How to Deal With Children


How to deal with children

Either in present or in future, you will be a guardian for sure. And At that time a question will be make you curious and that question is "How to deal with children".

Today I am going to share with you some unknown facts about children and some best actionable techniques for how to deal with children.

If you want to know how to deal with children then first you have to understand that what is a children.

To understand it let's take a tour in to the flash back and observe your childhood.


In your childhood you were like a soft clay. Was not you?" Your brain was like a blank canvas. Whatever you saw, heard, experienced and understood is the reality of your present. Is not it?"

At that time you were hungry for information. Either good or bad, whatever information you got, your brain stored in its memory and directed your growth based upon those information.

   "It is exactly what children are"

So now you can easily connect. Each and every children go through the same process. That means at first you have to decide that you will deal with children like that what you think you were deserve in your childhood.

How to deal with children

Let me tell you the most important thing about children. And that is :-

Children are like very soft clay. Whatever shape you want to give them, you can."

You will say what's new on this. You know it!"

Of course you all know it. But the thing you forget is the mind of a child is always open. Whatever they see, hear, experiance or learn 24x7 affects their mind and their mind direct their life according to that.

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Then how to deal with children

That"s easy! Here are some best ways to deal with children :-

Never be rude to children

Do you also behave rude with children when they do not obey you or irritate you by their childish behaviour?"

Or when you are in tension you behave rude to them?

If so, then I strongly suggest you to stop it today.

Remember children have a very soft mind and they have no maturity to understand your situation or problem. But yes, they can 100% feel your behaviour.

They are very sensitive. They can't understand the cause, but they feel the pain and insult when you behave rude. It affects their unconscious mind very badly.

They realize that it is the way of behave and as they are in the learning mode they unconsciously learn it. And then with their growth the become more and more rude. This rudeness make them flinty and in future when they become young and you become old, they behave in the same way with you.

Then you think that why your child is behaving rude with you when your are old and need his/her love and care. This is because you had feeded this nature in their unconscious mind in their childhood!"

So next time if you will behave rude to them, the remember you are actually plant a seed of rudeness in their brain and you will have to eat those fruits of rudeness in your future.

Always keep this thing in your mind that children can't catch the cause, but they can catch the practical behaviour and emotion.

Deal with love

Children are very sensitive. They are highly influenced by what they face and experience.

So you need to deal with them with love. Because they have no maturity to understand why you are angry. There logical mind is not developed.

So for good or bad, if you show any kind of anger then it affects negatively in their mind. Of course you can shout on them to control them, but love and authority should be visible in your body language, face and voice. It should not be hurt them but it should make them to follow you or obey you.

Make eye contact

Make eye contact with them, but do not make them to be afraid. Let them to feel your love always, even at that time also when you control them.

Authority should be there in your love.

Remember everything will influence them. You are mature, not they are. So have patience. If they do not obey you then don't loose your patience. Only be little strict, but with full of manners and at the end give them some love. Pamper them too a little bit.

.Tip>>> If they do wrong, then shout on them. But not in an ugly language or style. Tell them it is wrong. Make them understand how it will be bad for them. You can add any lose for them, like people will hate them, disrespect them or will not love them if they do so. By any means let them understand that they did wrong and it will make loses for them, so they should not do it again. If they agree then pamper them with love and give some chocolates as a reward for being good

Never say negative things to children

Never say negative things to children

A lot of time I have seen that people say negative things like "you can not do it" or "you have not ability to do it" or "It is not possible for you" etc to children.

For example if a child says the he will climb Everest then people say you can not or similar negative things to him/her.

Do you ever think what will be the affect of this negative sentence in his/her mind?"

Remember children are mentally very innocent. Their mind is hungry to collect information. They cannot able to choose rationally which one should be believe and which should not.

Affect of negative talk

So when they hear these kind of negative things they loose their extreme hidden potential. They believe they cannot instead of believing they can. And after that they never achieve extra ordinary success in their life. Because of this negative mind set they never even try to get success in different fields of life as they believe they cannot.

That means mistakenly you plant the seed of mediocre in your children's mind.

Again you expect extra ordinary results or success from your children.

Tell me how it will be possible?"

So never say these kind of negative things to them. Also some other negative things like you are lazy, you are nonsense, you are looser or any kind of negative thing should not be tell them by you or anyone. Otherwise you will be loose a bright future of your children.

Instead of that always say positive. Always encourage them. 

If your child says he/she will be climb Everest then say"why not! But for that you have to make yourself very strong and able".

This is the right way to deal with children."

Of course if they get interest in any wrong thing and want to do that then teach them the right thing. Say them that if they do that wrong thing then they will be punish by god or nature or by others.

Teach them that by doing wrong they will get wrong. Childhood is the best time to plant good seeds in their mind. It will make their potential grow.

Lovely Tips

Make them yours by giving gift or rewards

If a child is not in your control or  do not like you then you should give some lovely gift which will make him/her happy and he will start to like you and follow you.

Remember if you will deal with children by opposing them always then it will be affect negatively on them. They will be rude and arrogant with the passage of time. It will be their believe that no one will be agree with them. Their confidence, self believe all will affect by this negatively.

So try a different technique.

If they do not follow you means simple, they do not like you. So first make them to like you.

You can give gifts, toys or chocolates to enter in their heart. Give those gifts what they like. Also tell them you can give more but what he/she will give you in return.

He/she will think and will say something. Refuse that and when he/she will thing what he/she will give, that time ask what you want him/her to do. Like eat food, study, homework etc. There is very high chance that he/she will follow you.

By this process you can also make good habits or kill any bad habit of them.

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Create scarcity and desire

If your child is very naughty and it is very difficult for you to handle him/her and even all other ways are not working then this idea is for you.

Make a desire in him/her for a new thing. Like any toy, by-cycle, visiting new place, buying pet etc.

How you can do it?"

By showing it in TV, Internet or in books or photos. Even let them see how other children enjoy that. Make a strong desire in him/her for that.

Then make them understand that they can not get that without doing something

Note >>> Never say that you will not buy it for him/her if he/she will not listen you. Tell them that seller or owner will not sell that thing if he/she will not successfully do some particular things (those things you want from them). It is because children know that you will care if they will be stubborn, but others who does not love them will not care. So they have no choice other than to follow you if they want that thing.

Another way is by creating scarcity."

If you will make everything available for a child without any effort of him/her then he/she will never learn the importance and value of hard work and effort. They will depend on you for everything on you and on others after you.

And these are the two most important weapons of life to win success in every field.

Never thing that you will make him understand when he/she will be big. Remember whatever they experience from childhood are like seeds. It will must be a strong tree with the passage of time. It will be a strong habit of your child. And all knows our life is a result of our habits.

If you wil make good habit in your child then it will be result for him and you good. But if you will make bad habit in your child then it will result definitely bad.

So always try to make good habits in your child.

By scarcity you can make children to give some effort to achieve that thing what they want.

By this, it will be change as a good habit in them and they will learn that if you want something then you have to put some effort.Once they will learn it then nothing will be difficult for them.

Also by it you can direct them easily. You can make them to do whatever you want from them by using this scarcity technique. You can say if they want something then they have to put right kind of effort to get that. And they already know that it is a law of life. So they will definitely follow you.

That's it!"


How easy it is to deal with children!"

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By creating a fake fear

Creating a fake fear is not wrong to control children. Only thing is do not misguide them or use it wrong.

For example you can make a fear of leaving them in a boarding school, or will hire a strict teacher about whom they scare.

Or any kind of related thing like by god. This is why it is good to make children know about god and his law. Once a child will have the faith and fear on god then it will be very easy to direct him/her by the name of god.

Some fake fear like ghost, devil, elephant etc are used to control and guide child.

Do not worry! With the growth of age they will understand that there is nothing like that.

You can say they will not get their desire things if not follow the right thing. And then let them know that you are showing the right way to them

Tip>>> This is a very strong and affective technique. So please do not misuse it. Or do not use it all time. It will be risky for your child if you over use it. It will harm his/her mental condition and growth. So use it less and always make a confidence in him/her that by being good and disciplined he/she can defeat these fears.

How to deal with children
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Remember children are very innocent and sensitive. However you will deal with them, will not only affect their present but will also affect their future. Love should be the only way to deal with them. It is better to pull than than to push them. Keep the physical, social, psychological and emotional environment clean around your children. And yes, you have to try again and again to teach them good things and make them to go on the right way and right direction. Comment your opinions about this topic and share this article with them who needs it.

Written by -
Sushil Jhora


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