Love | How to Use the Power of Love

LOVE | How to use the power of love

Hey, don't you want to know how to use the power of love in your life!

Almost everyone wants to know what is love and how to use it's power. I am sure you also want to know.

Is not it!"

But you can not get a satisfactory answer because you all experience it in different manner in your life and also feel the sensation of it. So you are confused as the theoretical knowledge and your practical experiences of love do not match. With this confusion how you can able to use the power of love?

Nothing to worry because today in this article LOVE | How to Use the Power of Love, I am going to give you a simple and true definition of love which will clear all your doubts and you will able to enjoy it and it's power properly.


First understand what is love...

What is love?

Like anger and fear LOVE is also a pure emotional feeling and energy. The only difference is anger and fear are not our desire, but love is our desire.  

This is why we can understand anger and fear easily but we can not understand love easily. And it is because of our desire for it. We have our own imagination and believe for love based upon our desire for it so we can not see it as it is. 

Are you confuse!" 

Let me explain it clearly for you :- 

When we desire something, we are very predictable for that and create our personal illusions for thata. But in reality it may or may not the same. So our sensation for that differs person to person.

In anger and fear our sensation is normally the same.  It is because we all know we do not want these two in our life so we have never any illusion about these two. Hence we experience these two as what they are in reality. 

But in the case of love as it is our desire and we have illusions about it. Hence we can not experience it as what it is in reality and can not understand what love is. Because it is a fact that the easiest way to understand a thing is to observe it as it is, not as what you believe or want from that.

Desire for love

Love is the biggest desire of life.

 Actually life is the outcome of love. I mean your  love for different things make your overall life. 

Yes friends! 

Love means not only the affection for opposite gender. It's scope is spread from breath to sleep. 

In short love is needed for everything. To eat, to sleep, to breath, to work, to be happy, to be healthy and even to alive. 

If there is no love inside you for anything then you will never achieve success in that matter and not even you can enjoy that. 

Yes friends!

To enjoy also you need love.

Let's take an example...

Why a drunkard enjoy drinks?"

It's because he loves drink. Can you enjoy drinks if you do not drink or if you hate drinks?


Because you have no love for drinks.

Similar thing happens in every matter. I love chess so I can play chess hours and hours. If you do not love chess then you cannot play chess even for few minutes too.

Why I can and you cannot!

Because I enjoy it as I love it. But you can not enjoy it as you do not love it. 

Another thing is as I love chess so I can practice it for hours and hours. And all knows "Practice makes man perfect or successful".

That means if you want success in anything then you need to practice it for hours and hours.

And when you do so?"

At that time when you are in love with that particular thing. This is why I said the desire for love is the biggest.

Importance of love
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Importance of love

Most of the people understand love either for opposite gender or for family. 

But this perception is incomplete.
Of course love is important for opposite gender and family, but it is more important for every walk of your life. 

Let me explain how...

Most of the successful businessmen or celebrities are less educated. Even most of the big businessmen had no knowledge and skills for business at the beginning. But today they are highly successful and expert in business.

At the beginning they faced a lot of failures although they did not give up. Because they were doing business for the love of their business, not to get success or becoming rich only. Otherwise they might give up. But they continued after all failures as they are in love with business, not with success or failure.

   This is the importance of love

Friends our whole life is controlled by our mind. And mind is controlled by emotions. This is why when a person is in real love with anything he/she gets that for sure. No tiredness, no failures, no problems can stop him/her because the emotion of love is very   powerful. 

These are not only words. Everyone experiences it in their life. Even you would also experience it in your life. 

Actually when you are in love with anything then this emotion uses your maximum mind power to get that. No hard work, no skills matters then. This emotion will make you do all. 

In short " without love you force yourself to do, but with love you are attracted to do ". This is the importance of love.

How to use the power of Love

If you are thinking that I am going to say love is a super magical power then sorry friends but I am going to explain it as what it is in reality. 

You would experience when you play your favorite game or visit your favorite destination, you can do that for hours and hours. No doubt you feel tired, but more energy created inside you by which you able to do so. 

These are the hidden powers inside our mind which are only activated by extreme emotions. And by these powers we get success easily in that thing. 

So here, love is not the super power. Actually love is only a tool to activate the super power of our mind.
That means, if you want to achieve success in something then simply you have to use this tool to activate that hidden mind power for getting the things done.. I mean you have to develop love for that subject inside your mind.  And I am sure if you able to do that then you must be successful. This way you can use the power of love.

How to use the power of love

Love and Relationship

Love and Relationship are two different things. "Every love is a relationship but every relationship is not love".

Let me explain it. When you are in love with anyone, then you feel happy by his/her happiness and you feel pain when he/she is in pain. That means anyone accept or not but you are in a psychological relation with that person. That means his/her any kind of activity will affect you definitely. But when you are in a relation then it may possible that the relation is not your choice. Like any blood relation or work relation or any kind of relation where you are in because of any other reason. In those cases his/her happiness or pain will not affect your psychology. May be affect by socially, financially or any other way, you will also sensation for those changes but not for that person. This is because there is definitely a relationship but no love.

So it is the easiest way to know you have love for someone or not. And this is the secrete for which maximum people suffer in their relationship. In short you can say it is the power of love which is the soul of a relationship and without it relationship is just a burden.

How to use the power of love
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Love | Happiness and life

No doubt love is the key for happiness. Without love for a particular person or thing or work, you will never be happy with him or that. And without happiness what is the meaning of life!"

So to be happy you need love.  You can only enjoy a thing when you are in love with that. It means happiness is nothing but the sensation of power of love.  For example, I love writing, so I enjoy my writing and because I enjoy it so I can write for hours and hours. Means I actually enjoy hours and hours. Therefore I feel happiness instead of tiredness. And all knows continuous work gives fast success.  And of course with success you can live your life more happily.


So friends this is the power of love. If once you will be master to use this power of love then nothing will be impossible for you. I have my personal experiences to use this power of love in different matters in my life. Trust me the results are outstanding. Actually it is an invisible super natural power live magnetic power of gravitational force and trust me like these two you can also use power of love as you want.

  (You can contact me for any help or query and comment below your thoughts and questions. I will get back to you) 

Written by -
Sushil Jhora


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