I always say crush is also a love and in this article I am going to justify it. Still now people have a very narrow approach about love. Most of them think unconditional love is actually real love. But truth is totally different guys. Love has a lot of types like real love, conditional love, casual love, needs based love, survival love, dream love, true love and yes, crush! Yes friends crush is also a pure love. The only problem is the understanding of it is not proper. Here I will try to give a clear understanding of crush and also ideas for how to handle it.keep reading.


What is crush?

Now it is the most important part of this article so read it properly and try to understand it. To understand crush you have to first understand where it happens and how it happens. As I have said before that love is a game of heart and it is not about the physical heart but a part of our mind. Scientifically our mind is divided in to three categories.

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind
  3. Unconscious mind.
Real Love is almost equally related with all 3. But crush is actually 90% related with unconscious mind and rest 10% with consciously and subconscious mind. This is why it is highly difficult to handle crush and people specially girls do amazing things for crush. In simple words if I will say then they are hypnotize by their own unconscious mind. And all you know when a person is in the control of his/her unconscious mind then he/she is never ready to listen you or understand very simple things. That time his/her conscious mind is almost in the under control of his/her unconscious mind. It differs from person to person. So crush is very dangerous and people are suffered for years and years in crush. Even some of them are become suppose to be mad. Well, so now I expect from you that you already understood where crush is actually starts and happens. If you have any doubt then contact me. Now let's move the next step.

How crush origin?

Guys If you think that you saw a person and after that you fall in crush then you are wrong. Actually that is not the starting point of your crush. That is only the trigger point of fall in crush. Actually your crush is started from the very first stage of childhood. Yes friends, it is true! Let me explain.

From childhood in our unconscious mind an image for a dream person is started to build. It is happened unconsciously. So do not think that why you were not aware about that from childhood.

What ever you see, hear, experience either good or bad, according to that there is an invisible image has been created 24x7 in your unconscious mind. It is because naturally we are made to build pairs with opposite gender mentally and physically. So from childhood we unconsciously add natures, qualities, behaviours, even looks and situations also to that invisible person in our unconscious mind. And keep this thing in mind that I already said all these happen unconsciously. So it is next to impossible for you to aware about that consciously. Of course some people also aware about that who are highly love followers. But very few people.

With the passage of time that image is more and more clear in our unconscious mind. After a moment this image is almost complete in unconscious mind and then we search that illusionary person in real world. Now our conscious and subconscious mind starts to join unconscious mind. Means we can feel that certain kind of persons are attract us. But still we do not feel crush, it may possible that we feel little bit of attraction on someone. Of course it is not happened with everyone so do not be confuse if it has not happened with you.

But when that illutionary unconscious image is almost complete then our mind automatically search a physical real body with whom it can match all the features of that illutionary invisible image. And now understand it. That image is unseen for you not for your unconscious mind. If I will explain this last sentence then it will be difficult for you to understand as it is a very deep science. Remember still human is able to use only near 10% of his mind consciously at a time. There are a lot of things which are actually happened but still beyond from the scope of science. So now it is on you to believe it or not but people experiences these things so I am sharing according to that. Anyways after that when our mind get a male/female with maximum similar features then it spread that information to all 3 parts of our mind. Means to conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Now look here, suddenly full mind is connected to that image and automatically our full focus goes on him/her. And when mind focuses in a particular thing it's zoom in. Means that real person attracts us in everywhere. 

That means when that person is around you then automatically you observe him/her. You listen him/her or see him/her between thousands of people.It is now the connection of conscious mind as now your mind attached that illutionary image to a real human being. As your unconscious mind is already attached and now your conscious mind is also attached. Therefore now your subconscious mind is also able to saw you clearly that person. That means now you can memorize his/her everything for just a single look. Even some see their crush in dreams and around them also. It is nothing but the power of subconscious mind. And finally you named it as crush.

So now I expect that you understood properly what is crush and how it gets origin.


How to handle crush?

Well friends, I hope you already understood what crush is. Now let's talk how to handle it.

As we know crush is actually started in unconscious mind so it is definitely difficult to handle it by conscious mind. Even it is next to impossible to control crush. But there is a way by which you can easily handle it. Let's First understand with whom you are in crush. With that real person whom your mind accepted as your crush? If you think so then let me tell you one thing. There are actually two persons. They are :

  • First one is the invisible imaginary person.
  • And the second one is that person whom you assume as your crush.

But are you sure that you are in love with that real person? Because you do not know him/her more than 20%. And how one can be in real love with a person without knowing him/her at least 60%. In real world if we see anyone in this kind of love then we call that as fake love or love trap. So according to this theory if you are in a crush with a real person in the same manner then that is not love. That may be attraction or anything else but not love. Actually without knowing him/her properly you accept him/her as your crush. But it is common sense that if you accept a person without knowing him/her properly in present world then it is almost 99% sure that you will be suffer. Then how we can accept crush as positive love.

Although at the beginning I told you that your crush is pure love. Then why I told that? Let me make you understand. Here I told you that there are two persons, not one. Of course one is real but another is not real. That is your illusion. And you think you are in crush with the real one. But in reality you do not know him properly. You have just guess about him/her. But you feel that you know your crush more than others. Is not it? Actually you are right. Only the problem is your crush is not the real one. Your actual crush is the imaginary person. You are just misguided by your mind. Yes friend it is true and when I will finish this article you will be agree with me.

So as I said you are actually in crush with that imaginary person of your unconscious mind. When that image was almost complete in your unconscious mind then it waned that image as a real human being. Unconscious mind have no judgmental power like conscious mind. It can not judge right or wrong. It only focus on rewards. This is why 'love at first sight' happens and people enter in to crush. Because unconscious mind only see that things which it likes and nothing to do with other good or bad qualities. That means you will never judge that person logically as here your decisions are controlled by your unconscious mind. But people avoid this fact and blindly follow that person and fall in love then after few years they suffered very much when they know that person more and more consciously. At that time their conscious mind is at the driving seat and judge logically and people realize that they did a huge mistake. After that breakups and divorces are happened. This is why now a days 70% relations are failed and finally there is a negative impression about love.


Let's take an example to understand it more. Just imagine there is a lady who is looking like your mother. And someone will ask you to go and live with her then will you go? Definitely not as you know her face is similar to your mother but she is not your mother. And you want your real mother. Is not it? Here you are properly agree because you used your conscious mind to observe this situation to take a decision. Then what happens in the case of crush? Because both are the similar situation.

Now let's understand why you feel two different situation. This is because in the case of your mother your unconscious mind and conscious mind both have clarity that who is your actual mother. But in the case of your crush you have not clarity in the both two parts of your mind. Only your unconscious mind is forcing you to go to your crush. But conscious mind is not agree, so they are fighting with each other and as your unconscious mind is very powerful in comparison to your conscious mind so you are doing nonsense things or suffering a lot.

Now notice another thing. In the case of mother do you have any doubt? Can you leave everything to go to her? Yes you can! But in the case of crush you can not. If you can then also you will be in fear. Is not it? This is the prove what I said in previous paragraph. 

Look friends, all kind of love is Ok. If you want just time pass then open relationship is also ok. But if you are searching real love or pure love then you need clarity. You need patience to take right decision. Crush is not bad. But falling in crush with a person and expect real love from that person is foolishness. And specially crush at first sight is totally foolishness. Of course you spent years and years with a person and you know him/her inside and outside exactly more than 70-80% at least and ready to accept him/her with his/her all bad things then try to get him/her is ok. But if he/she is not loving you then try to get him by any means is not ok. I am expert and I know you can get him/her. But notice here what you will actually get here? His heart or only his body!


Remember love is not a physical thing, it is a totally emotional thing. Only when the expectations are entered in love then it is physical. I have a crush. Even from since last 20 years. Still she is not in my life because she is just an illusion. Till now I have 24 lovers. Means almost 24 breakups. But I am not affected by any breakup as I have clarity in my mind. I know that girl for whom my heart is hungry. No girls can make me mad for her or trap me in her love as I have very clear picture of my dream girl. This is why I have never suffered for crush. And also I have the believe that if there is a girl who is made by god as my crush then nothing to worry to loose her because she will automatically accept me and only me. And this is not a blind believe. Behind it there is a science. I will not going to discus those here because they are still the subject of controversy. But I have 200% believe on them by some personal real experiences. So I have the believe that if I have a real crush then she will definitely accept me as according to the concept of real love she must have the same vibrations of love for me only in this world. But if she is not accepting me then simple, she has not the same vibrations in her heart for me. That means definitely she is not my crush or dream girl. And pay attention, I am talking about same love vibrations not similar love vibrations.

That means it may possible that she has 99.9% similarities with my dream girl but not 100%. So she is like my crush but not my crush. Because if I get my real physical crush then she must be the same with my illutionary crush of my unconscious mind. They are not two, they are one. Means unconscious and conscious persons are not different. They are the same. Only one not two.

Now go to the example of mother where clarity was. Because unconscious and conscious mothers are not two but only one. So you did not go to the lady who is 99.9% similar to your mother. You did so because you had the clarity. And in last paragraph I explained if you have the same clarity for your crush then nothing to worry, because you will never be suffered as your crush will be unconsciously(illusionary) and consciously(physical) not two but only one person. Means 100% same. That's it! My point is proved."


How to know who is your real crush?

It is very easy friends. When you have zero doubt related to your physical crush then that person will be your real crush. Just observe your heart that what it actually wants in your dream partner, both positive and negative as no one will be in there without a negative nature or thing. So first be clear what you want and what you can accept. Then send that information to your intelligence to get the clarity that the choice of your unconscious mind is right for you whole life to get all kind of happiness in both material level and emotional level. After getting the 100% clarity of your intelligence take your decisions by your conscious mind. But if you have not 100% clarity and even you have 99.9% clarity then also never take decision. Observe more and more till getting the clarity. But both persons(illusionary and physical) must be same to get your crush with full of happiness for whole life. Then it can be called that your crush is pure love. Otherwise your crush is worthless. It will give you more pain than pleasure. But definitely not happiness or love.


This article Crush is dedicated to a very special girl of my life who is also a very good friend of mine as I want to give the clarity of  crush and love in life. But I am sure this article will be helpful for a lot of people who are suffering by the incomplete knowledge of the concept of crush and love. They take decisions on the basis of incomplete knowledge of crush and after few years they regret. Guys it's your mistake not others because your happiness is your responsibility.  And it is the biggest responsibility of life. You can get job, money, house everything again. But never yourself and your pure feeling again. So be careful and intelligently decide your crush as it is the deal of the happiness of your whole life. One wrong decision and one wrong step  will spoil your all happiness and whole life. Remember, you will matter only for your real crush, not for any other crush. Because others will only interested to get the advantages from you. They will have no care about your pure love. Friends you are totally free to believe my point or not. Either accept it or ignore it. Your life, your choice, as an love expert I explained my perception. You are totally free for your perception. So if you are not agree with me then I am so sorry to disappoint you. I ended here, now it's your turn. Good luck!

Sushil Jhora
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