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Warning - You Should not do these things to your husband

Warning - You should not do these things to your husbandSource - Pexabay
Warning - You should not do these things to your husband if you want his love and attention!"

Do you have a dream to be the dearest of  your husband and live life like the queen of his heart?

But unfortunately you haven't got success yet!"

Am I right?
If so  then the reason is that you are doing something wrong which you should not do to get your husband's love and attention.
Imagine how it will be great if your dream becomes real!"
No doubt you will be the luckiest girl of this world then.
Hey, touch wood!"
Today I will tell you how to make it real by my this content "Warning - You should not do these things to your husband". The only thing you need is to follow my these suggestions and never do these things to your husband if you want to be the dearest of your husband.

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How to get husband's love


How to get husband's love
Source - Pexels

Every wife wants maximum love from his husband. What may you are by career but openly or secretly you also want too much love from your husband. Is not it !

Today you will get those secretes and tricks in this article how to get husband's love by the use and application of which you will get maximum love from your husband. Wait a minute! If you are thinking that you will get some shortcuts to get your husband's love then this article is not for you. But if you serious for the heaven love of your husband then this ideas are only for you.

How to get husband's love

Do you know why maximum wives fail to get husband's love?" It is actually the wrong procedure to get that love. If your process is wrong then you will never get the right result. It is an universal law. So you can not change the process, you can only change yourself according to that process to get the desired result that is heaven love of your husband. So keep this thing in mind before reading this article because any kind of modification and change in process will give different results.

Remember love is a feeling. It is not a physical activity or material thing. Off course romance and sex are physical but they are only a little part of love. Love is huge than those. So it is almost impossible to get husband's love by material things. Most of wives thing as they are success in material world and can fulfill all the needs and desires of her husband so their husband should love them like heaven. But it is like expecting to cook the food by wood without fire.But it is not practical.

Here I will try to make you understand why maximum wives do not get husband's love and after that I ll give you the best solution to deal with each and every problem to get the love from your husband you want.

How to get husband's love

Let's start from the beginning :-

Never hurt the male ego of your husband

If you are a female then it is very difficult for you to understand what is actually male ego and how it goes, but if you are a male then it is very easy for you to understand what about I am talking.

Naturally we boys have a male ego. You may call it male self esteem. Here I am not talking about right and wrong. That is not my subject matter. Here I want to make you understand how it affects a wife's life and how wives consciously or unconsciously hurt the male ego of their husband for which they pay the price by loosing their husband's love and care for themselves.

What you think why a male does marriage? It is for respect, easy life and self satisfaction. But unfortunately maximum husbands do not get these from their wives. Let's take some example, if you are an working woman and your income is more than your husband and if in any argument or anyhow if you say to your husband about it or do comparison then it hurts the male ego of your husband. Most of female do so to make their husband feel low. But they forget about the long term reaction of this into their marriage life. Because after that it is almost impossible to get husband's love for those wives.

Even if you do regular arguments, shout on your husband, cut jokes about him, insult him, disrespect him then it hurts male ego. Specially if you disrespect your husband in front of your relatives then it seriously hurt his male ego. After that forget about his love for you. He may not show you but from inside he will hate you a lot. Forcefully he will be with you, not by heart or love.

So if you want to get your husband's love then never hurt his male ego. Be very very careful of it. As a wife your all happiness is based on your husband and if you hurt his male ego then no chance to win his heart, no chance to get his importance and definitely no chance to get your husband's love

Note>>> Male ego is totally different from ego. Boys never forgive them who hurts their male ego. It strikes their subconscious mind. Male ego is hundred times more strong than female ego. Girls can forgive as they are soft hearted, but boys are very very sensitive for their male ego and they never forgive. So never hurt the male ego of your husband otherwise you will never get your husband's love.

Love of your husband

Sexual life to get husband's love

Sexual life is one of the most strongest part of marriage life. It's a different thing that you love sex or not, but you must give it proper importance in your marriage life to get your husband's love more and more. For a male it is totally natural that he will want quality sexual life with his wife. Even we boys are easily bored with same type of sexual life. In maximum cases it happens unconsciously and create a hardness for wife and it decreases the interest of husband for his wife.

But the good thing is as a wife you can maintain a high quality sexual life in your marriage. Never forget that you are a female and you are naturally feeded by those qualities which attract males. Then what is the problem!" Just use all those super powers to attract and entertain your husband. 

First maintain your beauty. Most of females give less concentration on their beauty after marriage. But reality is actually reverse. You should more cautious about your beauty after marriage if you want your husband's love. I will suggest do it must. Never think that as you are married so your husband should love you. Come out from that illusion because marriage is a human made process, that is not natural. Sex is natural. Actually I want to say that if you will expect love from your husband based on the concept of marriage that it is the duty of your husband to love you then forget it. Because by logic you can bound someone to follow the conduct, but you never bound him to love you.

But yes, if you learn the art of sex and maintain a quality sexual life in your marriage then no doubt you can get your husband's attention and love more and more. Off course for it you have to maintain a quality figure and beauty even after being a mother too.  Remember what may you are house wife, working woman, rich, poor no matters, in bedroom be a lover and an expert lover who can satisfy her husband with great love physically and psychologically, because only after that you will get your husband's unlimited love. And you have to continue it throughout your marriage life. Because Male's emotional love is highly connected with his sexual satisfaction.

Romantic marriage life

Never be dominating

It is a myth that boys love dominating girls. Actually they love domination only in those cases where they feel not important as a male, which they feel as the right of wives and where they feel that they need it to get good result. But some wives do wrong here. They try to be dominating in all matters of their husbands life. Like their life style, friends, Likes - dislikes, works, earnings and  in all matters. Which is totally wrong. By doing this you actually interfere in your husband's individuality which boys never tolerate.

Of course you can guide your husband, but in a right way and only in right things. You must be logical when dominating. You must have a valid reason for it. Otherwise you will loose your importance in your husband's mind and if it will be continue for long then very soon you will be a burden for your husband. Then it is impossible for you to get his love.

So be very very careful about it. If you are dominating then be only in those cases where it is actually required and also time by time make him understand why you are doing it. Otherwise change this kind of attitude. Remember you may be the CEO of a company and your husband is a servant. But in your house you are the queen and your husband is king. If anyhow you will show your professional power to him then forget to get his love anymore. So keep professional and personal life totally different. Your power and money will never buy your husband's love. If that will happen then trust me that will only fake.

Tip>>> Remember in your marriage life just be a lovely female and a wife, nothing more. It is the actual expectation of every husband. He may not tell it directly. You have to understand it. As you like a secure life from your husband, he also wants proper respect, believe and support from you. No matters what he is by profession but you have to give these all with love. Otherwise you will not get that love what you want in return. Ya you have other roles after your marriage too but here I am only talking about a wife, not mother or anything else.


Your priority

Boys are very sensitive in case of their wife. They always wants priority from their wife. They are actually selfish for their wife's love. This is why maximum boys do not like the born family of their wife. In fact they feel one kind of insecure feeling in this case. 

Do not take it wrong because it is also a part of deep love and affection. So keep this thing in mind that you are precious for your husband so he is highly possessive for you. Handle it with your intelligence. Your husband will follow you for anything if you make him understand with love. Remember you can drive your husband as you want but the only way is with good behaviour and a lot of love. And I said before that never hurt his male ego. Give priority to your husband in everything to get his all love in return. All husband wants that his wife give him priority always. You can use it intelligently to get your husband's love.

Tip>>> Maximum husbands do not like the other male friends of their wife. But they can not say it directly. Do not talk in phone with other males by avoiding your husband or by keeping distance from your husband. Talk in front of him. Otherwise it will seriously hamper your relationship psychologically which will be impossible to repair. Respect your husband's feelings if you want his love. And do it from the beginning of your relationship

Maintain atraction

Attraction is like the magnate between husband wife. Of course Love is most important in marriage life. But attraction have also a very important thing here because males always attracted on females by their outer features. It means how you dress up yourself, your style, your talking, your figure, your behaviour, your habits all are actually the tools by which your husband is attracted on you. 

First understand your husband's choice on you. Observe his interest about you. Then prepare yourself to gain his attention always and boost him to love you more.

This is a very important factor which  wives neglect. Remember what is the first need of your husband from you! That's not money, care, family or anything. That is 'female pleasure'. Female pleasure pleasure means not only sex, it is all a male can get by a female. Physical, emotional all. From talking to romance, from touch to see, from support to sweet fights everything.

Actually unconsciously every male enjoys these female pleasures. Even these are main reason for merry. But unfortunately most of wives give these things less priority after marriage because of multiple works and responsibilities. But ladies, tell me what is most important for you after marriage?" Of course, your husband!  Because without husband's love all other things are worthless. So always be the magnate to attract your husband.


  • Maintain an attractive and sexy figure.
  • Try to maintain an attractive look always when your husband is around you.
  • Be a good cook. Males are foodie. So psychologically they love more if their wives are good cook. Even to solve fights it is highly affective.
  • If you do not use perfume then start it now. (unconscious psychological reasons)
  • Make a romantic bedroom and house.
  • Watch romantic movies with your husband and also play romantic music with slow sound.
  • Regular plan dates with your husband.
  • Maintain a high quality coquerty(grace) and a lovely style. It will create a strong psychological affection and attraction in your husband for you. I strongly suggest you for it because every boys love it and expect it in his lady. But unfortunately very few girls are expert in coquerty(grace), so their impact on their husband is too learn the art of coquerty. For more ideas about it you can contact me.

Maintain your importance

It is a very important thing of a marriage. Even it is the main reason for easy separation and divorce of couples. Now a days wives are not cautious about their importance for their husband. Not all but maximum. Because it needs too much efforts.

Pay attention ladies. Now a days it'9s not too difficult for a male to replace his wife in his life and this is because of the life process of today. So in such situations if you have not any unique importance for your husband then he have no reason to give you more value! After all we are rational human beings and first of first we all are very careful about the precious things of our life. But here the question is are you really precious or important for your husband?" Do not go with logic, go with practical reality to get the answer of this question. Ask yourself what value are you giving to your husband which he will not get from others!"

Now a days couples have time problem, Even they have their personal life in the same bed room. Even I have seen most of couples are free and frank with other people rather than to their spouse.

So my point is raise your importance for your husband. You can do it by different ways like taking care of him, giving proper emotional support, by taking care of his little household activities, by cooking for him, by making his day to day life easy and many more. Most important thing is give your company to him like that when you will be not with him then he will miss you a lot. I mean be like the soul of your husband. Of course it is not a simple task. But trust me after that he will love you like heaven! It is not difficult to understand what about I am talking. Think little deeply and you can realize the truth of my words. And yes, motivate your husband. Never demoralize him if you want to get your husband's love.


Actually 'wife' is a different thing from a female and 'husband' is a different thing from a male. Both have different type of expectations from each other. As a wife it is your right to get your husband's love. But nothing is free. For that love you have to give effort to create the base for that love. And by maintaining above things you can definitely get your husband's love. Win the heart of your husband, win the trust of your husband. Then never break those. Trust me you will get that love from your husband what you want. Remember every boy have an imaginary picture of his wife. Try to be that wife from the beginning and if you will able to match that then no doubt you will get your husband's love forever.

Will be continued
Written by Sushil Jhora


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