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Love | How to Use the Power of Love

LOVE | How to use the power of love Hey, don't you want to know how to use the power of love in your life! Almost everyone wants to know what is love and how to use it's power . I am sure you also want to know. Is not it!" But you can not get a satisfactory answer because you all experience it in different manner in your life and also feel the sensation of it. So you are confused as the theoretical knowledge and your practical experiences of love  do not match. With this confusion how you can able to use the power of love ? Nothing to worry because today in this article LOVE | How to Use the Power of Love,  I am going to give you a simple and true definition of love which will clear all your doubts and you will able to enjoy it and it's power properly. Love First understand what is love... What is love? Like anger and fear LOVE is also a pure emotional feeling and energy. The only difference is anger and fear are not our desire,

How to Take Decision in Life

HOW TO TAKE DECISION IN LIFE How to take decision in life Source - Pexels Decision making is the most important thing of life. It is said that your life depends on your choice, but actually your life depends on your decision . But it is always difficult to take the best decision to get the maximum benefit. Even I am sure you would also confuse and helpless when taking decisions about some important matters of your life. Is not it? Hey do not worry! In this article how to take decision in life I am going to give you the best and easiest process and ideas to take decision in your life for any matter. Each and every moment of our life is actually the over all outcome of some of our decisions. Do not think that a decision have a particular outcome, it has actually compound affect. In fact a decision affects all other decisions and also affected by all other decisions. So take the first decision first that you will never take a decision casually either it would be smaller