shame. People are laugh on you now and will be laugh on you more in future. But if once you jump the hold up of shame then may be they laugh on you today but tomorrow when you will be successfully achieve your confidence then they have only one choice to appreciate you. So make your mind to get that appreciation and jump the hold up of shame and do again and again that thing in which you want confidence. Trust me when you will be get that then those who laughs on you will be feel shame to face you. Even their eyes will go down in front of you. I am confidently saying it because I experienced it in my life a lot of time and I feel really proud on me. So do it and get your confidence.


6) Remind yourself the glowry moment of your life

It is impossible that you have no glory moments in your life. Every person have his/her glory moments either small or big. Glory moments are like motivation boxes. Every time you remember them they inspires you to achieve new success. This is because our mind loves that feeling which we had got on those moments. So as mind wants that reward again it makes us to do something to get that again. Now use this power! Just make your mind that if you achieve confidence in that where you feel low confidence then definitely you will be get that reward a lot again as it will be a big success for you. Once you able to convince your mind for it then trust me you have nothing to do. Your mind will bound you to do that thing more and more  to get confidence in that and get the reward.

In other ways actually you will used to be addicted to get confidence.Trust me it is little difficult to understand but it works like a magic. Luckily I am addicted for it so lack of confidence is never a problem for me. I am always confident. You can read my real life story to get the prove. 

Some also misjudge addiction as a bad thing but friends addiction is not bad, addiction for wrong things is bad. Every successful people are addicted for their work. Addiction is one kind of love. So use this power to overcome the fear and get the confidence.

Tip>>> Whenever you will use this technique then imagine yourself with the same or better reward for getting the confidence. Feel it very deeply. Try to enjoy that moment as that has already happened. I personally use it and you cannot believe but I can see that in my dreams also when I sleep. It's not easy to do but I have been practicing it since more than 15 years, so now I am master in it.Use it guys and get back your self confidence.

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7) Increase self confidence by health and fitness

Either you believe or not but good health and fitness increases self confidence. What ever we do and think or feel is because of some hormones. When the hormones related positivity and confidence are produced properly in human body then automatically self confidence of that human increases. There is no doubt because it is scientific.

I am a body builder and also doing yoga, pranayams since last 19 years so I have a lot of personal experiences of it that how fitness increases self confidence. Even I am now expert to maintain my confidence by doing certain type of physical activities. You may not find these things in a book as these are the results of my life long experiences. You can observe sports men and see how confident they are. Not only by their mindset but because of their fitness and the hormonal support of their body.

Another thing is if you have a good physic then you will get focus from people. Even most of the time they want you as their friend in real love or in social media. You will get direct or indirect positive compliments which will encourage you and will give happiness to you. I maintain a physic and specially in my college life I was maintained a great physic. Most of that time girls were crazy and always followed me. In everywhere when I was crossed them then only one word I was hear ed from them, that is "wow". And you can imagine how these things encourage a young boy and how much self confidence he gets from this kind of dream attention from people and specially from girls.

So health and fitness definitely increases self confidence. If other things are not working for you then forget everything. Just join a gym and give your 100% to maintain a high quality physic then see the results. You will not only be attractive but also get a high self confidence.


Self confidence is actually the base for you as the player of the game of life. I have experience both extremes of high confidence and poor confidence in my real life in different ways. So I can say it is actually like a game to increase it. Like a rubber it is stretchable. You can stretch it as you want. But yes, be cautious to never cross the line of over confidence. Otherwise you ll be in the point of zero confidence at the next moment. And it will be take time and too much strength to build the self confidence again. These 7 techniques are very easy and highly affective to increase self confidence. Use them according to your choice and preference. There are a lot of others also but here I gave 7 best ideas and I am sure these will definitely increase your self confidence.

Sushil Jhora
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