What is the Right Way to Handle Teenage Child

What is the Right Way to Handle Teenage Child


Responsible parents become more cautious while their children enter into teen age.

So also you...

 Because you know the importance of teenage in your child's life. Your child adopt new things very fast in this age and as a responsible parent definitely you will be little fearful, worry. Even in many cases you face new problems and challenges to deal with your child. So no doibt you always want to learn new things about what is the right way to handle teenage child.

Is not it?"

Hello everyone. Today I am going to give you the best solution for this challenge.

What is the right way to handle your teenage child

What you will become in life is kept in teenage. A persons basic nature and character is made during this age. So right guidance is very important in this age.

In this age the overall growth rate of a child is very high. Physical, psychological, mental hormonal, intellectual all kind of changes are very fast. But maturity level grows slowly.

This is why teenage is a very risky time in a human being's life.


In other words a teenager can feel the powers but not the responsibilities and limitations of those powers.

They are unaware about the results but excited to do all those things which they watch elders to do. Things like self decision making, driving, love, sex, freedom, self-dependency are attract teenagers.

Teenage comes after childhood. In their childhood they get to know that they can enjoy all fun when they will be big. They think adult life is full of fun. Because in childhood fun is their ultimate goal. So they think what their parents and all other adults do is for fun. As a result they also want to be adult quickly.

When they experience the teenage, they think now they are becoming big. Because they are unaware about teenage and younger age, in other words about the Chane of age. They only hear about childhood and adult age from others.

So they misunderstand teen age as the beginning of adult age. They assume that now freedom is their right. But parents are more restricted and cautious for them in this time as they know this is teenage.

That means two different people understand the same thing in two different ways. This is the root cause for all the problems arise between teenagers and their parents or guardians.

Now the question is how to deal with this problem. Here are some ideas to deal successfully with this problem.

Advance preparation for the teenage of your child

If you have not teach your child the right things like discipline, respect and obey elders or parents, follow rules then it will be very difficult for you to handle him/her in teenage. So you need to bring him/her on the right path from  childhood. 

At the very first increase the awareness of your child about different aspects of life. Like importance of health, career, learning, skill development, character, relationships in life.

Teach them these things by moral stories which children love. When you will create a base in your child's mind to be a nice and successful person in life, then automatically this base will be stronger and stronger in teenage  and without a too much effort you can control and guide your children. Because you have been giving a direction to your child from childhood.

Note >>> Those teenagers are more indiscipline and uncontrolled who have not a certain direction. For example teenagers who are good in studies or similar things are easy to handle. Because they are focused. Their direction is more certain than other teenagers.


How to behave with a teenage child

Teenagers are very sensitive. Things affect their mind quickly. Because ego develops in them at this time. As a result your behaviour influence them more.

If you scolled them, disrespect them or negative comments then it hurts them badly. They feel anger and start to hate you and feel alone. As a result they disobey you and argue with you.

I have told you earlier that their maturity level is low in this age so they are not capable to judge right and wrong. They tilt to those things or persons from whom or where they get psychological support and satisfaction. 

This is why they go on wrong way easily.

To save your child from this trap of teenage, first you have to understand that you are on the driving seat. Because you are mature, not they are. So you have to take the responsibility.

Make sure that you do not hurt their ego. Teenagers cannot understand the difference between ego and self respect. So anything which hurts their ego may damage their psychology badly. Teenagers have understood only one aspect of life. They have no idea about the hard part of life. They misunderstand the intention of their parents. As because they are aware now that they are not weak or not a kid, so they sometime do things which not only affect their life badly but also affect their parents life very badly.

Normally teenagers think that they are now able to understand and decide things related to their life better than their parents. In other hand parents think that they have to be more cautious for their child in teenage, so interfere more.

That"s why you need to understand this sensitive situation properly.

The best possible solution is never treat them as they are under you. Treat as they are very precious for you and you are their greatest wellwisher. So they should take your permission and grant before doing anything. Even let them understand that they should inform you for everything because you care and worry for them. Don't order them, make them understand what and why you want certain things from them.

Remember it is very important!"

Your teenage child will automatically follow you if once he/she understand the importance of that. You can also give them the right directions by luring them with an award.

Remember if you guide them by any kind of force or blackmailing then they will definitely go against you any day. Even if you will right then also they will do so. So let them know the cause behind your guidance and their benefit from that.


Whenever they go wrong or you want to teach them anything then present your opinion in a mannerable way with a right logic. If you scold them then also follow this pattern.

You have to do it in two parts :

  1. Firstly whatever you will say should not hurt them or demoralize them. Scold in a mannerable way. It will bring their focus on a particular topic only. Otherwise if you will hurt them then they will focus on their insult only, not on the lesson given by you. And your purpose is to give them lesson not insulting them right."
  2. Secondly give your lesson with a valid logic and clearly define their profit and lose to themselves.
In every moment you need patience. Because they need clean direction with love. Any kind of guidance with negative emotion will misguide and spoil their life. So you need to handle teenagers with love and patience. Even sometime you have to try a particular thing again and again. But it is your duty.

Remember you are the driver. So any wrong or careless activity will spoil your purpose to build your teenage child great.

Also you should not behave wrong because they can go wrong easily. They are like soft clay, so any kike can be print on their mind for life time.

So behave good with full of love and care. Of course you can strict but not rude. Your behaviour must in a way that they can understand and feel. As a result they will definitely follow you either at the beginning or after doing any mistake. But it is sure you will able to make their life. So have patience with a positive behaviour.

How to handle the mistakes of teenage child 

It is natural to do mistakes by teenagers. Life, this world and everything is totally new for children. They know and experience many things first time in life. So curiosity is definitely there. They will also try. As a result there is 90% chance that mistakes will happen by them.

And it is totally common!

Every mistake gives great lessons and every lessons are a path of success.
So never be over react (here I am talking about mistakes, not about crimes).

The other meaning of life is mistake. We all do a lot. Your child is also a human being, not god. He/she will must do mistake. Because it is an universal law that every one will grow by getting knowledge through a lot of mistakes. So accept this truth and instead to punish them use that matter to give them lessons. They can connect themselves with that and learn great lesson which they will never forget.

If they do any mistake then discus about that with him/her and ask them about the reason for which they did that. After finding the reason tell them the merits and demerits of that and also the right time or situation for that to do if that is a valid thing to do like love or leave parents or driving vehicles or similar matters. Always give a valid reason also for your suggestions. Take promise from them also for not repeat that.

Of course you should punish them if they do any big mistake or crime. But always be a human while punish them. And the motive of your punishment for them should be to bring them into a right direction. Your punishment should never be for satisfying your ego or anger. Maximum parents do this mistake.


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