What Should be a Relationship for an Easy And Happy Life

What should be a relationship for an easy and happy life

What should be a relationship
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   Life without relations is like a picture without colors. You are not able to take the pleasure of small happiness in life. This is why you have to know what should be a relationship for an easy and happy life.

If I will say what problems you face in your life, will be very easy and simple if you have good and healthy relations throughout your life then can you believe?"

Yes friends!" It is a fact

Most of the people realize it very late in their life and only regret. 

But you have a chance to understand it today and make your life easy and full of happiness by the ideas given in this article what should be a relationship for an easy and happy life.

We always focus on success and money. We think after getting these our relations will be good or we will get new good relationships.

But it is just an "illusion" not a reality.

Relations are basically two types -
  1. So called relationships.
  2. True relationships.

You have everything. Name-fame-money, success all. Although you are frustrated or unhappy. Do you know why?" 

It is because you are surrounded by "so called relationships". 

Now a days we all know, to survive we need relations. So we all are making so called relations with each other. But we do not care these relations or if care then also for a little bit. We only maintain these relationships for the sake of our benefits. Is not it?" 

And the silly thing is we all know this fact that all are doing the same, although we expect that people should fair with us, should care about us, should give true love to us.


Let me ask you a question:

Do you care people with whom you are in a so called relationship? Do you give true love to them? 

If not then how you can expect those from them!"

You get what you give

Because no one is fool here. Everyone is intelligent and can catch the truth. 

So first we need to give some real value to others in relationships if we want healthy returns from them in a relation. This is why we need true relationships for an easy and happy life.

What should be a relationship for an easy and better life

Easy relationship secretes

Then what should be a relationship?"

You make relations to survive easily, happily and to enjoy the life properly. 

Is not it!

And with good relations life goes very easy because you get huge support and help from all your relations in every walk of life. 

But it is not an easy task because you need to follow certain things to build and maintain healthy relationships.

These are those certain things which should be follow to build and maintain a healthy relationships :-

1) Your interest for the relationship

The very first question is, are you really interested in a relationship or not?"

In maximum cases most of the relations of our life are not our choice. 

They are either blood relations or relations which are needed.

If we have no interest for those relations then we are not serious for those. Even if we care those  then also only for our personal gains or we care those till we need those relationships.

"Do you think it is a right approach for any relationship?"


Because all your relationships and activities are inter connected.  They have a huge impact on each other."

Your behaviour is highly affected by your interest. If you are interested for a relationship then automatically your behaviour will be positive for that relation. Consciously and unconsciously, you will be good for those relations on which you are interested. But relations on which you are not interested, you can consciously be good but unconsciously not. Which will heavily reflect on your behaviour.

For example, if you hate one of your friend then no doubt it will reflect on your behavioir too with him. Negative behaviour in friend zone will also affect your impression on other friends. It builds a negative impressions of yourself. If you fight on the road with someone then also it affects your relations in society. It also build a negative image.

So whatever you do, affects your relationships. And your activities for a relationship are depend on your interest for that relationship.

Also pay attention here -

If you have a relative who is in comma and worthless for you, then never think to avoid or ignore him. Because if you do so then it will spread negative impression of yourself in front of others and they will not interested to build or maintain relations with you, which is a big lose!"

So all relations are equally important. When you maintain them nicely then a positive psychological message goes to all others that you are suitable for a relationship and they all will care about you and the relation between you and them.

Also when you care about those relations which are not important for you then the self respect and self love of yourself increases. It increases your self confidence and faith which are the key of success in life. And the social benefits of this are bonus!"

Now I am sure that you understood why you should give equal importance, care and interest on all relations. 

Of course they may not profitable directly but indirectly they give huge returns.

So next time first increase your interest to build and maintain healthy relations with all because at the end you will get the ultimate benefit from a lot of indirect sources."

Strong relationship
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2) Your relation should be pleasurable and enjoyable

No one likes boring and painful relations.

You too must be having a boring or painful relation. No need to say what you want to do with that relation.

   Of course! We want to break that relationship. Don't we!"

This is because we all are controlled by our mind. And mind wants pleasure and enjoyment and avoid pain.

So if someone gets any kind of pain by you in a relationship then definitely he/she will break it out one day. No matters what relation is that, but it will definitely a burden and will give negative result in future. And I am sure you do not want to make your relations a burden.

"Therefore you need to make your relationships pleasurable and enjoyable like a movie or a game."

And for that you can do these things:-

  • Fun talk
  • Play games together (Indore or out-dore )
  • Enjoy hobbies together
  • Celebrate festivals and special occasions together 
  • Discussion together
  • Visit together
  • Motivate and appreciate each other
  • Never underestimate each other
  • Take easily each others failiers
  • Give complement and use social media to keep in touch and for make fun.
  • Attend their invitations always.
  • Give gifts (may not be costly but constantly in special occasions or after long interval meets.

Of course these are not big things, but adds a huge value in relations which give you returns amazingly!

  " Happy relationships are not the result of any single big  act but actually the combination of multiple positive small acts."

Happy relation
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3) Always be chilled

Basically we feel irritation and headache when problems and challenges arises in a relationship or if we have to do scarifies. Is not it!"

It does not matter you have relations or not. But it is for sure that you will must face problems and challenges in your life. So never think that if you have less relations then less headache. Because then also problems will come. Only their appearance will different.

But if you have good relations then no doubt you can easily reach your destination. Because you will get healthy support and help from others.

"That means the overall benefit is yours."

The only challenge is to maintain that relationship as good as possible. And you can do so by being chilled. Because by any kind of negative reaction in negative situation you will only loose your value and nothing else.

But in other hand if you are chilled and normal in worst situations too then others will also inspired by you and will impress by your personality.

Because all love positivity, no one likes negative environment.

And you can make positive environment by your positive and chill reactions.

Then give your valuable support and helping hand to them. That may not be physical but at least psychological. It will enough to maintain a good relation in most of the cases.

Also answer a simple question:

Whom you feel your true relative?"

Of course them who gave their helping hand psychologically or physically to you when you are in bad time. You have great love, affection and respect for them.

Then how you will not get the same by doing similar things!"

    "Of course , you will get too!"

So be chilled and be helpful physically and psychologically as per your possibilities and your relations will definitely give you positive returns.

Life and Relationship Tips

4) Be connected

   Lack of connection makes relationships weaker.

Imagine there are two persons. One who keeps touch with you always and another who ignores you and do not even make a call to you without any reason. Now tell, for whom you have more affection and to whom you give more importance?"
  Of course! The first one. Because he makes you feel important by keeping touch with you regularly.

  " Those relations are more important for us where we get importance."

So try to be connected always to them with whom you are in relation. Either parents, brother, sister, lover or anybody else, you need to be connected with them.Of course it is not easy in today's busy life. But it boosts the relationship.

A 5 minutes phone call is far better than to stay a whole day together silently.

Because it makes your relatives to feel themselves a valuable for you.  This feeling increases the love for you and they are being connected more and more with you.

Actually it is a normal psychological human behaviour which is directed unconsciously. So if you want good and healthy relations then you must have to maintain good connection with them.

5) Process of communication and interaction

  What about you are talking is not important, how you are talking is important

Let me tell you a truth:

We do not like them who says positive things always. Because we all know that life will never be positive always.

But yes!" We like them who says the truth either it is positive or negative but in a positive manner. So if you want true relationships then always say the truth to others either it is positive or negative. Only requirement is say it in a positive manner.

Remember people love to listen truth about themselves. Only they do not like the way others say that."

For example if someone say with a finger tip towards you that you are always wrong then definitely it will make you to hate him. But if he says," I beg your pardon but I think you are wrong here". Then it will not not make you to hate him and there is maximum possibility that you will listen him properly.

This is the right way to communicate and interact. Change the way of your talking. Use a sweet tone and a friendly and polite process in communication and even in argument too which will not affect the ego of others. Then see the magic." Opposition may angry on you but he/she will love you more rather than to hate you.

Hey if you have doubt on me then just try it once and see the magic. So this kind of communication and interaction process should be there in  your relationship for an easy and happy life.

6) Solve each and every issue

  "Never leave any misunderstanding or misjudgment incomplete"

 I have seen too many people who leave misunderstanding and disputes incomplete in relations if it needs some efforts to solve. It is a sign of an egoistic person if you do so. It represents that you do not care about them. And remember, no one will be like you even for a little bit too if you do not care them.

So if there is such kind of things happen then always try to solve it. If there is no solution then at least represent that sometime these things happen in relations but it should not affect the relations.


7) Express and show love
It is the key factor to express and show your love, care and affection to your relations to keep them strong and good."

But the most important thing is how you able to do it!"

Most of people are not able to express love, care and affection in the right way. And because of this they fail to build better relations although they care relations a lot."

Remember people have no source to know your insight feelings of yourself for them except your own presentation of it. The way you express and show your feeling to them is most important. We all are sensitive and we all love Positive feelings and behaviour for us, we do not like any kind of rude behaviour by any means. Do we?"


Then how you can expect good relations by doing rude behaviour?

So if you seriously want good relationships then you must avoid to behave rude or ugly. You have to express your feelings in a positive communication way, in a gentle manner which will not hurt others ego. Otherwise you will never achieve good relationships and even you will get rude behaviour in return."

Also you have to show your good feelings for your relatives and other relations time by time. It will increase your respect and also boost the affection of their for you which is very important to build healthy relationships.


Relationships should be easy and full of happiness. And it is not a difficult task. Of course every human being is different so it needs different skills and techniques to maintain a healthy relations with them. But these are few things which should be applicable in all relations.

The key thing is no need to judge others or to change them. Remember you need a healthy relationship. So need is your. That means you have to adjust yourself based upon the demand of that person if you want to build a healthy relation. No need to change yourself but make a balance between both of you according to your similar interests and mind set. And avoid all those which does not match. Then no doubt you will enjoy a easy and happy relationship.

Will be continue


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