How to Make Student Life Easy


How to make student life easy

Do you also feel pressure due to a lot of studies, courses, competition and time shortage?"

Are you also searching for something which will make your student life easy??

Do you want to enjoy your each and every moment of student life and at the same time build your best possible future?"

Then keep reading this article how to make student life easy because today I am going to share some top secretes for how to make student life easy.

And I am sure your student life will be easy if you apply all these tricks and techniques.

How to make student life easy

From very childhood your student life begins and ends with the end of your young age.

Is not it!"

And also the pressure of all like studies, marks, home-work, parents, teachers and also from society comes as a bonus.

"Am I wrong!"

Of course not!"

Because I have exactly face the same in my student life.

But luckily I got some ideas to handle the pressure of student life easily and at the same time I abled to build a great career and future.


Let's read and I am sure you will be very happy and will be benefited by using all those in your student life.

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Student life

Find the reason

Do you know what is the very first reason for the difficulty of student life?"

It's the "Reason".

Yes!" Most of the students have no reason for study.

Whenever you need to do something, but you have not any personal reason, then definitely the enthusiasm to do that work is low. You will not able to give your 100% and even an easy work will also be difficult for you.

Let me share a real experience regarding this :
If you have red my real life story then you know that I struggled in the subject history in class 6. But when Pratikhya mam insulted me on the stage then my ego hurted and I had decided that I will show everyone that what I am.

"The rest is history"

I had not like history but because of this strong commitment, I got a strong reason to do my best in history.

In class 7, I got the highest mark in history and 100%  correct answers in every day's Q & A of history class.

Do you know why I got this success while I did not like history?

It was the reason."

The reason to raise my head with proud, the reason to satisfy my ego, the reason to be the topper, the reason to be the most popular boy of my school and of course the reason to be the favorite of the girls of my school.

So if you are struggling for any subject or anything then find a reason to do that and your unconscious mind will create unlimited energy to accomplish that. No matters how difficult it is, trust me you will able to do that easily.

Only thing is keep the reason in mind always.

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Proper fun and masti

Successful student life

Are you surprise?"

Yes I am saying a totally opposite thing from your believe.

Everyone believe that if you want great success in life then avoid fun and masti in student life.

But I am saying totally different. I am saying you to have fun!"

Now listen carefully why I am saying this:

Our mind is like a machine. But it is a living machine. So it needs rest. You need to boost it continuously.

When you do any work, it works. It uses energy. After few time it gets tired and your productivity goes down. At that time it requires rest and a reboot.

"Fun and masti exactly do that."

Let me tell you my real experience. In my school life I was doing very hard work. So I was feeling very tired. But because of course pressure I was continuing study.

Suddenly I felt because of mental tiredness my productivity goes down. My memory power goes down. What actually takes 1 hour to complete was now took 3 hours.

Then I realized I have to refresh my mind. I started to having a lot of fun and masti. It refreshed my mind and made me happy. I was full of energy.

And you will not believe my productivity increases amazingly. I completed 1 years course in 7/8 months.

Then I realized the importance of fun and masti.

I decided to do proper fun and masti. Even I made a time-table for masti. I was very naughty in class but the best performer of studies in class. So teachers are very soft for me.

This is the benefit of proper fun and masti for me.

Fun and masti

Of course I am not saying to have fun whole day. I am saying that use fun and masti as a power generator and for refreshing and rebooting yourself to be more productive in studies.

You can fix some time for fun and masti. It may be 15 minutes, it may be 30 minutes or it may be 1 hour. But at that time enjoy properly. Proper freshness will give you the energy for better learning.

There are also some other benefits of this. So make it a part of your student life. But yes, too much is wrong. Just make a proper balance and use it to get more from your student life.

Actually fun and masti with friends is a great way to refresh yourself in student life. Competitive attitude, bonding, activeness, enthusiasm all increases by it. It is because proper fun and masti create happy hormones in our brain which increases our abilities and other powers, so we able to done things very easily.


Make your own syllabus

School syllabus are based upon universal schedule. Weekends, holidays, festivals all are a part of it. 

Most of the students suffer because they plan their own studies based upon that syllabus.

But I strongly suggest you to make your own syllabus. As an individual you can use everyday, every week, every month. There should not be a holiday, of course there should be leasure hours or time. But you should study everyday.

When I was in school, holidays were the best days for studies.

I was making my personal syllabus one step ahead from school syllabus. I was starting always with 10 minutes revision when reading any subject. I had my proper time table for what I will read, when I will read, how I will read.

And also I had my personal homework copies where I write everyday what I red. It makes everything easy to remember for long time.

As I was making my syllabus for whole 365 days so day to day time pressure on me was low. I had smartly managed my time and getting a lot of time for fun everyday. Which made myself highly active and by which I abled to work more in less time. Also I got time to read other books like stories, which increased my knowledge.

It's a bonus, is not it!"

Hope you are catching my point that how fun and scheduling your studies are inter connected to save time and increase productivity for better and easy student life.

So make your own syllabus according to your preferences. I strongly suggest you to do it must.

Proper planning for your studies

Plans for student life

Do you know why maximum students unable to handle their student life?

It is because they have no plans to deal with the pressure of student life.

Remember we have limited time and unlimited things to learn. So you must have a plan to handle the pressure and to get the desired results.

The very first thing is identify your goals or targets. Do not be confuse about your goals if you have no clarity for your future career. That will be clear with the passage of time. Here your first goal should be proper learning and achieve maximum marks or results as much as you can.

"As a student this is your first goal."

So leave your all confusion apart.

Then set your plans for how to achieve this goal.

But remember not only getting mark should be your goal. Make sure that you will learn properly so that in your future life your education and knowledge will make your life easy and successful. No doubt this is the motive for education. Is not it!"

How to make plans

How to make plans?

It depends on you because only you can say that what you can do, how you can do and how much you can do."

Although here I am giving my example for how I was making my plans for my student life.

First of all I always avoid those people who demoralize me. They are energy sucking vampires.  So no need to listen them or pay attention on their words. They are loosers and want you to loose also. So totally ignore them.

Well. I believe if your plan is good, then half of the things already done. So I had backup plans too for my studies.

I always set 
  • Plan A
  • Plan B
  • Plan C

Plan A

Plan A is always based upon my suitable time for every day's studies. Also I divide all subjects in two categories.

One which I love to read and another which I don't.

During my studies I switch between one category to another continuously. In this way I able to maintain the interest for readings and also able to complete all subjects.

I had a proper plan for student life for what I have to read and when I have to read. 

I also decide how much time I should give to a subject. Should I read it daily!"

For example, literature is very easy for me so I gave it 3 seasons in a week because it was very enough for me to complete the course in time. Similarly math needs special treatment. So I planed to give 30 minutes daily for it.

Plan B

Plan B is for recovery. If some how any unbalance happens then I was going with plan B.

Here I recover my personal syllabus on week ends and holidays. They were my best working days. Don't think that my holidays were boring, I have earlier said that I was a fun lover and I was enjoying that properly in holidays too. But I had clarity for when to study and when to have fun. 

Plan c

If somehow plan A and B fails, then I go with plan C.

Here I fix a time, for example 72 hours. Then continuous studies to recover. Means hardly I use 6 hours for daily works, 18 hours for rest and 3 hours for mind fresh. All other things I post pond.

That means 45 hours studies in 3 days. I was doing exactly the same in my school life.

Health & fitness, fun & masti, story readings, music and studies all were the part of my plans for my successful student life.

Time management to make student life easy

Time management to make student life easy

"Time is the key factor students."

You can not reduce courses and learning. Today's world is highly competitive. If you want a happy future and life then you must invest your time on studies, for learning new courses and skills.

This is because career options are less and competition to crack those is high. So you can not minimize learning.

But yes!

You can manage your time intelligently!"

Cut time from less important things and add those to your priorities.

Like avoid household works like cleaning room, washing clothes & shoes and similar other jobs. Let your family members to do that for you to save more time. Or hire a servant.

If you observe then you will find daily we miss use at least 2 hours.

There are four reasons behind it:

  • No planning for what to do, how to do, when to do and how much.
  • No clarity for your strategies.
  • Laziness.
  • Unnecessary thoughts. 

So try to collect those extra hours and use them intelligent to make your student life easy.

Student life and friendship

"I made my all good friends in my school life."

No doubt you have also good friends in your school life. And surely many of them will be your very good friend throughout your life.

It means our life is highly influenced by our school friends.

Is not it?"

So you should be very careful while make friends in school life. Even I will suggest you to make friends with the guidance of your elders.

This is because if you fall in the friendship of wrong persons then not only you will suffer in your student life but also your whole life may spoil.

If you make friendship with toppers and good students then automatically you will create a good environment around you.

This will increase your enthusiasm, your competitive attitude, willing for studies and career and also your productivity as a student. They will help you in your studies too.

In other hand if you make friendship with bad students and with them who are careless about studies and future, then no doubt your student life will be full of pressure and pain.

So always make friendship with them who are serious about their future life and studies. You will get a lot of advantage from them.

Tips for students

Tip Don't feel any hesitation to avoid friendship with wrong classmates. They will not be with you always.  They are with you for few years only. But your studies and career will be with you throughout your life.

Take the best possible action

A lot of time students are unable to take the best possible action  to accomplish their jobs. This is the biggest drawback.

"Always search the easiest way to finish your work successfully."

For example if you will write the same thing after reading then you can remember it easily in two or three try only. Because one time writing is equal with five times reading. So it will definitely save some time for you.

Again if you read with interest and concentration then you can remember that only in 2 or 3 tries. But if you will read forcefully then it will be difficult to remember that even in 10 try also.

Let me share a funny experience of my life. In one summer I asked my friend,"what you did in the afternoon today?"

He replied "I red 3 hours".

I said "Great, well done! How much you red?".

He replied "It's just two lines".

Then we laughed like hell.

It happens when you have no interest in reading or studies. 

So do smart things. Create interest, follow right strategies and that's it!"

You will done everything easily.


In this article I have given you the best ideas to make your student life easy. By these ideas no matters how big the pressure is because your productivity will increase. 

There is unlimited potential in you, only you have to identify that. You cannot reduce learning or courses, you cannot increase time.

But yes!"

You can increase your focus, your memory power and your speed.

If once you learned the art of getting things done systematically then not only your student life but also every challenge of your life will be easy.

Share with your friends and make them thankful to you. Comment your opiniond for it.

Written by
Sushil Jhora



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