How to Make Others to Like You

How to make others to like you

How to make people like you
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We all want to be liked by people more and more. We do lot of things for that. But unfortunately we do not get the importance from others as we want. Today in this article How to make others to like you I am going to give you some amazing tricks and techniques by which you can easily make people to like you. So keep reading to get the advantage first.

Remember friends to be liked by others is every one's dream. So no doubt there is a huge competition too for it. That means if you want to make people to like you then you must do some effort, otherwise do not think to rule on others heart.

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How to make others to like you

If you want to make people to like you then you must have to kill your ego first. Because an egoistic person is never liked by others. Surprising thing is everyone can identify your ego except you yourself. So keep this thing in mind first. Now let's understand some techniques by the application of  which you can easily make anyone to like you.

Make others to like you by giving them happy moments

In today's world every one is unhappy by the pressure of their life. Most of them are struggling for a single moment of happiness. Even most of them are ready to sacrifice anything for happiness. That means somehow if you will able to give people some moments of happiness then no doubt they will like you a lot. You can make them happy by your sweet talk and tone. You can give them a lovely company and divert their mind for few moments from their critical life to any other interesting things. That may be some game, get together, fun, visit or interesting talking depends on person to person. Provide them a source of happiness by you and slowly you will be their favourite.

Tip>>> Basically people feel happy by 2 things. Either by those which they love or by funny things which makes them laugh and gives them pleasure. Now it's on you to identify those things and use them as a tool by providing those to them and to make them like you.

Get their trust and make them to share things with you

Now a days the biggest problem is we have no one to share our feelings. There is not certainty for any relation. But we all want a person with whom we can share our feelings and other things with faith. So if people will feel that you are a person on whom they can trust and share their emotions and other things then definitely you can able to make others to like you.

Off course you need to maintain their trust. Never share any one's matters with others if you want to continue that good relation with that person. Other wise it will break both's trust on you. Not only of that person's whose secretes you disclosed, but also the another guy's as he will think that if you disclose others secretes then you can disclose his secretes too.

So keep others words secrete and be the special person of his/her life and make others to like you more.

How to make people like you
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Make people feel special and be special for them

We all want to be special for others. And it is only possible when you will make people feel special.

Remember every person loves to feel special. When he/she get this feeling by someone then he/she gives attention to that person. Gives a special place in his/her life to that person. So make others feel special. You can do it by different ways, but that should not be baseless. For example you can make people feel special by any reason. Otherwise he/she can misjudge you and it will build a negative impression of yourself on him/her and yes, tell them why they are special for you. It will make them to believe on you. But that reason should be a valid and real reason.

Build an impressive personality and make them to like you

Today's world is a fast growing world. We all are automatically attract by those people who are updated and advanced. Also they have an impressive personality so we like them more. Similarly if a person is highly talented but not smart and having a poor personality then we do not like them more.

Actually we all love the developed life, advanced ideas and facilities. And we judge these things by the personality of a person. This is why we like them more who have a high quality smartness and personality.

Be comitted and resposible for people

We all like them who are committed in their life and for others too. We feel that they are responsible and we will get good value from them. So if you want people to like you then never break your promises or ignore your responsibility for them. Always try to complete those valid expectations of others what they want from you. It does not matter you are rich or poor, but if you are responsible and committed for them then it is guaranteed that they will surely like you more than others.

Be a good listener and supportive

Basically we do not like the company of those people who do not like to talk more and who they have poor talking skills. Because talking is the best way to refresh mind. So we love people who can talk wisely and nicely. 

Normally we all want people who will listen us. It is because we have no patience to listen and also we are not interested to know about what is going on in others life. We just love to say our words, express our feelings, thoughts and vision. This is why we always like and love them who let us speak and listen us with interest.

So if you want to make people like you then simply let them speak and listen with interest. Off course giving an emotional support according to them is very important here. It will create a strong psychological attachment for you in them and he/she gives you a special importance in comparison to others.

Tip>>> Talk with people on their favorite topics and listen them. Show your interest on their talking and make them feel proud. This is very affective to make people like you.

Note>>> Do not support the bad things or intention of people to make them like you. It may profitable for you in short term but in long term it will definitely harm you a lot. Even it may be possible that in future that person and others will blame you to encourage him/her to go in wrong way. However it is a crime also. So never do it.

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Motivate people to make them to like you more

Today's life is so hectic that everyone feels lack of energy. They regularly want someone to motivate them. So say good and motive others. By doing this you can spread a new energy into them and they will feel very grateful to you. In other words by it you can psychologically build yourself as an energy provider for them and whenever they will feel depressed they will miss you. They will want you to be connected with them always and you will be very important and special for them.

Give value to people and make them to like you

In today's world we are connected with a thousand of people by different sources. Means we have too many options to make friends and love ones. This is a good thing but the negative point is we are not giving too much effort to make them like us who are directly connected to our day to day life. We are disconnected with them. Even in a lot of cases people do not know who is there neighbour. In other words we are becoming careless about those people with  whom we should be connected nicely as they are the part of our surrounding. This is why now a days people are feeling along and sad.

So if we want that people around us should like us then we have to provide some value to them. Remember without benefits no one will like you. It is a basic human nature. So start giving values to others if you want to be liked by them. Any kind of value for which they will thankful to you. For example little helps of day to day life. Even you can talk with them only or give them a helping hand on some work. I personally use this technique and get a lot of returns for a happy life. Off course it needs little effort but you can get great response in society which will be very profitable in all matters of life.

Tip>>> Remember some benefits are not visible but are there. Also some benefits are not instant but they are in future. So it will be good to give efforts according to your possibilities to create a strong bonding with people around us. Life is uncertain and it will be work as a strong defence for you in present and in future. It will decrease the intensity of a lot of problems of your life. Even if you are liked by others then your life will be easy automatically.

Be superior and give ideas to solve other's issues and problems

Human is naturally a lazy animal and loves them who solve their problems. If you have good intelligence and knowledge to give problem solving ideas to people then no doubt they will give more importance to you. They will always try to make you a part of their life as a friend, well wisher or more. But yes! Be polite and never try to make them feel low otherwise they will hate you only from inside. Most of people do it as fun but they do not realize that it creates a hate-ness in the mind of others for them. So give easy solutions to others with politeness and make them to like you.

Small behaviour for big response

Most of the time we forget the importance of mall behaviours. But liking and real love are actually the sum of a lit of good small behaviours. These things are decided in unconscious mind. This is why good and bad feelings are created automatically. And these are your small behaviours which build feelings according to that in others heart.

Some time we are very careless about our small day to day behaviours. We think nobody have to do anything with this. But remember as your subconscious mind always collecting knowledge around you similarly others too. So even the smallest behaviour like talking tone, voice, body language, dressing,little habits, response style all are very affective to make people to like you


By this article you got those best ideas by which you can make anyone to like you more. Now it depends on your personal efforts and skills that how you will use these to rule on others heart. Always remember without giving efforts you will never be success to be liked by others. Your behaviour is key. Never express your feelings unnecessarily to anyone. Either small or big but all your activities and words are responsible for the image of yourself in front of others. As more as you will give right direction to your activities and words as much as you will be liked by others. And yes apply these formula's continuously to make others like you. 

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(written by Sushil Jhora)


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