How To Live Life To The Fullest and Make Your Dreams Come True

How to live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true

How to live life to the fullest and make dreams come true
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Everyone wants to live their life to the fullest and make their dreams come true. But not all are successful. There is unlimited ways are available to live life but definitely some demerits are their so people are not able to live their life fullest by following them. But no need to worry because in this article how to live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true I am going to tell you some easiest ways by following of which you can live your life better than others and get your desires like an easy victory of a simple game.

How to live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true

Without a clear understanding of life you can not live life to the fullest. Do not think that if you have a higher educational degree so you are master about life. If that is true then why people are unhappy. So you can understand life by observing it only because the meaning of life is totally different for everyone. Although I am trying to give a common and clear meaning of life. After understanding it you can easily understand those techniques which I am going to give to make this illusion real.

What is life

Do you know why most of people are unhappy in life? Because they are focusing on only one or two matters of their life. But life is not the name of a particular thing. It is the sum of a lot of things. Career, relationship, social connection, health and fitness, love, success, money, wealth, family, parents, children, friends, education, meditation, marriage, entertainment all are the buggies of the train of life. Yes friends! You always heared life is a vehicle, but actually life is a train. You can say life is a chain of a lot of vehicles and you are the driver. Each of these subjects of life are like vehicles from where you get lot of happiness.You have to drive life in such a way that all vehicles will be connected safely with you and you can enjoy and get the outcomes of these properly. Then you can say that you have live the life fullest. But if one of the vehicle is damaged or somehow not running well then you can not run your life properly. All these things are equally important in different situations and time in life.

In childhood parents, family, friends are more important. But in teen age teachers and educations are more important. In adult age career, money are more important. However after getting a lot of money family, life partner, children, parents are more important. When we are sick rest is more important and when we are young then doing exercise is more important. And when we play all roles properly then we reach a stage of life where we can feel that we are living the life fullest

Well, now I can expect from you that you understood that if you are focusing on a particular thing only and use your energy resources for a particular matter then you will never able to live your life to the fullest. You actually need to use your energy for all to get success in all. But the next question is how one can do that as we have limited resources, time and energy. Do not worry! Here are some easy techniques.

How to live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true

The most two important thing of life to live it to the fullest are :-

  1. Effort
  2. Time

If these two are unavailable in your life then you will never live your life properly. So all techniques are based upon these two.

Identify all your desires to live life to the fullest

It is the most important thing of life. Do you know why most of people can not able to live their life to the fullest? Because they understand their desires when it is too late. They have all to fulfill their dreams except time.

Time is the most important property of life. So nature gives it equally to everyone that is 24 hours everyday. No less no more. And your happiness and good luck depends how you use these 24 hours. The biggest difference between the most successful people and others is nothing else but how they use their time.

So the first secrete to live life to the fullest is prepare a perfect schedule of your time to use that for make your dreams real. It is not a one day match. You need to plan your day according to your dreams then continue it everyday. For example if your desires are money, success, love, health, but you give time to studies only then it is quite possible that you can achieve money and success. But health and love will be post pond as you did not invest your time on them. So if you want to fulfill all your desires then you need to invest few time for that everyday. This is because to get those desires at the right time in your life.

Remember getting any desire is a slow and long process. Either it may be career or health, love or popularity. You can not get it overnight. If you want that in the age of 24 you should have a job, six pack abs, beautiful girlfriend, then do not think that after getting job you will focus on others. Because that will be too late and you will not able to live your life to the fullest. So to handle it you have to prepare from teen age. You need to focus on all desires to get them at the right time of your life. You have to invest your time for all those 3 dreams everyday from that fixed 24 hours. Off course you can use maximum for career and minimum for lovers and health like 1 hour for health and 1 hour for love and 7/8 hours for career depends on your priorities. But you must invest few time to all your desires everyday if you want to get them in deadline.

Note>>> When you schedule your desires then you are not misguided by distractions. You never left things incomplete. You are more focused for what you actually want. It makes your effort and life easy and you get you desires as soon as possible. This is why scheduling desires is very important.

So it is the first idea to live life to the fullest. Identify your short term and long term desires and schedule them then manage your time to invest on them as needed. I am not going to give any example because the time table and scheduling will be different for everyone as their desires and deadline will be different. So prepare that according to yourself. Oh yes! You can contact me  to clear any kind of problem or doubt.

Go deeper in life - To live life to the fullest

Most of the people never go deeper in any matter of their life. Either it may be career, love, marriage, friendship, health or whatever. So they suffer in all these matters or in few of them. But the interesting point is these are the things by which you can live your life to the fullest and make your dreams come true.

Friends life is actually very easy and simple. It is like a coconut. Looking hard and mysterious from outside but when we go into it, it's actually very simple and easy. We make it complex and difficult by our foolishness and laziness. Before few years I was also thinking that life is so critical and difficult. Those were the worst days of my life. But I leaned the art of living. I started to go deeper in those matters which were looking like very critical and difficult for me. And very soon I realized that things are in their place. Only my awareness about them was poor so they were looking like very difficult. Now I am enjoying my life in my way. I can say I am living life to the fullest.

So it is the second idea. Go deeper. Understand those things properly which you want in your life. Understand the merits and demerits of those things. Because everything has both merits and demerits. You cannot cut any one of them. You have to accept both. But yes, you can maintain those demerits in such a way that they will also give you benefits. Then life will be very easy and full of happiness.

Note >>> Remember one thing, if you want to make things easy in your life then the only way is go deeper and increase your awareness about that thing. After that all problems will be very easy. So make it as a habit. It is sure after that you can enjoy things 10 time more.

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Think beyond the limit to live life to the fullest

More than 75% people have no dare to even think beyond their thinking boundaries, then how can they reach a dream life! They think what process is going on is the only process. They never think about any new alternate. So they live the same life what other common people live. It is proved by a lot of great personalities again and again that anything can possible,  although many people are wasting their life by minimize their thoughts.

Remember thoughts create desires, desires creates mental power, mental power pushes you to give effort to get that. You do not know the power of our mind and brain. Even today science has also proved that our brain has unlimited super powers. So to use those powers to make your life better and better you need to improve your thought process. It is the only way to activate brain. And once your brain had activated then you can find easy solutions of your life problems and new ways to live life to the fullest.  

So if you want to live life to the fullest then you have to broad your thinking. Open your mind. No one is there except your brain to give you the best life. You have to do it and you are free to broad your mind. And trust me it is the secrete of success. We have the power. This is why I told you life is easy. Think beyond your possibilities and one day it will prepare you to make your dreams come true and live life to the fullest

Deal with right people to live life to the fullest

No doubt if you want to enjoy life properly then you need to connect with right people. Most people suffered most of the time in their life because they are connected with wrong people.

In today's world it is very easy to identify right people as we have a lot of options to know their reality. If you are connected with wrong people then they will create a wrong environment around you either virtually or in real world. Either in present or future but definitely you will be harmed by them directly or indirectly. And your energy resources will be used to solve problems in place to be used for getting more happiness. And I have been telling you always that if you want to live life to the fullest then time is most important.

So friends make connection with right people only in every field and keep distance from wrong ones. Even if no right people are there to make connection then stay alone for few time and search right human beings and then connect with them. This will reduce unnecessary risk from your life and will make your life easy. That means you will find more and more opportunities to make your life better.

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Increase your acceptability and identify hidden happiness to live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest has not mean that problems will not come in your life, off course they will come! Also it does not mean that unhappiness will never come in to your life, off course they will! It actually means that after getting all these also you can enjoy each and every moment of your life. And friends it is definitely possible. I personally do it. Trust me it gives amazing happiness at that moment also when I move in the worst situations of my life.

For it you need only two things. First accept all happenings of your life. Remember the meaning of life is very broad and anything can happen here. God never promise that particular things can not happen in your life. And also it is not in your hand. So you have the only choice to accept that. Then why to waste time and energy as they are the priceless property of our life. Do not you think it will be better if you accept things as quick as possible and plan our next happiness according to that. Because to make yourself happy is the first purpose of your life.

And the next thing is you have to identify the hidden happiness things. Specially of those which hurts you or makes you unhappy. Even in every bad moments or happenings of life there is a seed of great upcoming happiness. To get a prove you can read my real life story. You have to just identify that seed of happiness and make that the plant of happiness of your life which will give you the fruits of happiness and you can live your life to the fullest.

Keep your safety and defence strong always to live life to the fullest

Most of the people who are not able to live the best possible life of themselves are not because of their lack of ability but because of the traps of wrong people. Who they want happiness and success by shortcut have no hesitation to cheat others. In today's world the quantity of wrong people is too much. So no only hard work and talent is enough, but also you need to save yourself from those kind of persons otherwise they can decrease the joy and happiness of your life.

This is why you need to keep safety and defence strong to live life like heaven. You have to learn how to judge others reality as we have to live with others in society if we want an easy and enjoyable life.


An easy and accurate way to live life to the fullest has given in this article. If any one keep these important key things in mind throughout his/her journey of life and takes all steps of life based upon these things then there is maximum possibility that he/she will enjoy a very happy and secure life always. Off course the use of intelligence should be there to build a fully happy life and to take the right decisions at right time. Ego and laziness are the biggest disasters. So you must leave these. Any kind of ego and laziness for anything will definitely harm you in different ways in your life. It needs a perfect balance in life to get the maximum possible outcome. Share this article with your friends and family and make them know these key factors of life by your awareness and intelligence. Comment your opinions about this article.

Written by Sushil Jhora


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