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Good Parent Vs True Parent

GOOD PARENT VS TRUE PARENT good-parent-true-parent To be a parent is the sweetest gift of god. Every married couple want to be the parent of their own baby. But if you will see the real responsibility of a parent then it is very very difficult. Most of people think they have done their duty as a parent . Even they think that they are doing their responsibility properly as a parent . But do you think it is true! Today in this article Good parent vs True parent,  I am going to briefly explain the difference between both of these two. I will explain here how to deal with these responsibilities and how to be a true parent rather than to be a good parent only. So keep reading. Unfortunately maximum parents are although able to be a good parent but they are not able to be a true parent. I know it is little confusing, but to understand it first understand what is parenting. 25 secretes of a happy life What is life Secretes of a good relationship What is pare

How to Maintain a Very Romantic Marriage Life Always

HOW TO MAINTAIN A VERY ROMANTIC MARRIED LIFE ALWAYS Marriage is the biggest decision of our life. If we get a right partner then our life will be heaven. But there is a thing in absence of which any marriage life will be like hell and that thing is ' Romance '. In this article I will give you very affective tips and techniques for how to maintain a very romance married life always . I am sure if you follow these ideas then you can enjoy romance properly through out your whole married life. So do not miss these and keep reading. Romance-forever-in-your-marriage-life We spend our maximum time in married life. So our marriage life should be full of love and romance . We all know it although we cannot able to maintain romance always. But friends, either you may be a beggar or a millionaire, but romance is the base for a happy marriage life. So the next question arises here is how to maintain romance always in your relation. Remember you will never find a solution