Warning - You Should not do These Things to Your Husband

Warning - You should not do these things to your husband

Warning - You should not do these things to your husband
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Warning - You should not do these things to your husband if you want his love and attention!"
Do you have a dream to be the dearest of  your husband and live life like the queen of his heart?

But unfortunately you haven't got success yet!"

Am I right?

If so  then the reason is that you are doing something wrong which you should not do to get your husband's love and attention.

Imagine how it will be great if your dream becomes real!"

No doubt you will be the luckiest girl of this world then.

Hey, touch wood!"

Today I will tell you how to make it real by my this content "Warning - You should not do these things to your husband". The only thing you need is to follow my these suggestions and never do these things to your husband if you want to be the dearest of your husband.

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Warning - You should not do these things to your husband

That life is wonderful when you are the dearest of your husband and get proper attention and love of him.

But when it is possible?

It is possible at that time when you fill your husband's  life by your love, attention, care and importance. 

Attention and love of your husband

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Of course you do these for your husband. Although you miss same return from him. I am sure there is a question in your mind "why". Why he is not givings that love which is your right!

First let me give you the answer of this "why". Because this why kills you.

Is not it?"

Ok tell me one thing. If you want to cook rice and you have fire, water, rice, salt. Then can you able to cook it?


Because you have no "pan"

And without pan how you can cook? If you put these things into fire then it will burn. No food will be cook.

Similar thing happen in the case of your "husband's love". You do all good but forget to maintain some important things so you cannot get the returns which you want.

Now pay attention and understand these things properly. Because once you correct them then it's my guarantee that you will get plenty of love from your husband."

#1_Move from "me" to "we"

If you will ask me to define marriage in one sentence then I will define it as the move from me to we.

Do you still use the word "me" in your marriage life?

My life, my things, my wish, my choice, my property, my future, my money etc...

Do you use these phrases?

If so, then stop it right now!"

Move from me to we

My dear friend, words create magic! It is our words which decide what we will get in our life, love or hate.

When you use these words again and again, it supply a negative impression of yourself in your husband's subconscious mindBecause of this, the deep affection and trust is not created in his mind for you. There is always a doubt in your husband's mind for you. That's natural. But whenever you use 'me' and 'my' like words, it boosts that doubt which is the biggest obstacle of your husband's love for you.

So I strongly suggest you to never use these words which creates a separation between you and your husband. Instead of that always use 'we' and show him that you both are one. It will increase his love for you and you will be his queen of heart.

Husband's love
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Bonus Tip>  As a married woman always avoid individuality. Most of the women do this mistake. They give priority to their individuality's. But you have to do reverse. Setup an example in front of your husband about your dedication for your marriage. Prove it that what you do is for both of you. Now you think about him first. These things will raise your value in your husband's life and he will be more and more emotional for you. After that he will love you as his soul.

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#2_Interaction with husband's friend circle

Life and Relationship Tips

Maximum female becomes very frank with her husband's friends. Even they exchange phone numbers. They do private call, private chat with them. Also they meet them in the absence of their husband. 

Some also share things about which their husbands are unaware. Even some criticize their husband in front of his friends too.

If you also do that then stop it right now!"

Keep this thing in mind. All men are possessive about his wife. Only thing is they don't show it.

But they don't feel good by these kind of activities of their wife. They feel hesitate to tell her about this because females will say how narrow minded you are!"

Remember , if you will not give your husband the right for being possessive for you, then it will be almost impossible for you to get his proper love and care.

All man wants his wife as his private property. And they give their deep love only when they feel it as real by you. 

Of course it is a hidden wish of all husband. So don't expect that they will ask you for it. They feel hesitate to express these kind of things. But their love depends on it a lot.

Note> It is based upon my personal research, knowledge, experiences and understanding. If you are not agree with me then no need to follow me. I have given these suggestions based upon my understanding of my research.                                                      

Relationship Tips

Tips for unhappy wife

So never be frank with his friends. Maintain a standard relation with them only as the friends of your husband. 

This will unconsciously satisfy your husband and he will feel that how special he is for you. And no doubt he will give a plenty of love and importance in return to you.

Bonus TipWhen ever you will interact with your husband's friends, tell him everything. Don't criticize, because it will not solve any problem. In fact it will make your husband to hate you. Remember as much as you will give, as much as you will receive.

Avoid fighting like enemies
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#3_Avoid fighting like enemies

Fights are a sweet part of marriage life.

Is not it!

Without fights married life will be boring.


Fight like lovers, not like enemies.

Remember, by making your husband cry heartily you will not get any profit. In fact it will make a big lose for you.

When a man cry heartily, he never give real love to his wife. He feels his wife as a burden.

Most of the females say very hard things to her husband during fights or arguments!

Some wives use ugly language, tone, words and comments to demotivate their husband.

Of course your husband is not your lord, but he is your life partner Your happiness, safety all connected with him. So don't you think you shouldn't hurt his male ego!"

Winning an argument by sacrificing your husband's love  is the biggest foolish thing done by you. Because you will get few minutes ego satisfaction by that win but by husband's love you will get long term happiness.

So now choice is yours. What you want, few minutes ego satisfaction or long  term happiness of love."

Bonus TipThings related to career, status, personality, respect, slang, comparison, family, problems related to him should not be used to win the argument by you.

Marriage rituals
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#4_Don't miss ritual opportunities

The people of older civilization are not fool. Do you know why they made some rituals for wife to do for her husband?"

It is because these rituals are some tricks to control and win husband.

At that time civilization was not developed although females were the dearest of their husbands. Of course not all but many of them.


By doing those rituals.

Ritual of married life

When a wife do some special rituals and things like fasting for her husband's life, success, about their relation, it strikes the heart of her husband. Unconsciously he feels great for his wife.

His unconscious mind becomes her obedient. He regrets if he does wrong with her wife. He regrets if he doesn't give respect and love to her.

This feeling of regret gives birth of pure love in your husband for you!

And I think the price of some lovely rituals is very less for you to be the queen of heart of your husband

What you think!"

Bonus Tip> Remember the rule of 'give and take' is applicable in everywhere. Even in love and marriage too. So when you will give some psychological value to your husband, you will get emotional value in return. And yes! Make lovely foods for your husband in these days because it will create psychological advantage for you. Trust me, I am a mind expert and I know some hidden facts which works like magic. Just try and see.

Now final choice is yours."

#5_Don't avoid cooking

Relationship Tips

The way of heart goes through the way of stomach.

Yaa. It's true!

Then why not to get the advantage of this?"

Every husband loves to eat the food cooked by his wife. I observed more than 10000 married couple and found that who they cook food for husband are having strong bonding with their husband.

These small things work a lot girls!" 

but yes, cook better. because the taste  of food matters a lot. You may not believe but I have finished the hardness of many couples by this trick and now my those clients are living a very happy life.

Again, choice is your my dear friend.

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#6_Warning | You should not do these as a wife

Life and Relationship Tips

1) Don't give more attention to your mother's family rather than to your husband's family or your family.

Most of the female do this mistake

Almost each and every boy expect from his wife that she will give the highest importance to his family.

It is a psychological and evolutionary fact!"

But maximum female give more attention to their mother's family. Psychologically it decreases the faith and trust of yourself in your husband. Which is a big reason for lack of husband's love.

Note >> Do not forget you have to build a new family with your husband. This is the exact meaning of marriage. So you should give more attention to your new family. It is expected from you and no doubt if you will not fulfill social expects of your husband then you will only get a casual attention from him. 

2) Don't ask your husband to visit to your mom's house again and again.

If you go to your mom's home again and again and also ask your husband to visit there then your husband will hate you.

Because normally husbands do not like his wife's relatives.

It is a big subject to express so I told it in short. But if you want to understand it properly then you can contact me. 

3) Don't show off your father's or his family's status to your husband

Show off

Now a days lot of girls do this. Sometime in joke and sometime in anger. Tell me how you will be the dearest of your husband by making him feel low or by hurting his ego.

How you will feel if he will say that his mother or sister is better than you? 

Note>>  Remember if you want to get unlimited love of your husband then you have to give him proper respect and love to him as whatever he is. You have to accept him as what he is. Otherwise leave the dream to be the queen of his heart.

#7_Don't forget to be a couple

The meaning of marriage is to be a couple from single.

Are you a couple for 24x7?"

Are you sure you are?"

Because if you are couple always then no doubt there is very strong relationship in between both of you.

But unfortunately maximum couple are not 'couple' 24x7.

There are a lot of time when they only think about themselves. At that time they are aware about their satisfaction only, about their individuality only. Which is beyond the policy of marriage.

Is not it!"

Warning - You should not do these things to your husband
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As a wife if you want to get unlimited love from your husband then always think as a couple.

Means all the things, nature, qualities, weakness, property, family everything are now both of yours. Lot of girls accept her husband's positive things and enjoy those. But when it is the question to accept his failiers, weaknesses, wives become individual and blame her husband.

What it means that a wife should accept positive things and avoid negative things of her husband?"

If so then why your husband should love you?"

Why not he has the right to do the same thing?

I have told before - you get what you give.

When you think as a couple and not as an individual in everything, it gives birth of real love and an unbroken-able relationship between both of you.

Then automatically you say our things, our house, our life, our problems. The base of a strong bonding starts from here. You never blame or disrespect your husband for any of his failier. You accept his everything as it is.

This is how a wife called the power of her husband!"

And at that time you deserve to be called the real life partner of your husband. After this you can ask your husband for his unlimited love with full of proud.

Note >>  Remember don't try to be the wheel of the vehicle called marriage. Only be the driver of that vehicle.

#8_Don't share everything to your mom's family

Do not share everything to your mom's family or let them interfere in your family always.
Be mature! Be responsible!"

You are not a kid any more...

Misunderstandings, arguments, fights all happens in marriage life. These are the part of life.

But for everything you knock the door of your mom dad, ask to solve every issue, share hap-pings of your husband's life,family or house then it is the prove that you are not mature.

Of course you can share big matters, you can ask help while you fail. But for everything, then it is wrong.

You husband will hate you for doing these things. And by time he will keep distance from you. He will not share things with you because you will loose his trust.

Husbands hate while wife's family interfere for anything. Lot of time it hurts their self respect.

Look! After marriage every male wants his new family. He wants to be the king of his family and you are the queen of that family. 


No king digest the interference of anyone.

So either leave this habit or leave the dream to be the queen of your husband's heart.

Choice is yours!"

#9_Do not nude your relationship

Privacy is the power of a relationship
Privacy of bed room, privacy of family, privacy of financial condition, privacy of misunderstandings, privacy of future plans.

For every matter you need to maintain a privacy.

Keep things between you and your husband.

Only disclose them when there is no other option.

Because whenever you disclose things of your family to others then it breaks the privacy of your marriage life. By doing this actually you open the door from which anyone can interfere in your marriage life.

Don't expect that in this way you can solve problems or you can make your husband to follow you.

It is the wrong thinking of a wife!

Remember boys are open. So when you open the door then you will loose all.

He will not 100% free with you any more. He will hide his mental thoughts and plans from you. Even his friends will be know him more than you.

And if it will be a female friend then...

Remember boys don't want to share things or whisper. But girls enjoy it.

If you share good things then your husband may feel good. But whenever you share anything which may make him feel low, then you will loose your value in his life for sure.

So close the door of your marriage life and let the matters stay in inside always. It will make your husband also to do the same and he will be totally yours by heart because I have already told you "privacy is power'.

#10_Never offended your husband in public

Either in public or in front of family or relatives, never offended your husband in front of them.

As you expect love always from your husband by any means, similarly your husband also expect from you to increase his self respect always by any means.

In this condition if you make him feel offended in front of others then forget to get plenty of love from him.

This thing will strike his mind consciously and unconsciously. By result he will neither respect you nor love you.

So don't offended him in front of anyone else. 

You can say anything in privacy or in bedroom. He will not take it seriously. 

But in public! Be cautious...

#11_Never make your husband feel alone

Life is full of different situations and matters. These things make human being tired psychologically.

This psychological tiredness is a big enemy of marriage life! It becomes the reason of painful marriage life.

Because when your husband face it he feels alone from inside. So he needs a helping hand from you psychologically. If he does not get it then he behave rude and show his dissatisfaction to you indirectly by different ways.

But most of the wives don't understand it. They take it negatively and don't try to find the reason.

They reach on a negative conclusion and finally marriage life becomes hell...

Hey but don't worry. You can easily solve this problem!"


It's very easy.

By giving an emotional and psychological support to your husband whenever he will be in any problem or tension. Share his tiredness and let him feel that you are there to hold his hand. Make him relax by motivating him.Be the power generator for him...

And trust me, after that he will love you more than his life.

#12_Don't avoid to tell the reason

This is the biggest mistake of a wife.

A lot of time unusual things happen in marriage life. Even you need to hide something from your husband for any reason or for a particular period. Or sometime you do not like to share everything to your husband.

In that case if he gets an idea about that thing then misunderstanding or doubt will be definitely arise.

I have seen females get angry in that situation. They behave wrong or try to play down their husband by different ways to justify themselves.

If you also do so then stop it right now!

Look my dear friend...

If you are not wrong and if you have a valid reason for doing that, then you can answer the questions of your husband easily. You can share the reason as well freely.

But if you are doing wrong or you have not a valid reason, then you are not deserving your husband's love.

So always tell the reason. Even if you are wrong then also. Apologize for your mistake. Use polite tone. There is a maximum chance that he will forgive you and the love between both of you will be continue.

Note>>> These small things have a huge impact in love-life. Most of the couple ignore small things in relationship. But there is not any big pillar to build a strong love relationship. Actually real love stands on a lot of small pillars like this. It is a million dollar secrete to get real lover in life.

#13_Never keep privacy of your social media for your husband

Always remember one thing...

If you want a strong love relation then you have to avoid all privacy.

Now a days privacy of social media is the root cause of misunderstanding between married couples. And if there is a single misunderstanding also exist then no chance for a happy marriage life.

If you are loyal to your husband and open to your husband then what is the need to maintain a privacy of social media from him?

Whenever you maintain privacy for social media or secrete password in your mobile then it gives strong reason to your husband for having doubt on you. Because it is common sense that an honest and loyal female will never keep privacy from her husband as she have no fear. Only that wife will want privacy who have something to hide.

And there is no chance to get deep love of your husband without being open in everything.

It is a psychological need of love. You can't challenge it. Either follow or avoid. But the results will be according to that.

Because with privacy deep love is a myth. It is never possible.

So avoid keeping privacy if you want your husband's deep love.

#14_Never dissatisfy your husband sexually

Sex is the most important part of marriage life.

Some female have less interest in sex. Some time they avoid their husband's desires. Even some female do sex very casually just as a formality.

But sex is totally natural.

And it is your husband's right to expect from you to satisfy him.

If your husband is not satisfy by you then your marriage life is at risk!"

So give your best to satisfy him, cooperate him properly. Never be hesitate as it is strongly connected with your husband's love.

Also make romance a part of your marriage life. Maintain your beauty, figure as much as possible. Maximum female becomes casual about their figure and beauty after marriage. They are cautious about these during their college life but casual after marriage like.

What a silly thing!"

You need figure and beauty more as a wife rather than a bachelor girl. Because you need to satisfy your husband for your happy life, not others. Your happiness depends on your husband, not on other people.

Try to make your marriage life colorful, not only a responsibility."

#15_Never show yourself superior

If you show yourself as superior in front of your husband then forget it that he will love you by heart.

Maximum husband do not like their wife because they show themselves superior. 

Of course they may be superior from their husband. But no need to show it, because it may hurt your husband's male ego!"

A husband feels himself as the guardian of his wife. So in that case when you show yourself superior it makes him feel bad about you. Psychologically it brings him away from you. He thinks "if she is superior than me then why I should take care of her or love her, she can do everything for herself. Why I will take responsibility". 

It makes him feel that you want him under yourself.

This is why husbands start to avoid their wife. Even in maximum cases they talk very less with their wife.

So accept and respect your husband as he is. Nothing matters in front of his love. Your goal is to get his love. So avoid all these nonsense. Let him feel good and rule in his heart. Be the love of his life.


In this article you got to know the reasons why you miss your husband's love

Remember love is not a thing to get by force or by shortcuts. You can get it by emotions and feelings. Love is a psychological game. You cannot sue anyone psychologically in the court for not giving love. 

Love is the only thing which is beyond law. So you can get love only by love. If you want deep love from your husband then you should follow these warnings and should not do these things to your husband. Then it is my guarantee that you will get that love which you want from your husband. 

Writen by -
Sushil Jhora


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