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21 Ways to Relieve Stress

21 Ways to Relieve Stress
You can live a stress free life if you get to know these 21 ways to relieve stress. Actually stress is a very common thing in every one's life. The only difference is, every one's way to deal with it. But out of those some techniques are very effective. Let's give a look on those. 
21 Ways to Relieve Stress Stress can be caused by any reason. Many times the person gets stressed without any reason. In fact, whenever something does not happen according to the wishes of human, it is natural for him/her to feel stress.

So let's understand and apply practically these 21 ways to relieve stress in your life.

1. Early morning visit
Morning visit is a very good way to relieve stress. But yes, you have to do it at the very early morning. For example - In India it should be 4 am in summer and 4.30 am in winter.

Actually, the fresh and peaceful environment of early morning effects very positively to your mindset. It relieve your stress throughout the day. A…

Yoga For Digestion For Better Day And Sleep

Yoga For Digestion For Better Day And Sleep


Digestion problem is worst as it may ruin our day and night as well as never allow us to eat properly. Whether it’s a party, Thanksgiving, or eating out or eating spicy and fast food often create indigestion issues, and that is to be eliminated as soon as possible to get back to our normal routine. Indigestion won’t allow you to work freely and sometimes it can be embarrassing as well as it will keep you up at night and disrupt your sleep. Bad digestion is not good for the people as it distracts our concentration, we can’t even work as well as rest.

If you want a quick solution for the same and that is without taking any medicine, it is important to look further to go with the yoga poses and get free from the indigestion issues. Thankfully, with our 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh we teach you there are ultimate yoga poses that can help ease digestive troubles and in NO TIME. So, must go forth with the same if you’re feeling bloated, cramped or feeling uncomfortable, and get a complete peace as soon as possible. Don’t know how yoga asana improves digestion issues? Here is something you must know as follows-

When you start up with yoga teacher training, it easily stimulates the digestive fire or Agni, which helps in increasing the appetite and balance the metabolism. With the help of the best asanas, one can stretch the body, which is very effective in terms with the massaging the abdominal muscles. Once this is done, it helps in moving food efficiently along with the digestive tract, hence no problem with indigestion will occur.

Bowel movements are very uncomfortable and will make you sick, but with great mudras or poses, one can eliminate the same and will get relieved from constipation. As yoga majorly helps in circulating the blood to the digestive organs and aid us from indigestion, however, this should definitely be tried. Here are few or more poses you can try to improve your digestion power, including-

Peacock Pose

This is also called Mayurasana, which is very effective and you will be able to eat anything and without having indigestion issues. This pose helps to increase perfect digestion and avoid further issues. To do so, you will need to place all pressure on the digestive organs by balancing the weight of your torso on your arms. This pose helps in cutting off blood supply to the digestive organs for a moment and a lot of fresh and oxygen-rich blood will flow, which helps in improving the digestion power.

Marjaryasana-Bitilasana Or Cow Pose

This is called as the cat or a cow pose, which will help in eliminating the indigestion issues. You just pose like a cat and simply rotate your spine up and down and rounding back with breathing. This pose helps in massaging your internal organs, especially your stomach and intestines, hence brings up great results. Repeat this 10-15 times and all pain and bloating will be eliminated.

The Triangle Pose

This pose is the best for individuals who are particularly suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Your right foot must be placed in front of your body and rotate your other foot outward about 45 degrees. With the same, you better stretch out your arms and put the right arm on the ground beside your foot and raising your left arm overhead.

Wind relieving posture

This is the best pose in order to get quick relief from sluggish indigestion. Make a pose slowly and be sure to combine it with your breath, which is very important. When you draw your knees into your chest, you better need to exhale and inhale as you allow them to flow away. Do this before you go to bed and it will give you great peace.

Also, other great poses- Half lord of the fishes, big toe pose, boat pose, bow pose, and other few or more poses are the best way to help you with the indigestion issues, so you better startup with great yoga poses, immediately.

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