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How to make student life easy


Do you also feel pressure due to a lot of studies, courses, competition and time shortage?"

Are you also searching for something which will make your student life easy??

Do you want to enjoy your each and every moment of student life and at the same time build your best possible future?"

Then keep reading this article how to make student life easy because today I am going to share some top secretes for how to make student life easy.

And I am sure your student life will be easy if you apply all these tricks and techniques.

How to make student life easy From very childhood your student life begins and ends with the end of your young age.

Is not it!"
And also the pressure of all like studies, marks, home-work, parents, teachers and also from society comes as a bonus.
"Am I wrong!"
Of course not!"
Because I have exactly face the same in my student life.
But luckily I got some ideas to handle the pressure of student life easily and at the sam…

How to impress a girl-(step by step)

HOW TO IMPRESS A GIRL (step by step)

How to impress a girl
Source - Pexels

Are you unhappy on being unable to impress girls? Do you want to know how to impress a girl without too much effort?"

Then read this article "How to impress a girl" where I am going to give you some easy techniques from my huge experiences with a lot of girls on how they actually are impressed by boys.

If you are good looking, stylist, rich and maintaining a status then no need to impress girls. Even they will always try to impress you. But if you have lack of these things then it is difficult for you to impress them.

But do not worry!"

Because I am going to share my real experiences and those very affective ideas by which you can able to impress girls and make them to fall in love with you."

How to impress a girl

No doubt girls have some common tastes, desires and priorities, but that not means you can impress all girls by any particular technique. Because each and every girl is different and this is the beauty of girls.

Now a days there is a huge competition between boys to impress girls. So girls have too many options. This is why to impress a girl is more challenging in present world.

So never think or try to impress girls by lie or tricks. Because very soon they will catch you and after that they will never give you any chance.

Life and Relationship Tips

If you want to impress a girl then you need to follow a process.

What is that process?"

It is a very affective process and almost all smart boys follow this. It is applicable in all kind of girls and trust me it always works.

Even I apply this always to impress girls and results are awesome!"

OK let's start. I am going to tell you step by step the process for how to impress a girl and also I will tell you some secretes about girls.

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How to impress a girl

1] - Observation and analysis

  "Each and every girl is different. So first you need to identify her what kind of girl she is."

Because without knowimg that girls type and test no ideas or techniques will work.

This is the biggest mistake of yourself. You are in hurry and never try to judge that girl properly. You just try to impress her by your plus points and strengths. Is not it!"

  "But it does not work always...Right!"

So you need to observe her to know her common interests.

Like her hobbies, ambitions, things which attract her, kind of boys she likes, her interests etc.

 " A girl never likes you for what you are. She likes you when she gets those things in you about which she is actually searching for. " 

So try to observe and analyze that girl properly and then make a list of her likes and interests. Now the first step is done and you are ready to move into the next step.

How to impress a girl

Girls are not impressed randomly by any guy. They have some specific choices. So you need to attract them on you.

Now the question is how you can attract that girl whom you want to impress?"

To do so you need to gain her attention!"

But how you will get her attention?

You can do it by showing her that you have those things or qualities or abilities which she loves or wants in her guy.

For example if a girl's favorite color is white, then dress up yourself with white clothes or have your daily use things of white color like mobile, bike, pen, shoes etc. Make her to know that you love white color. But yes, make her know it occasionally or indirectly. Because if once she will catch that you are trying to impress her then she will make it 100 times more difficult for you or spoil your intention totally if she has 0% interest on you.

So here is the actual secrete and that is "how you let her know about you".

What girls think

Remember girl's sense power is very strong. They sense it immediately if some one try on them. So do it very smartly.  Do not let her know that you are trying to impress her at the beginning.

Try to make eye contact at least one time in a day. No silly smile or any such kind of things. Just make a gentle and respectful eye contact.

If you have not those things which she likes then show of that you are passionate about those and doing hard work to get those.

For example if a girl love muscular guy and you are not muscular then show her that you go to gym, do hard work for body, use muscular guy photos or stickers to make it eye catching for her. If she will notice those then she will definitely notice you.

Relationship Tips

"You can apply this technique for anything."

But yes, your show of must be natural. Let her feel that what kind of guy she likes is by luck around her.

Because girls believe on luck. Maximum girls feel that their perfect guy will come to them as their own. So once she will feel that for you then congratulation!"

  "You have done it."

A girl attracts on you in two cases :-

  1. If she gets something very attractive on you.
  2. Or if you have similar interests, thought process, thinking.

Now it's on you which one is possible for you.

Life and Relationship Tips 

How to talk with a girl

OK, we already done the first step. That is to attract her. If not then do not worry! Because now she knows you at least. Means the door of the second step is open. That is "talking".

"According to me talking is the best weapon to win a girls heart"

And yes, it is the most difficult thing also.

After getting eye connection (several times minimum), now it is time to start talking.

Hey wait!"

Before start talking first observe she is interested to talk with you or not.

Let me tell you how can know it. If during eye contact she looks here and there after just 1/2 second then it is clear that she is not interested to talk with you. In that case it will need more time. Have patience. I will tell you what to do.

But if she makes good eye contact or touches her hair or just see down word then congratulation! She is giving green signal!

Hey but no need to hurry!"

First give a very light smile. Remember very light. If she gives similar reaction then you are safe. Go ahead. Give a proper smile then start talk.

Never tease a girl by your talk. No need to talk too much at the beginning. Always notice her reaction and go with that. Try to create a flow with her.

In this process she will definitely talk with you and now the second step has also done.

But if she is not interested to talk with you then relax. No need to loose hope.

In this condition you can talk in two ways:-

  1. By helping her in anything which she needs.
  2. Or in a place where she is between unknown persons or in a new place where she does not know anyone.

For example in any bus stand, airport or maul where she will be alone. Or in any place where she would be feel alone. She will definitely talk with you because in such situation girls unconsciously feel uncomfortable and wants some known person around her.

And I told you, she knows you at the first step where you got her attention.

Your talking is started now.

Tip >>>  If a girl is not interested to talk with you although you started talking by any idea then talk in small quantities like just greet or 1/2 minute. Try to create value for her by your talk. Even if she is interested on you then also do so. Because it will make a higher impression of yourself. It will open the third door for you

Remember talking content of girls and boys are totally different. So be careful here. Because in maximum cases boys are easily able to start talk but not able to impress girls. After few days girls feel bor by these boys.

The best idea is be a good listener. Let them talk about what they are interested to talk. Like their shopping, likes-dislikes, about their best friend, about attention the get or any stupid incident of their life. Show her that you are enjoying her talkings and let her more and more comfortable and frank with you.

Second step is complete and congratulation! Now you are a part of her life.

How to be special for a girl

Now you are a trustable person for her at least for talking or more. It is the time to change the game.

Here is the two things which matters a lot -
  1. How to connect yourself with her.
  2. How you present yourself in front of her.
No doubt the way you communicate with her is very important. But what you communicate with her is more important. If you communicate with her in a right way then you can easily connect yourself with her.

How to impress a girl

How to connect yourself with her

" Girls love to refresh and entertain themselves by talking or conversation."

So never make the conversation boring.

Do you know why girls talk with boys?

For enjoyment and pleasure!"

Yes friend! The reason behind talking of boys and girls are different.

When we boys talk with each other we talk less about ourselves. We like to talk about surrounding things. But girls love to talk about themselves, about their things and about things which are related to them.

Normally we boys learn from our conversation with boys. But girls do conversation for relax themselves.

So first of all don't do any learning class with her. OK if she is interested then you should. Otherwise never.

If you have not any interesting topic then start from a compliment. 

Compliment which should be real. For example if she comes with a new hair style then give a compliment. Then ask few sweet question related to it. Let her tell something about it till she wants. Go ahead in the conversation by related matters. Enter little flirt in your way of talking because girls love gentle flirt. But that should be sweet and respectful.

Never discus the same topic again and again. Basically smart girls choose the topic according to their choice. You have to only boost the conversation.

Some girls talk less. In that case talk in that topic which will make her to enjoy your company.

Tip>>> If you feel that she is not enjoying your company then ask her for chocolate, ice-cream or coffee. Another thing is make her laugh by jokes or anything else. But yes, the timing of these things should be perfect. Otherwise you will lose her interest.

According to her priorities, you can connect yourself with her. Let her feel that there is a lot of similarities between both of you.

For example if a girl loves shopping then you can show that you love shopping too. Talk about some brands etc or ask her best shopping ever or similar things.

In short, make her to share her words with you freely and without any hesitation. Let her trust on you as an emotional supporter. Then she will automatically connect with you.

Tip>>>Matters and things may be different for each and every girl. But the technique is same. And that is - "let her feel that you are the magic stick of her who can make things easy for her and make her smile whenever she will want".

How to present yourself in front of a girl

How to present yourself in front of a girl

The way she will accept yourself depends on the way you present yourself "

Girls are very sensitive and choosy too. They always want to get an special treatment.

So they always judge a boy in this scale. That means, you have to make sure that she should not feel disgraceful for you by any means in front of others.

In other way if your presence in her life will give her value  and if she will get reputation by your presence in her life then she will give you special treatment.

So keep this thing in mind!"

First of all your dressing sense, your body language and your style should be impressive.  Dress up yourself according to situation and a clean and systematic manner.

Because these are the little things which impress the girl unconsciously.

Never present yourself very cool or very serious. Always a control and responsible attitude should be visible in your attitude. Respect what she tells you to do or follow.

If you refuse then do it with a valid reason and apologize.

Tip>>> Remember "sorry" and "yes" are the two most important words to touch the heart of a girl. Just use these words skillfully and in right time.

"Girls are like a vehicle, if you are a good driver then you can driver her in any way wherever you want"

Learn the art!

Present your skills, abilities, things related to you in a positive and impressive way. Let her know about you because she wants to know.

"key is there"

She should feel that you are a perfect guy for her from every angle.

In short present yourself as a special, faithful, responsible, entertainable gift for her in her life and let her feel secure with you. Remember if a girl feels safety with you from every way then your chances are very high.


It is a fact that girls have an advantage to choose boys.they have too many options, so you need to make yourself better and better to impress them. Of course looks matter, but if you have other specialities then maximum girls adjust with looks. Improve your specialities and present those perfectly. She will definitely impress. 

         - Comment and share -

Written by 
Sushil Jhora


  1. Very very interesting article and definitely you have done great research on girls.


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