How to Control Anger - Best 11 Ideas

How to control anger - Best 11 ideas

How to control anger
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A feeling of regret always comes whenever anger controls you. So it is very important for you to control your angerHowever, anger is a pure energy and it can be use for achieving success in anything. But to use it for your benefit, first you need to know how to control anger. 

In this article I will share with you my best 11 ideas by the application of which I successfully control my anger always and use it for my growth. And if you also want to get the advantages of these ideas then continue reading till the end.

How to control anger - best 11 ideas

Anger is a pure energy. It is normal and a healthy emotion. Only it creates problems when you don't know how to deal with anger and it starts to control you.

Here are my best 11 ideas to control your anger

1) Mind set (my favorite)

It is my favorite technique. Here you have to make a table of those situations first which makes you angry

Also there are people who tries to make you angry. Note down them also in this table.

Now add a reward with each and every situation and write down there that you will get this reward when you will be not angry in that situation. 

The reward may be $1 or $10.

Means you will fix that every time you will be win or get success to control anger then you will save $1 or $10 in your piggy bank.


However, if you loose, then fix a punishment. Donate the same amount every time.

Then look at the table everyday and remind it to yourself. Honestly update all win and loose.

If you can't be honest then ask your best friend to help. Give him $100 and tell him whenever you loose, means your anger will go out of control then he will take $10 from that money. And he/she will not return that.

It will work great to control your anger!

Just follow it. If I will explain how it works then it will take a huge time.

So just follow it and honestly continue it. Trust me after some time you will be forget what is anger.

Note>>>  Don't discontinue it if you loose several times at the beginning. Just honestly continue it. It will not only control your anger, it will also increase your honesty and self respect.

How to control anger

2) Increase the distance

It is very simple, easy and affective technique to control anger. Increase the distance physically as well as psychologically.

In this technique you have to do 2 things only -
  1. Immediately move yourself and leave that place where you started to feel anger. Immediately take yourself into a different environment which will be totally different. 
  2. Immediate transfer your mind into your goals and future dreams or into that incident where you had suffered or lost something by your anger.
Of course it is not possible in everywhere but where it is possible, you must apply it. 

For example sometime we get angry between family members, strangers, on negative persons and so on. In such cases this technique is very affective.

Because in such situations anger is worthless. So change of place immediately changes the surrounding environment. As a result your anger do not get any out side source to boost itself. Again because of a new environment and surrounding situations your intelligence immediately comes into action and takes charge of yourself.

By all these your mind suddenly diverted. Again when you think about your goals and dreams, your mind feels some happiness and you feel that there is no benefit by getting angry, in fact anger will destroy your future happiness if you will do anything wrong in aggression.

And as a result  you able to control your anger easily. 

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3) Profit and lose analysis

When ever our mind is sure about any profit or lose, it does not get angry. Our full focus is either on that profit or lose. By which we don't get angry or aggressive.

For example, when you know that your boss have planed to give you a bonus of 1 million dollar then will you be angry on him if he insulted you or did anything which makes you angry always?

Of course not!"

Because you know you are going to get a big profit from him and if you show your anger or aggression then it will be a huge lose for you.

As a result you don't need to control anger, it is automatically controlled by your mind.

Similarly if there is a WWF fighter and he is doing things to make you angry or insulting you like hell, then also you will not be angry or aggressive. Because you know if you do so then he will beat you like hell.

Or if your girlfriend is insulting you a lot, even in front of others too then also you do not be angry or show your aggression. Because you know she will leave you if you react like that.

Is not it!"

It means our reaction of anger is our choice. If there is a strong benefit or lose  with that situation or person then it is easy to control that anger.

So you have to do only one thing. Find a strong benefit or lose in that situation or by that person and let your mind believe on that. Then your mind will focus on that instead of anger and your anger will be in your control.

4) A greater emotion than anger

Anger is a very strong emotion. If you want to control it then you have to oppose it by any other strong emotion like love, affection, sympathy, fear, respect etc. Even if a person is somehow very important for you then also you will be not angry.

Let me explain it...

If a person is going to die in front of you although saying bad things to you, then also you will not be angry because at that time you would be full of sympathy for him.

Here sympathy is the greater emotion than anger for you at that stage.

Similarly you can use this technique. Specially between family members because another strong emotions like love or affection are strongly related with them.

Or in the case of social image, professional relationship or anything like that. No doubt no one wants to spoil these for any stupid anger.

So just do a trick. Before reacting just go once through other related emotions to that situation or person. It will definitely remind you the loses you may have to face if you react badly in anger. And the basic nature of our mind is to avoid loses."

Other emotions will decrease the density of anger and then it will easy for you to control your anger.

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5) A strong reason to control your anger

Do you know why you do not able to control your anger most of the time?

Because there is not a valid, strong and real reason for it. 

But if you want to control your anger then you need a strong reason. To control anger should not be a wish only. Otherwise you will not be successful.

Again let's take an example to understand it.

Take that person whom you love the most. Now imagine he/she has a disease for which he/she will die after 3 months.

There is a medicine by which he/she will be properly cure. But that medicine is only in front of your biggest enemy. Your enemy hates you a lot but if you beg him he will give you the medicine.


Now what will you do?...

No doubt you will beg your enemy for that medicine. But as expected he will hurt you a lot, will try to make you angry by all means. Although you will ask for help until he gives it to you.

You will not be angry on him by any means. Because there is a very strong reason behind it. That is "life of your love one".

So you will never be angry on him and even you will be thankful when he will ready to help you. Not only for that moment, even for rest of the life.


When you have a strong reason to control your anger, it becomes easy to control it.

In real life your strong reason should be your goal or purpose or anything else. May be the burning desire of your life.

When it will be there then no doubt your mind will automatically avoid anger as it knows it will spoil your goals, dreams and upcoming happiness by those goals.

Note>>> If you have no plans in your life for what to get, how to get, when to get, then you will always be angry for even very small reasons. You will feel others as coward and yourself a hero who never afraid for the results of anger. But in reality you have no reason to control anger so you become a puppet of it. Whereas others have a reason to control anger so anger is their puppet. So set your goals and make them the reason to control anger. 

6) Control anger by breath

It is a commonly used technique to control anger. And also possible for everyone.

Do long and deep breath-in and breath-out. Keep the spinal straight. Count reverse from 10 to 1 with each breath.

It works like a magic. It is very helpful to control anger.

7) Anger control by sweating


It is highly affective.

If you are in anger then immediately start sweating yourself by any physical exercise.

It moves the blood speedily and works on hormones. Which decreases anger and uses that energy of anger in your body.

Note>>> It is a very good way to use the power of anger for your benefit. Personally I have been doing it for muscle building. I start muscular training immediately whenever I feel anger and you will be surprise but it grows muscle faster. Also you can able to do more reps and sets, as a result muscles pump nicely and grows speedily.

8) Attitude of forgiveness

This is not only a very good way to control anger but also a great way for self improvement.

If you want to be a great person or your dream is to get great respect and love in the society and your surrounding then it is best for you.

Everybody unconsciously love them who loves to forgive others. Because by default we love peace and hate angry people. So when someone forgive others we unconsciously start to love and respect them.

Just repeat these sentences in your heart(mind) - 

I know you want to make me angry and transfer your frustration in to me. But I love myself and my attitude of forgiveness. It makes me feel great and I become every one's favorite unconsciously. Love matters more than anger for me. So I am forgiving you.
Note>>> I will suggest you to repeat these again and again calmly with deep breathing when you feel anger. Also everyday just before sleeping remind these to your mind and then sleep. Your anger will be convert into the habit of forgiveness. 

9) Self counselling to control anger

You can  control your anger very effectively by self counselling. Now a days when life is so complicated, it should be a part of every one's life.

For self counselling you have to ask some questions to yourself -

  • What will I loose if I will be angry?
  • What can happen after anger?
  • What affects it will be make in my work, respect, mind and body?
  • Does my anger hurt my love ones?
  • What will be the outcome of anger?
  • What anger gives me, happiness or sadness?
  • Then what should I do, keep calm or get angry

These questions are very affective for self counselling. When you ask these kind of questions regularly to your mind, a mind transformation is happened. Your mind accepts anger as a very harmful thing and tries to keep distance from anger.

A strong believe creates in yourself to avoid anger. As a result you successfully able to control your anger.

10) Affirmations to control anger


Affirmations are a very tricky way to control anger.

In this way you have to remind your mind that you feel very happy when you control your anger. You feel energetic and pleasurable too. You get great respect from others and all those things which you want in your life. Because all positive energies are there in you by avoiding anger and also you save time and using that for your goals.

Tell similar things to yourself and try to feel those from inside. Feel as these are the realities of your present life and you are already enjoying that. Avoid logic just feel that.

Do this process just before sleep. At the night when you feel sleepy start all these affirmations and sleep by repeating these with proper feeling.

That's it...

Your anger will be control and you will surprise what magic happened in your life. Because now anger control is a game for you.

It is totally scientific, not a joke. Actually by this process we use the power of our unconscious mind to control anger. So follow as I explained and never say any negative thing in those affirmations.

11) Anger control by combine all techniques


It is an advance way to control anger. As anger is very powerful so sometime it is very difficult to control it by a single technique. Also it may possible that the technique will be weaker and weaker for you with time if you will get bor by that or you do not enjoy that. 

But when you use all techniques combinely or exchange them regularly then it is very affective for anger control because you start to enjoy it as a challenging game.

Your mind loves to win and every time when you try any technique from these 11 then it wants to win and get the result which is control your anger.

And if it feels difficulty then it uses all techniques together.


Here you made your mind to control it's own anger. And if once your mind starts to love anger control then congratulation!"

You have done. Now your anger is in your control.


Through this article I have given the ideas for how to control anger and shared the best 11 techniques by the application of which you can definitely able to control it. However if these don't work for you then you should consult a doctor to help yourself or if you need any counselling then you can contact me

Remember anger is a very natural thing and everyone experience it. Only thing is you have to deal with it intelligently. It is a super energy. And you can achieve great things in life by using this power in a right way. Overall intelligence is the best tool to control anger.

Share it and give your valuable feedback.

Written by
Sushil Jhora
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