How to Maintain a Very Romantic Marriage Life Always


Marriage is the biggest decision of our life. If we get a right partner then our life will be heaven. But there is a thing in absence of which any marriage life will be like hell and that thing is 'Romance'. In this article I will give you very affective tips and techniques for how to maintain a very romance married life always. I am sure if you follow these ideas then you can enjoy romance properly through out your whole married life. So do not miss these and keep reading.


We spend our maximum time in married life. So our marriage life should be full of love and romance. We all know it although we cannot able to maintain romance always. But friends, either you may be a beggar or a millionaire, but romance is the base for a happy marriage life. So the next question arises here is how to maintain romance always in your relation. Remember you will never find a solution of a problem without understanding the root cause of that problem. That means before getting the solution you must understand why romance decreases after few time in marriage life. Let's understand it first.

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Why romance decreases after a certain time in marriage life?

We are human beings and not beyond the laws of nature. Either believe or not but we all are operated by those laws. There is a law called diminishing marginal utility. According to this law as more as you consume a thing as much as your interest to consume the same thing is decreases accordingly. This law not only works in material world but also works in emotional world. At the beginning of marriage the hunger of romance is at it's maximum. So the first year of married life is always full of romance. But with the passage of time the utility of romance decreases and automatically the interest for romance is also decreases. Our mind is created naturally to experience new and different things always to get the reward of pleasure again and again. That means if you want to maintain romance forever  in your marriage life then somehow you have to maintain the interest of romance with your spouse always. Guys these are very important to understand If you want a romantic married life always. This is a vast subject but I will explain it during the ideas to maintain full romance always.

Ideas to maintain romance always in married life

As we discussed that the interest for romance is naturally decreases with the passage of time in marriage life. But if we want a successful happy married life then we have to maintain good romance always as it is the key for a successful happy married life. Now the question is how you can maintain romance always. Here are some ideas.

1) Create scarcity for romance

This is the best idea. When ever you will feel that the interest for romance has decreased then plan with your spouse to create some scarcity for romance. You can plan different type of things but I am going to give you some simple and easy ideas here.


Create a gap

Discontinue romance for 4/5 days to create a gap. In these 4/5 days focus on other important works of your life like health or others. You may visit your relatives. If not then stay in different rooms on these days. Thing is create a fake distance between both of you. Even minimize to call each other.

If you did it perfectly then after 4/5 days you both will definitely miss each other. You will feel the hunger of each others love. Even after these days you both will feel a new refreshment and affection for each other. And every time when you will try this, it will increase the interest for romance in both of you and you will enjoy the romantic marriage life always.

2) Visit outside

Regularly go outside together for a lunch or dinner or for shopping. Even for a walk or for a long drive. Do not take anyone else with you, just go together and leave all the tension behind at that time. In those few minutes or hours just be with each other and for each other. See this world and see your relationship. You can feel that what may be happen but there is someone who always put your hand in his/her hand, you are not alone. These feelings increase the sensitiveness for each other and maintain a smooth romance in life. Try it and it is my guarantee that you will feel a new power in your relation and yourself. This is the power of love. It is not physical but emotional. You can not touch it but you can feel it. Behind it some psychological reasons are there but no need to discus  those things here. You just enjoy it properly and make the bonding between both of you more and more strong because this will definitely increase and lengthen your romantic life. 

3) Upgrade romance

Upgrade your romance regularly. Most of couple always do the same type of romance in their life. Remember our mind is turn off very quickly by the same thing. So change the process of romance regularly. It is very easy and you can do it according to your choice. Try new things. Try to express your love for your spouse by different ways. You may change the way to greet each other or the way to kiss each other. Mix up multiple techniques for your romance. 

It will increase your excitement for romance. Take romance as a fun and always plan to make it more and more pleasurable. Learn from movies or from other sources and use those ideas to upgrade your romance. If you will do so then you will feel a new excitement and interest in your romantic life. Remember friends romance is the best thing in marriage live, so do not be hesitate for it and freely express yourself and your love to your spouse. Because when you do it freely then automatically it is continued for unlimited time in your marriage life.

Of course sex is the biggest part of romance. So you should do it with full of love. I said this because as an expert I get to know from my clients that their sexual life with their partner is very casual. Friends these things will disappoint your spouse. Either you are a male or female,but remember friends sex is the basic natural human need. And it is your responsibility to make happy your spouse. It is quite possible that they will not express their dissatisfaction because of different reasons. You can not believe but this is one of the biggest hidden reason of separation of couples. So give equal importance to it too.

Tips for boys >>>  Girls always expect from boys to start romance first. They love flirt from their partner.They love to be pampered by their husband or boy friend. But boys normally ignore these things after some time of their relationship which is too bad. So guys, keep this thing is mind and do these things to make them happy and maintain the love life perfectly in your relation. Of course there are different type of situations in life and a lot of problems are there also. But by avoiding your wife or lover or by getting angry on them you can not solve those problems. On the other hand if you will be romantic for them then they will give you an environment and support which will definitely make your life easier and too much helpful to solve every problem of your life.


4) Maintain and change environment regularly

There is a direct connection between romance and environment. You cannot expect long and lovely romance without a romantic environment.

Actually romance is directed by mind and mind is controlled by environment. This is why in a romantic place we automatically do romance. That means, if somehow when you maintain a romantic environment then automatically you increase the feeling of romance unconsciously. For example in a candle light dinner, in a full moon night, in the rain or in a lovely garden there is no need to think about romance, it happens automatically. Is not it! So maintain a romantic environment around you to be romantic forever. Of course you cannot do it everywhere but at least in your house.

Decorate your house and bed room  such like it will create lovely and romantic environment with refreshing your mind. Use lovely and romantic color combination. Lovely pictures, flowers and other things. This will always encourage you and refresh you for romantic mood. And of course change the decoration and other things regularly to maintain the romantic environment as I earlier told you that our mind and mood are get bored very quickly by similar things. Let's take an example. Do you feel more romantic in a well decorated hotel room rather than your bed room? It is the reason why you feel so. Therefore if you want romance forever then you must have to take this idea seriously. Remember friends there is no need to use silly shortcuts for maintain romance always. Because they are for short term with huge lose for long term. But these tricks and techniques are easy and lovely, only thing is It requires little efforts. But that is a very little price for enjoy a very romantic marriage life for very long time.

5) Enjoy your love with nature and build memories

Unfortunately most of the couple do not know how to live a romantic love life. Even in a lot of cases one of them is interested then other is not. Friends romance is the game of love. And it will only be interesting when you both have the same intention. Because only after that you can get full advantages of every moments which nature will give you. For example I have enjoyed a very romantic life with my girl friends as I know how to get the full advantages of every single moment which nature gives. And of course as I am an expert of this field so I know more things about it than what I am writing here. From dancing in rain to moon light dinner, from playing in sea beach to romance in public, personally I have done everything with my lovers. Why I am telling you these things? Because these things not only give great happiness but also makes very sweet memories.

Let me tell you one thing. Girls love these kind of romance very much. Do not misunderstand that I am telling you to do romance in public. I never suggest that. I am just telling that enjoy the beauty of nature with your wife/lover and play with her. Make each other feel good. Enjoy the rain, enjoy the flower, even create romantic moments either together or for each other.

Actually there are two benefits. You not only enjoy that particular moment but also you build up a sweet memory for your love life. And friends these memories are work like magic whenever you feel lack of romance in your marriage life. You have to do just one thing, sit together and talk about those. See your pictures of those moments. Trust me, it is my guarantee that suddenly you will feel that the romance has backed into your life.

Increase romance in love and marriage

6) Maintain the needs of love and marriage

Basically People forget to maintain the needs of love and marriage in a relationship. Friends love or marriage is definitely a relation but it is very different from other relations. Almost all other relations have no need to maintain everyday. For example if you will not in connection with your sister/brother for 1/2 years and when you both will connect again to each other then also there will be no change in your relation and love for each other. But in the case of love or marriage It will definitely change. No doubt love and marriage are the most important relation of life so god have given full freedom of it to us. You will never see a marriage or love relation which is forced by god to make. We are totally free for it. 

But maximum time we actually forget the basic needs of love or marriage relation. Those needs are romance, care, security, emotional support and love for each other. And actually we make these two relations to get these things. Is not it! Then why we forget to give and get these things to our partner? At that time when we enter into these two relations we are aware for these things. But after few time we forget. This is the big problem. 

Actually love or marriage is not like a relation but a career. Yes friends! A career for the reward of happiness not for money. I said in this sense to make you understand easily. If you will try to think in this way then you can understand why these needs should be maintain always. Because if you understood that these are the skills and works on which your marriage depends then you will not to be mentally tired to maintain these.

As an specialist of this field I always notice that people do not follow these because of different reasons but blem their partner for weak relation. You must have to understand that god have not fixed the base of these relations as like other relations. it depends only on two persons and they are you two, nobody else. If you are aware of this thing then no need to search any way to maintain romance and all. I always say to all my lovers "I will say and you will hear and you will say and I will hear". This is why in my all 24 love relations there was no mediators. Personally I think whose bonding is weak are need mediators. And I can guarantee that I will never need a mediator to express my heart to my lover or wife and not even she will. This is a very deep level of love if you can understand. Because in such stage you actually no need to search ways to increase romance even you will search ways to stop romance for few moments to do other works. Friends it is true and I am writing it with my personal real experiences.

So friends try to understand it and make it a habbit to give these things everyday to your lover or spouse. Works are important but life partner is actually living life. And who ask you to discontinue these for other things? Love itself have the power to maintain romance always if you touch the deeper and deeper level of it. When love increases romance increases and when love decreases romance decreases. So increase love and romance will automatically increase always. There is a myth that love goes naturally. No friends! It needs maintenance like a vehicle to run smoothly. A single good morning kiss will make your lover to miss you whole day, so start to maintain the needs of  love and marriage everyday to maintain and increase romance for always in your relation as marriage is actually done for these things.

Life and relationship Tips

7) Dedicate 15 minutes to your relationship

Dedicate at least 15 minutes for only your relation everyday.  Now a days our life is so busy that most of us are not able to see their spouse even for a several times. Although they expect real love and endless romance. How it will be possible. Friends marriage is a train and it needs servicing everyday to run smoothly. And for that you need quality time for each other. Remember quality time, not those times where you both discus family issues for hours and hours. 

Here quality time means that time when both of you will put all the life problems and family issues apart and give attention to only each other. In this time try to listen each other, try to understand each other and try to feel each other. No need to argue at this time. It is natural that we argue whole day with our spouse. Then why do not we can just listen him/her for only 15 minutes! Just try to make it a habit and trust me friends you will feel that those 15 minutes are the best moment of your life everyday. Because if you heartily obey it then most of the days you will spend these moments with silence and able to feel each others love without any effort. This will create a very strong bonding between both of you and you will feel a different kind of romance for each other. In my words I say that as emotional romance.

8) Cycling your relationship and romance

This is actually the amazing part of romantic life. Unfortunately most of people do not give attention on it. Actually people thing love is a totally natural thing. But it is not right. Love is like a bicycle. The smooth running of love and romance depends how you cycling it in different roads of life. Means how you cycling your marriage life and your partner in different times like good time, bad time and in other kind of situations. It is not like a river which can run as it's own. It is actually a human made process so it needs cycling regularly. Now the next important question is how to cycling it. That is actually very easy.

By Gifts

It is not important that you are rich or poor, but you should give gifts to each other regularly. Wait a minute. I am not saying to buy always something. Even a single flower like rose is enough. Similarly you can give anything as a gift to your partner. Only thing is he/she have at least a little like for that. For example, girls love flowers. So you can give any lovely flower to her. And as a girl even you can only dance on a song for your husband as an entertainment gift!  Remember the product is not important. Here the important thing is make your partner feel that you care and love him always. You want to fill his/her life with more and more new moments and things.

It depends on person to person that bow you gift to each other. Remember our mind love regular gifts instead of big gifts. So use this thing to cycling your romance always. A little chocolate is also enough. But give that with love. This technique will  make romance alive in your couple life always.

There is also an another benefit. If by chance or by mistake you avoid these things then he/she will be definitely angry on you and will react. That will be a good sign as sometime we forget or uninterested for romance. But when your partner will react then you will be aware about it and pull your romantic life on the track again. Oh yes! Do not argue at that time with him/her. Just accept and say"from now you will give more". Keep this thing in mind. Love can not control by ego, so no need for ego fights, no need to know who is right or wrong. Because if your spouse ask you for love and importance then give these to him/her. Do not enter the foolish things in love or romance. 

Tip >>> Sometime you should surprise your partner by your gifts. I mean surprising gifts are better. No matter what kind of people you are. But if you need a happy marriage life then make it a habit. Because it is very much important. Remember without right actions your romantic life will not be continue. It is a very sensitive thing so sprinkle love and romance always in your relation by little and sweet acts.

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Weekends and holidays

Plan your weekends and holidays for different type of celebrations. You can plan get together. It is a very good idea. But do it with trustable and good people or relatives. Because sometime it creates huge problems and disputes. You can visit outside in every weekend or plan according to you. Actually these things boost your bonding and romance. Trick is how you maintain and able to enjoy that with your partner.

Tip >>> I will suggest you to spend this time with each other or with your children only. Also change ideas in every time. Even you can plan it in your house. Just do something different in weekend. 


9) Health and fitness

No doubt heat and fitness is very very important for maintain romance in married life always. You should be fit physically and mentally for romance. Otherwise automatically your mind will decrease your interest for it. Sex is definitely the main part of romance. But for that you need a fit body.

But now a days very few couple are actually fit. Also maximum are suffering by diseases. If you want to maintain romantic life always then you must need to maintain fitness. Because I said before also that if there is hormonal deficiency in your body then it is almost impossible to be romantic for long time. After all all physical and mental activities are operated by some liquids of our body. So it is very much important to give priority to your fitness level first. Always remember laziness will kill all your happiness one by one.

Tip >>>it is seen that after marriage females do not care about their sexy figure. I strongly suggest you girls after marriage even give more attention to your figure and natural beauty. Otherwise no chance for getting romance always. I always say that boys are not romantic. It is you who make them romantic. And if you will not accept this truth then forget romance. Girls be like a magnate and attract your partner. Behind this there are huge reasons of evolution, so do not try to argue for it with your husband, it is natural. So try to understand it. I will explain that properly in any other article. You need effort to get a lot of love and romance in return from your husband. Because your excuses will never give you a very romantic married life always.


In this article I have given some easy and affective techniques to maintain romance in your married life always. Without give priority to love you will not able to maintain romance for long time in your relationship. Remember sex is a natural thing and time to time the interest comes automatically to do it. But romance needs your effort to boost it. So do not when interest will come I will do romance. Actually when you give attention to it and do some act for it then the interest for more and more romance increases and after that you will definitely enjoy it for always. So friends use these techniques and maintain a very romantic married life always.

Written by-
Sushil Jhora


  1. Thank you so much for writing such a useful article! I like your idea as to fitness. I'd like to add that it's even more exciting when you go to the gym together. You can help each other, motivate each other, inspire each other :) It's indeed a great experience! I go to the gym with my husband twice a week and our relationships are amazing ;)

    1. Thank you mam for your great words. It inspired me a lot. Happy marriage life Amanda mam.

  2. Great today's hectic world when there is no time for each other....this article is very relevant

  3. waO !!! What an article... SJ it touched my heart...


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