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How to Make a Happy Family? -(Expert's Tips)

How to make a happy family Family is the smallest unit of the society. After body it is the most important part of our life . This is why we all want to make a happy family. Of course you also want the same. But the question arises here is - How to make a happy family? This article will exactly give you what you actually want to know. You only need to read and understand. Your family starts with your marriage . Now you have the smallest family of 2 members.  It means from here you both have 50-50 shares of this organization called family. Maximum couples never realize this truth. After honeymoon either they start to save their individuality or divide works. Then they think they are able to make a happy family. Is it the real meaning of family?" Never... This can be called a partnership, not a family. A family is like a garden which is by and for every member of the family as a whole .  You can not say that you will give water only those plants who