3 Easy Ways to be Healthy

3 easy ways to be healthy


Health is the biggest wealth.
We all want a good health. For that we invest a lot of money, energy and time. But unfortunately after all efforts health issues still affect our day to day life. It demoralize us and we feel all efforts worthless. Then finally we loose our interest to give effort for health.

Is not it!"

But how it will be nice if you find some ways by which you can be healthy easily? 

Yes, it is possible!

In this article I am going to share with you 3 easy ways to be healthy. Just use these 3 ways and be healthy and fit. To understand these ways properly read till the end.

Be healthy with 3 easy ways

Health is the most important part of life. All other things are based on it. So apply these 3 easy ways to be healthy in your life consistently to get proper result. Un-consistency will not give result.

Consistency is key here.

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1) Morning water for good health 


Do you know what is the best natural medicine for health?

It is 'water'.

And the best time to drink water is the very first moment after wake up. Because throughout the night our body works on recovery. It works to flash-up all negativity of body and mind and fill these with positive energy.

When we complete our sleep and wake up, our body has already flash out maximum negativity of mind and ready to wash out other negative things in physical level.

So when we drink water after wake up, it cleanup our inner body and purify our blood very nicely. Which makes our immune system stronger and stronger.

And when we have a strong immune system any purify healthy blood, You can live a healthy life in both physical and mental level.

So drink at least 1 liter water after wake up or more or less according to your capacity. But try to drink good quantity of water, 200/300 ml is not enough. I personally drink more than 2 liters, but it is my capacity. You should set the quantity based upon your capacity. I have not any personal suggestion on that. But you can contact me if you are confuse. I will help you.

And make it a habit of your daily life. The compound affect of this is amazing. I have been doing it since last 15 years consistently and the results are unbelievable.

2) Stress free life


Stress is the root cause of all health issues.
Stress is completely natural and common. It will always be there either you are rich or poor, old or young, successful or failier. You can not stop stress to come into your life. But you can change the way to deal with it.

Stress creates many harmful hormones which are very dangerous for our health. So by any way if you get success to make yourself free from stress then you will be healthy and fit for long.

I personally use some methods to keep myself stress free.

1.  The easiest way for me to keep myself stress free is pranayam. As I have been doing it since last 15 years so there is a lot of benefits and I enjoy a stress free life even at that time also when there is a lot of problems in my life. Pranayams have magical inner benefits which is difficult to explain but who they regularly do those, can experience it very well.

2. My second favorite method to deal with stress is - a state of mind where I try to make myself totally free from every thought and feeling. Then I feel a lovely stable silence which is always there inside us, only we can not feel that because of our busy life.

When I was 9 years old, I had experienced it first time. After that I tried to feel it again and again. Now Because of practice, I can go into that state of mind whenever I want.

You may not believe but it gives a wonderful feeling of happiness. So try it and I am sure it will make you stress free.

Maximum time I do it daily when I feel stress from my work. And as a result it makes me stress free.

Similarly I have many more ideas and techniques to reduce stress.

To know more ideas to live a stress free life you can contact me for counselling.

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3) Good sleep for good health


Good sleep is the most important thing for being healthy. Remember when you sleep, your body recover.

Now a days because of our lifestyle we torture our body daily. It becomes fully tired till the end of the day. Even our mind also become tired very badly.
Although many of us do not take sufficient and deep sleep. They have no idea but it damages their body and mind from inside and when the get to know, it's too late.
Of course work is important, but no more than your life. If you will not alive or hospitalized for long then what is the value of your work!

So take proper rest and let your body and mind recover properly. Science says 6-8 hours sleep is enough.

But here I am talking about proper rest. Because only proper rest will do the magic, will make you healthy and you will get long life.

How you can know how much sleep is best for you?

It's simple!

Don't worry about the quantity. Just take a quality sleep. You brain is very intelligent, it will automatically wake you up when the recovery process will complete and your body and mind will fill up with new energy. It may be 5 hours, may be 10 hours, depend on your body type. But it is sure, after proper rest you will enjoy a wonderful life and your working capacity and speed will increase 5 times.

So overall there is double benefit. Because now you can do 10 hours work in 7 hours with full of energy.

This is the magic of proper sleep.
I personaly always take proper sleep. This is the secrete of my energy level and work efficiency. I do many businesses at a time additional with counselling seasons of many people who need my help. So extra 2/3 hours sleep is not time waste. Actually it is an intelligent investment.

So take good sleep for good health.


To be healthy is not a difficult task. It is just a continuous process. You need consistency to maintain a good health. These 3 easy ways to be healthy are very easy and possible for everyone. When all these 3 are done together regularly, it strengthen our immune system. Make these as your daily habit and enjoy good health throughout your life. your life.

Writen by
Sushil Jhora
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