How to Make a Happy Family? -(Expert's Tips)

How to make a happy family


Family is the smallest unit of the society. After body it is the most important part of our life. This is why we all want to make a happy family. Of course you also want the same. But the question arises here is - How to make a happy family?

This article will exactly give you what you actually want to know. You only need to read and understand.

Your family starts with your marriage. Now you have the smallest family of 2 members.  It means from here you both have 50-50 shares of this organization called family.

Maximum couples never realize this truth. After honeymoon either they start to save their individuality or divide works. Then they think they are able to make a happy family.

Is it the real meaning of family?"


This can be called a partnership, not a family.

A family is like a garden which is by and for every member of the family as a whole

You can not say that you will give water only those plants whose responsibility has given to you. You have to watering each and every plant of the garden to make it a beautiful and lovely garden.

Imagine how it will be if some plants of your garden are dead!

Same happens in family. You can not divide works because you need to fulfill all needs and requirements of your family, no matter there are 2 members or 20. Because your family is a team and the happiness of your family depends on the fulfillment of all requirements of the family as a whole, not separately.


Let's understand with some examples.

If you went to the market to buy grocery and you do not eat peanut but other members of your family does. Then do you avoid to buy peanuts?


You buy peanuts. Of course not for you but for other members of your family as it is their requirement.

Here you can not say that you will not buy peanuts as your happiness is not connected with it. Of course your happiness is not connected directly to buying peanuts. But indirectly it is connected. When other members of your family will get happiness by eating peanuts, you will also get happiness by their happiness because you all are the part of a family all together.

Similarly you will not play with toys although you buy toys for your kid. Your happiness is not directly connected to buying toys. But when your kid get happiness by those toys, you indirectly get happiness too.

The happiness of a family is different from the happiness of a particular member of a family. But it is fully related with the happiness of that member.

So you can divide personal jobs of the family members but you can not divide the family jobs of a family.

The personal jobs of yourself is your responsibility but the family jobs of your family is the responsibility of every member of your family as a whole.

For example eating food is your personal job or responsibility but cooking food is a family job or responsibility.

If you say buying grocery is my job and cooking food is yours to your wife, and if she is unfit for few days for cooking, then also your family's requirement is food. You can not say I did my job but she unable, what to do. You have to fulfill the requirement of your family. Either cook for your family or take food from outside for your family.ur

This is why I told you that you cannot divide jobs or works of your family if you want to make a happy family.

This is the very first thing you have to understand. Because this is the base of the happiness of your family. And also you have to make all other family members to understand it.

If you have done this then congratulation! You created a very strong base for a happy family.


Equality to make a happy family


The root cause of maximum unhappy families, is absence of equality of members in family. In maximum families the importance is given based upon their age, success or value creation.

This is totally wrong.

Remember family is a team. If the members of a family do not get equal respect, rights, duties, love, care and importance, then that is not a good or a happy family.

When a person do not get equal respect, rights, care or love then he/she does not feel love for his/her family. He/she lives in that family only for needs. That family becomes a burden for him/her.

In that case it is impossible for him/her to contribute in the happiness of that family. And when-ever any member of a family is not ready to contribute in the happiness of that family, then it will never be a happy family.

Similarly when-ever you give less duties to a particular member of a family then other members feel jealous. This make them hate their own family. They also feel the family as a burden.

In that case they do not want to contribute in the happiness of that family.

As a result the family will never be a happy family.

This is why you must give equality in everything to every member of your family. Otherwise you will never able to make a happy family.

Of course if any member is wrong then you can punish him/her between the boundaries of humanity. That is a different topic and I will not discus that in this article. You can contact me for any kind of query or counselling (paid service).

But always remember that if you want to make a happy family then you need full and equal contribution from all other members of your family. It is only possible when you give equality to everyone.

Open communication to make your family happy


If your family members cannot communicate openly with you or other members then you will never able to make a family which is happy.

Communication is like the fuel for a family. The smooth running of a family depends on how the family members communicate with each other in a family. A quality communication brings the family members closer and makes it a happy family.

For it first you need to get the trust of other members of your family.

Because it may be possible that sometime your family members will say against your believe system or against your self respect or ego. At that time it will be a big test of yourself.

When your family members will feel free to communicate with you even at that time also when they are against you, then you can say there is a very good communication facility available in your family.

To maintain it you need high patience, good listening ability, intelligence, open mind, high maturity, unbiased nature (even for you too).

Remember in a family there may be kids, younger, wife, husband, other members. They may face different problems emotionally, psychologically or physically by indoor or outdoor matters. So you need to build the faith and freedom in them to share those with you without any fear.

If you have created this kind of communication in your family then congratulation - Now you can make a happy family.

Make some rules for your family to keep it happy always

Rules are very important in life as well as family. It gives the track where you can walk or run in life.

But making rules is a very difficult task!

Yes friends....

Many people make rules which destroy the family.

So don't make worthless rules or rules which will affect any one's personal right or individuality in your family. Make rules which will be totally fair for all the family members equally.

Rules like :-

  • No valiance in family.
  • Parents will not be biased.
  • No one will be forced to accept the decisions. Of course you can try to make them convince, but with love only. Their consent should give more importance.
  • All members will help and cooperate each other.
  • No politics in family.
  • No emotional blackmail in family. Etc.
You should make these kind of fair rules for your family. Family rules may vary from other families, based upon your family conditions. But the most important thing is every member of the family should give respect and follow those rules.

But remember...

Your motive to make rules for your family should only be for increase love and happiness of your family, not for any personal gain otherwise you will pay the price.

Make love-ful moments for your family


Love and affection are the magnetic power of a family. Lack of these will decrease the happiness of your family. So in time to time it should be boost in a family.

For it you can do family members get-together, family group talk, celebrate festivals together, family picnic, play indoor or outdoor games together, family visits, important days celebrations or similar kind of things which will make fun and sweet memories for all family members. It will boost love in your family and will make a very strong bonding. In addition teach all members to help and cooperate each other by giving group tasks or by other ways. It will increase the attachment between your family members which is very important to make a good, strong and happy family.

This is most important because love is the base for a happy family. So always give priority to these things. You can only recover your family from bad and negative things of your family when all family members have strong love relation with each other.

These lovely moments will make a chain of sweet memories in the mind of your family members. It will increase the emotional attachment between the family members. Then the love and happiness of your family will increase definitely.

Some key things to make a happy family

Apart from these, here are some Key things which you should practice while trying to make a happy family :-

  1. Disputes and misunderstandings, contradictory thought process are a part of family. You need to solve them without hurting anyone or without being unfair with anyone. You have to give a valid reason for your justice. Never think anyone weak. Today is your time. Tomorrow will be their. So never misuse your powers in your family. Otherwise it is my guarantee that you will suffer a lot in future. Your family is not your private property. It is your responsibility. The better you take your responsibility, the more you make your family happy. Keep this thing in mind always.
  2. You should be an ideal for your family members. When you will be their ideal, they will respect you, love you and follow you. But it is a very difficult task to be the ideal for others. You need high maturity, intelligence, dedication and a desire to be that. Also you have to sacrifice in many situations. So if you want to make a happy family then try your best to be the ideal for your family.
  3. Give personal time to each and every member of your family. Be the best person of their life. Time by time talk with each and every family member personally. Listen them properly. Give them a good emotional and psychological environment. For it you have to leave your ego.


You need some specific qualities and abilities to make a successful happy family. You will surprise to know that most of the people do not know this. It is not very difficult to make a physically happy family, but it is very difficult to make a psychological happy family. You have to put yourself in the place of every family member and see they are actually happy or not. And if not then how to make them happy without sacrificing their bright future is a challenging task for you. I am sure this article has helped you a lot to make a happy family. Although if you have any doubt then you can contact me or give your opinion in comments below.

Writen by
Sushil Jhora
all rights reserve


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