How to Take Decision in Life


How to take decision in life
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Decision making is the most important thing of life. It is said that your life depends on your choice, but actually your life depends on your decision. But it is always difficult to take the best decision to get the maximum benefit. Even I am sure you would also confuse and helpless when taking decisions about some important matters of your life. Is not it? Hey do not worry! In this article how to take decision in life I am going to give you the best and easiest process and ideas to take decision in your life for any matter.

Each and every moment of our life is actually the over all outcome of some of our decisions. Do not think that a decision have a particular outcome, it has actually compound affect. In fact a decision affects all other decisions and also affected by all other decisions. So take the first decision first that you will never take a decision casually either it would be smaller or bigger.

How to take decision in life

You decision should be based on three questions. They are -

  1. Is your decision is the best option to get the desired result which you want?
  1.  How it will be affected by your life and what will be the affect of it into your present, future and overall life?
  1. Is your decision suitable for you?

How to take decision in life
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To get the answers of all these questions you should follow these steps :-

Focus on your decision properly and calculate it's overall affects on your life

Either your decision is small or big but never take it casually because your decisions are the seeds of your happiness. Remember every decision has multiple affects in your life. Although they are not visible but they are actually happened.

Let's understand it with an example. If you decided to build a career in business then you thought about your studies for it, investment for it, about time, other resources, family support etc. Also about it's future growth and outcome. You also make proper plan. What do you think these are enough to take this decision? No! Because the affect of this decision is bigger than these matters related to your life. It will affect your daily life, your lifestyle, mindset, thought process, intelligence, vacations, health, family, children, wife, on their life and future, your and your families social life, reputation, relationships etc. And do not think it's enough because these affects again affect your business too. I mean these are inter connected and affects all walks of life with compound affects. So you have to pay attention to all these things while take the decision. Most of people avoid these things while take decision and suffer latter. Even many people achieve their desired results regarding to their decision but suffer in other matters which have direct or indirect connection to their decision.

Here I took the example of a career decision. You can put any decision here and you will find that it has also similar kind of affects on different matters of your life. This is why I told you to focus properly before taking the final decision related to a particular subject matter and observe it's overall affects on your life then take the best possible decision to balance all and get the maximum outcome from that decision. In this way you will increase your overall happiness.

Short term affect of your decision

It is most important. Because it is the first practical affect of your decision and also your result of your decision will depend on the efforts of your short term. Means how much efforts you give daily to get the result of your decision. You have to make sure that how your decision will affect your day to day life. If you will not calculate it then you may miss guide by the changes in your day to day life which will decrease the interest for your decision. In result you will demotivate and again change your decision or modify that. And it will definitely change the outcome of your decision.

Also if you will not calculate the short term affect of your decision then you may distract again and again by the different affects of that decision. For example if you will decide to join a gym to get a better health and fitness then it will change your day to day life style, time table, food habits, hangouts with others etc which may also affect your social or family performance. 

So you have to make sure how your decision will affect your day to day life and make a proper plan to balance your daily life according to that. Because everything equally important in life and happiness comes when we make the best balance of all.

Decision making tips
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Long term affect of your decision

Basically it depends on your short term results. If your decision is the best regarding to that subject matter in for your life and your constant efforts for that is good then nothing to worry about it. If your short term planning is good then long term affect will be positive.  A proper planning in short term handles all the negative affects of long term and also it gives compound positive affects.

Remember long term affects are the sum of your short term affects and highly affected by that. So to get a proper long term result you must have to balance the short term affects and results of your decision.

Things to pay attention while taking a decision

  • Take your time - Never take any decision in hurry. Determine all possible merits and demerits, take your time, review twice then take your decision.

  • Never follow others - Never let others to take decision for you. Of course you can take other's suggestions, but final decision must be yours. Because everyone will suggest you based upon their knowledge and experiences, which is totally different from yours. So collect information from everywhere before taking decision but the final decision must be yours otherwise you will definitely suffer. 

  • Understand properly - Before taking any decision first understand that subject properly. Without understanding the matter properly never take the final decision. It will take a little time but will give you the best possible result.

  • Discus with related experienced people - Before taking the decision discus with those people who have experience in that subject or matter. Always discus with successful people of that matter, not with failier.

  • Match your decision with you - If your decision do not match you then leave it. Go with the best possible alternate which will match you. Otherwise you will be suffer and may not get the best outcome of that decision.

  • Make flexible decision - If you are confuse between multiple choices then choose a flexible option. It's because whenever you will feel that you did wrong to take this decision then you can easily modify your decision according to your benefit and preference. I personally follow this idea while take decision. Because of it almost every time I get minimum lose for any bad decision.

  • Avoid shortcut based decision - Never take shortcut based decision because they seems easy to get desired results but actually they are totally incomplete and you will definitely suffer by that. It is because everything is inter connected so shortcuts always ends with failier and unhappiness. Shortcuts are like half ladders to reach from a decision to the desired result. You will not reach any positive result with them. So based upon my knowledge and experience I strongly suggest you to avoid shortcuts.

  • Effort and benifit analysis  - One of the best thing before taking a decision is analyse the effort and benifit percentage. If you are confuse between multiple choices then judge  by which decision you will get the maximum benifit with minimum efforts. In this way you can save your time too and can use that on anywhere else. It will also easier than other options.

Life and Relationship Tips
Life and Relationship Tips
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Decision making is an art. It is the trigger point of life. If you take the right decision at right time then your life will be easy and successful. Remember all matters and decisions of your life are inter connected. Each and every single decision affects all other decisions. So it is very important for you to keep above points in mind while taking a decision. Awareness is key. If you will take a decision without awareness about that topic then it is almost sure that you will suffer in future and may feel that you had taken a wrong decision. So take your decisions intelligently. I hope this article is helpful for you. Give your valuable comments below and contact me if you have any query.

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Sushil Jhora


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