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21 Ways to Relieve Stress

21 Ways to Relieve Stress You can live a stress free life if you get to know these 21 ways to relieve stress . Actually stress is a very common thing in every one's life. The only difference is, every one's way to deal with it. But out of those some techniques are very effective. Let's give a look on those.  21 Ways to Relieve Stress Stress can be caused by any reason. Many times the person gets stressed without any reason. In fact, whenever something does not happen according to the wishes of human, it is natural for him/her to feel stress . So let's understand and apply practically these 21 ways to relieve stress in your life . 1. Early morning visit Morning visit is a very good way to relieve stress. But yes, you have to do it at the very early morning. For example - In India it should be 4 am in summer and 4.30 am in winter. Actually, the fresh and peaceful environment of early morning effects very positively to your mindset. It reliev