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How to Control Anger - Best 11 Ideas

How to control anger - Best 11 ideas How to control anger Source -  pexels A feeling of regret always comes whenever anger controls you . So it is very important for you to  control your anger .  However,  anger  is a pure energy and it can be use for achieving success in anything. But to use it for your benefit, first you need to know  how to control anger .   In this article I will share with you my best 11 ideas by the application of which I successfully  control my anger  always and use it for my growth . And if you also want to get the advantages of these ideas then continue reading till the end . How to control anger - best 11 ideas Anger is a pure energy. It is normal and a healthy emotion. Only it creates problems when you don't know  how to deal with anger  and it starts to control you. Readers may like :- Techniques to increase self confidence Secretes of a happy life What should be a relationship Crush How to make others to lik