Why It Is Essential for You to Know About Yourself

Why It Is Essential for You to Know About Yourself


Do you know about yourself? - 

Whenever this question is asked, most of the people do not have a clear answer. They know a lot of things about this world, but they do not have certain knowledge about themselves. 

 By the way, do you have a clear answer to this question?

Yes or no...

No doubt you want a wonderful life and a lot of happiness. 

Is not it?"

But for that, you have to know about yourself. Because without knowing about yourself you cannot choose the right direction and path for your life. This is why I always tell my clients "Why it is essential for you to know about yourself."

Why it is essential for you to know about yourself

75 years, means 900 months, means 27375 days - near around this, you alive on this earth. 

It means you have a limited time to get all the happiness of your life.

Am I right?"

Because you have a time limit or deadline, so you need certain goals, certain plans, certain strategies, and a most importantly certain mindset to get the best from your life for yourself.

All these things can be possible when you will have a certain perspective.

But maximum people have not a certain perspective. Because they have not clear knowledge about themselves.

As a result, there is no depth in their work and life. They are not able to get extraordinary success in any field and can not able to enjoy the ultimate happiness in their life.

This is why it is essential for you to know about yourself.


The better you get to know about yourself, the better you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Why you should know about your strength and weakness

Remember, it is not necessary to just set goals. It is important that you set your goals according to your strengths and weakness.

Because if you choose an irrelevant goal then either you will not able to achieve that or when you will able to achieve that, it will be too late. You will not have time left to enjoy that success.

It is because, whenever you try to get something according to your strength, you have to invest less time and energy to get that. On the other hand, if you have decided a goal which is your weakness then you need to invest more and more time, effort and energy to get that.

So you should know about your strengths and weakness.

But how you can know that?"

It is only possible when you will know about yourself.

Again maximum people easily accept their strengths, but not ready to accept their weaknesses.

Come on friends!

We all are normal human beings.

Not superhuman...

So definitely we all have some weaknesses. But if you will not accept your weakness then how you can able to know yourself accurately?"

So to know about yourself, first, you have to accept yourself as what you are exactly. Right-wrong, strong-weak, positive-negative whatever you are, just accept it as it is.


How you can know about yourself?

It is very simple!

You have to say the truth...

No - no!!

I am not talking about the truth which you say to others. I am talking about the truth which you have to say to yourself. 

It is more important to say the truth to yourself rather than to others. But most of the people never do that. They think what is the necessity to say something to yourself.

But friends, this is the actual secret!

Who they live their life as their best, know this secret. They always say the truth about them to themselves.

When you say the truth about you to yourself, there is a possibility of growth. Otherwise, if you are not intelligent, although you say to yourself that you are intelligent, then your mind moves to a comfort zone and never try to increase your intelligence. And as because it is just a lie so in the real world you cannot live a life like an intelligent person. Then you blame the principles and laws of life for that. Finally, your life becomes more and more frustrated day by day.

So tell the truth about you to yourself if you want to make your life better and better every day. If you are not beautiful then say it to yourself, if you are not rich then say it to yourself. Because only after that your mind will make you change that. Remember the motive of your mind is to give more and more pleasure and happiness to yourself.

But that is possible when you will say the truth about yourself to yourself. Again it is only possible when you will know about yourself.


Note --> Here I am not saying against the law of Attraction. That is a different psychological method related to an unconscious mind. Here I am talking about your awareness of yourself. I am talking about to judge yourself based upon reality. It will be very helpful for you to take the right decision for your life and will open new paths for you for a far better life.

Benefits of knowing yourself

Clarity in life

By knowing yourself you can very very clear and certain in your life. You will have not a doubtful mind. This will reduce your stress.

As a result, you save your will-power. Remember we have, limited will-power, so stress makes our mind weaker.

 By knowing yourself, you are very certain about everything in your life. This means it will save your will-power and you will psychologically energetic, free and happy.

Right Choice and Decision in Life

By clarity and certainty, you choose the right things in life. You take the right decisions.

Remember your happiness of life depends on your choices. The right decisions make your life easy.

  So you need to know about yourself.


Enjoying the moments of life is life.

This means you need a lot of time to make a lot of lovely moments in your life.

 By getting all the above things, you can make quick decisions. Now you have a certain direction certain vision. You will have no confusion left in mind.

Confusion not only wastes your time but also decreases your performance and efficiency.

But by knowing yourself now you will have no confusion left in your mind.  No doubt it will save you time.


You have got just one life. You have dreams. You have your own wishes. Definitely, you want to live your dream life.

But you have limited resources to get all those things, either that is time, money, energy or anything else. Again you also know that only you can achieve your happiness, no one will do that for you. So you need to use all those resources intelligently.

Again you want an easy life.

Is not it...

Anyways, now I think you knew why it is essential for you to know about yourself. For any query, you can contact me or comment below. Share it with your loved ones and care for them.

Written by
Sushil jhora
Copyright©by google-2019


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