Career Tips and Advice for Students


Career Tips and advice for Students
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 In this article Career Tips and advice for students, I am going to give you some advance tips and ideas to build a successful career which you cannot get anywhere else. 

Career is the backbone of a successful and happy life. Of course other things are very much important but they all are exist on the base of it. If you build a successful career then no doubt all other happiness of life are easy to achieve for you. So keep reading to get the advantage first.

Our world is developing very speedily day by day. Everyday new career options are introduced and a lot of career options of older generations are finished.What is the best career option today may be the worst career option for tomorrow. 

For example engineering was the best career option before 20 years but now a days maximum engineers are jobless. We cannot say to students that it is the best career option for future too. 

Here is the big uncertainty exist! 

Then how to choose a best career?" 

Do not worry I will give you techniques to choose the best career with some examples of best future career options. Just keep reading.

Career Tips and advice for students

    -Why students suffer for a successful career after a good training and degree too?

  •    First reason-wrong timing to choose a career

Maximum parents make their child to choose a career option during their teen age. Even lot of students do so. 

But it is not the best timming to choose the best career option. Because career options are changing and modifying day by day. So what you choose today may not be profitable tomorrow or may not be equally valuable tomorrow. I mean what career option you choose in earlier age may not be equally profitable or valuable after 10 years when you will start working on that. So because of the earlier decision to choose a career students face problems in maximum cases as they have not enough maturity to choose a better career for themselves in that little age.

  •    Second reason-wrong procedure to chose a career

Most of students choose their career by the influence of others. They see that how their elders or other people are happy and successful in their career and think if they want that kind of life then they have to follow them and have to do what they did in their life. But students have no idea that whom they follow as their ideal are actually follow their passion, not anyone else. You can find a happiest business man and a happiest sweeper because their work is their passion. They do not do their work for money only but they do because they love their work a lot which gives them happiness, not the money. Money is just an extra reward for them. And I always say where there is real love, there is real happiness.

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Career Tips and advice for students

  •    Third reason-without proper knowledge

Students choose their career without observing long term and the constant changing world which is very important. Because maximum chances are there that innovation will capture that career option in future what you choose today. So you need to find out the future possibilities of that career. Off course it is not possible to predict accurately, but you can find a very good picture of that by an intelligent calculation. Great businessmen plan their future business like this. So in maximum cases they find success. But normal people just look the present position and status of a career option and choose that. They think what is best today will be best tomorrow. This is the biggest mistake students do when they choose a career.

  •    Fourth reason-Presence of goals and absence of life purpose

This is one of the biggest problem of present students. Off course they have clear goals but maximum of them no idea about their life purpose. And who they have life purpose have also set their life purpose based on their career goals.

No doubt career is very very big in life. But it is not bigger then life. Most of student do not understand this truth so they can not able to achieve greatest success in their life. Even sometime they spoil their life for a single failier. But successful great persons know this truth and they never loose hope as they know our ultimate goal or purpose  is to live life to the fullest and career is just a tool to achieve this purpose. If one tool is fail then try another. That is very easy. Only question is how much expertise your have to use different tools(career) to get the final result which is the ultimate goal or purpose of life.

  •    Fifth reason-ignoring personal interest

Maximum students ignore personal interest when choosing a career and they try to achieve huge success in career. How you can be happy or successful in a career where there is no interest of yours? You will do that work forcefully. And we all know, even today it has also scientifically proved that you can not be successful in a thing until you have great interest in that. It is because mind used It's full power only in those things on which we have interest or things which our hobbies.

This is why people are talented although they are not able to reach good success in their career field.

These are the biggest reasons for which students are suffering in their life and career. All kind of career tips and advice for students are worthless if these things are ignored while choosing a career.

How to choose a career
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How to choose a career?

Career decision is one of the most important decision of life for a human being. So first of all everyone should take it by himself without influenced by others. Off course you can take advice and listen others opinions, but the final decision should be 100% your own decision.

So no need to take career decision in the earlier age if you have any kind of doubt about your career and life purpose. First understand the importance and place of career in life accurately. Then identify your hidden potentialities, your talent, your interest, even your weaknesses too. Because everyone have different type of abilities and weaknesses. Because these are the key factors to reach the ultimate goal of life, career is not the key. But to identify these things in yourself is not easy. It is a very complicated thing for maximum people to know about their hidden interest and abilities. It actually needs time. Even most of people know about their interests and passions after the age of 30. But at that age they have no dare to follow their passion and make that their main earning option. So rest of the life they feel unhappy because they spoil their dreams by their own at that time when they had to follow them. This is why I always suggest my students to take your time and do not choose any career in hurry.

Instead of that just focus on your current studies and leanings and gain more and more knowledge. Because you can choose your career on the last day of your college but you will not gain those knowledge on a single day. And if you have good quality knowledge with better intelligence and a higher degree then you can choose any career that time. Even that will also be easy for you as you would improve your knowledge and basic skills which are applied in all field during your study time.

In other words I am asking you to prepare for everything whatever you love to learn during your study life. Be master on those things. Trust me in this way automatically you will get what is your passion and also consciously or unconsciously you would be expert on that. Then simply convert that as your career. That's it. You will not only earn plenty of money but also you will be very happy as you will do work for your love (passion) not for fulfilling survival needs.

You need 100% clarity about your strength and passion first. Then you need to be master on that. You can do it by practice. And once you get it then you can convert any passion into a profitable career. So identifying your passion is more important than to choose a career. Maximum people actually trapped here. They try to choose a career first then want to make it their passion. But love (passion) is never be created, it gets it's birth naturally. So choose passion first then convert it as your career.

What to choose as career?

It is not important what career you choose, it is important that what abilities you create in yourself. For example if you are an IT engineer with a degree of 90%, although you do not know the basics of codding then no doubt your career is at risk. Those companies who hires you are not fool, they have nothing to do with your degree. They want from you to do their work on the best possible manner and make maximum profit for them. If you cannot then you will be fired from that company and any one who is better on that work will take your place although he/she have a low degree from you too.

Today's world is very competitive. So you should be expert in more than one work which you can use as an income source when required. Also constant up gradation is needed of your skills otherwise some one else will capture your place. No success is permanent without constant up gradation. So upgrade yourself and your skills regularly throughout your whole life.

Best career planning

According to my personal knowledge and experience about life and career I realized that in today's competitive world you need strong backups in career too. Because noting is safe today. So I suggest you to keep 3 things in your mind always as career options. One should be the main career option. It may be engineering, medical or my favorite commercial. But you should be make yourself highly expert in that.

Next should be any hand power. Something which you can do by your own with a very little investment or without investment. For example if you are a CA, but also a good dancer. Then in your bad days you can also earn by teaching dance to others or by performing any show. in my case it is Meditation and body building. In my bad days I can work as a gym trainer or a personal fitness trainer. And now a days there is huge money in this field.

Third is you need something which can use as career option even when you are paralyzed. I mean something which only needs to use intelligence or even by luck. For example my no-1 is business. But writing is my hobby. Even I am expert in mind and life. So if somehow I can not move from bed then also I can earn by writing or by queries. I mean in that case I can earn by my intelligence.


Career is one of the most important part of life. In present high competitive world one career option is not a good idea because you can loose it in any time. Either a business or a job but you cannot bet in anyone as permanent. World is changing very speedily and everyday too many career options are destroyed and new career options are introduced. So here I gave the best idea to you.

Use your maximum energy on your favorite number 1 career option. And try to get more and more expertise on other two options. Keep this thing in mind that it is not a one night achievable thing. It will need years and years to be master on your career options. And if once you achieved expertise in all these then earning money is like an easy game for you. All successful people of this world do this. So have patience and keep learning and practicing for your career options throughout your life because up gradation is very very important in present competitive and innovative world. If you do not upgrade your skills regularly then every career option will be worthless after few years.

 Thank you to read this article and give your valuable comments about it. Share it with your friends and other students who want and need to get clarity about their career. If you are a parent then make your children to read it and grow their knowledge about how to choose career. Off course if you have any query then frankly ask question in comment section or by contact page.

Writer - (Sushil Jhora)


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