21 Ways to Relieve Stress

21 Ways to Relieve Stress


You can live a stress free life if you get to know these 21 ways to relieve stress. Actually stress is a very common thing in every one's life. The only difference is, every one's way to deal with it. But out of those some techniques are very effective. Let's give a look on those. 

21 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress can be caused by any reason. Many times the person gets stressed without any reason. In fact, whenever something does not happen according to the wishes of human, it is natural for him/her to feel stress.

So let's understand and apply practically these 21 ways to relieve stress in your life.

1. Early morning visit

Morning visit is a very good way to relieve stress. But yes, you have to do it at the very early morning. For example - In India it should be 4 am in summer and 4.30 am in winter.

Actually, the fresh and peaceful environment of early morning effects very positively to your mindset. It relieve your stress throughout the day. And when you regularly do it,  you feel excitement and positivity inside you.

There are scientific reasons behind it. If I will explain that here,this article will be very huge. No need of that. Just do it for at least one day and you can see the results.

2. Beautiful nature


Another best way to relieve stress is enjoying the beauty of nature.

Normally who they are in stress, engage themselves in negative thoughts.  This is the root cause of increasing stress.

The easiest way to come out from it is, enjoy the beauty of nature. Go outside, into a park, sea beach, garden or any other beautiful place and enjoy that. It will relieve your stress.

Note>>> The selection of a place is very important here. Don't choose a place which makes you sad, unhappy or stressful.

3. Stress relieve by cute babies

A very easy way to relieve stress is spending time with cute little babies.

The Aura of little kids are very pure and positive. So it is very powerful. When you spend your time with them or play with them, their aura effects you very positively. It boost your mentality positively. And you become stress free.


4. Adopt a pet

If you are not able to do anything to relieve your stress then simply adopt a pet. Specially a dog.

Pets are normally full of energy and excitement. They play with you, love you and let you feel that how valuable you are for them.

This feeling relieve your stress amazingly and you feel very good psychologically.

5. Meditation and Pranayams

Meditation and Pranayam have a very good effect on stress. It reduces stress hormones and releases those hormones which makes us feel good, positive and stress free.


6. listening Music

Listening music is a very magical thing to relieve stress. But never listen any music which relates to any sad incident of your life or remind you such kind of things.

Study says listening music decreases the flow of stress-related hormones like cortisol. It can also increase the blood flow. Even studies have found that it relaxes yourself and changes your mood positively.

7. Develop Hobbies

Who they have no hobbies or casual hobbies, experience stress most of the time. Your hobbies can make you feel  pleasure and happiness  at any time or any situation. Pleasure and happiness are the best medicine for stress.

So you should develop hobbies which you can enjoy and love to do.

8. Detox your body

Mind and body are highly connected. A healthy mind is not possible in an unhealthy body.

When the quantity of toxins increases in your body, it effects your mind badly which causes to stress.

So you have to detox your body.

For it, drink at least 1 liter water just after wake up. You can drink more. Then go to the toilet. It will purify your body and blood. It will definitely make your mind healthy and stress free.

Note >>> The quantity of water intake depends on your capacity. So I have not any suggestion for that. Personally I drink more than 2 liters at that time. But that is my personal capacity. You decide according to your capacity.


9. A Calm Moment

You should spend at least 20 minutes every day in a quiet place. At that time also try to keep yourself calm. Just leave all positive and negative thoughts and stay in present.

When you start practicing this thing regularly, you start experiencing a wonderful peace and happiness.

It Relieve your stress...

10. Listening Music


One of the easiest way to relieve stress is listening music. When you listen music, your brain produces endorphins.

It gives you excitement and pleasure. It increases your confidence and will power.

You feel better psychologically. As a result you become stress free.

11. Affirmation Technique

It is an advanced technique. By this, you control your sub-conscious and unconscious mind.

More than 90% of our life is controlled by our sub-conscious and unconscious mind. But in this technique, you have to give instruction to your mind that you are stress free.

There is a proper process for this. It should be done just before sleeping while you feel sleepy to get the best results.

It is very simple to do. Just repeat this sentence -"I am totally stress free and full of happiness from inside" again and again and sleep. Don't try to judge it is true or not. Just repeat it and feel it as it is true. Let your sub-conscious and unconscious mind believe it.

Remember mind is extremely powerful. But it have no intelligence. It believes what you tell to it.

So when you use affirmation technique daily, you mind starts to believe on those affirmation and try to make those the reality of your life..

And it makes you stress free.

Note >>> Say the sentences in present progressive tense during affirmation.

12. Diet and Drink

Diet and drink are one of the main reason of stress

Now-a-days, there is so much adulteration in food and drink for maximum economic benefit, which is causing great harm to our body. Many such things are also mixed which also harm our brain.

Therefore, always eat and drink good quality things. The lower intake of alcohol is better.

Do not eat stale food and avoid dry food too. Drink more than 3 liters water a day. Along with this, consume fruit juices and other benefits of natural substances, from time to time.

Remember, the more quality food and drink you give to the body, the more physical and mental healthy life you will live.

So the very first step to relieve stress is to make a quality diet and drink habit.

13. Head massage

Head massage with a good quality oil is a good idea to reduce stress. It increases the blood flow in your brain, which helps to release the harmful chemicals from brain and let you feel good and relax. Again it leads to you for a better sleep which is very  helpful to relieve stress.

So it will be very good for you if you will massage your head with a good oil regularly.

14. Change the place

Another good idea to release stress is, change the place. Of course it is not possible always but it is very effective.

When you change your place it takes you to a new mind zone. In a new place our mind requires 3 to 4 days to  settle down with that new environment and conditions. Till that your mind focuses on new things and avoid stress. Actually your mind gets a change which it loves.

So at that time you can make new habits and new mindset to go ahead in your life. It is easy and possible. Personally I have done it in my life a lot of time.

You can go to a friend, for a weekend, to a relative or change the place of living if possible. It will definitely overcome yourself from stress.

15. Avoid Laziness


A lazy person is an easy traget of stress. When you have no certain things to do or less things to do, your mind attract negativity. It leads to increase stress.

But when you make yourself busy and your mind is engaged, stress automatically goes down. So you need to make yourself physically and mentally active. It will make you stress free.

Here I am not talking to make yourself busy in entertainment or such kind of things. I am saying to involve yourself on some golas or work more to make your life better and better. Choose things which will give you happiness and put your efforts to achieve them. When in this way you will be make yourself active physically and mentally, stress will be reduce from your life. This should be the very first step to

16. Connect right people

Connect yourself with optimistic and positive person. Avoid passimistic persons

Remember it is very important. Passimistic persons are very dangerous. They will damage your psychology for sure. Negative people are like a virus. They spread negativity, which is the root factor of stress. So keep distance from negative people as much as possible.

And connect yourself to people who are optimistic, who they can talk possitive with you and motivate you. This should be the very first step to take for reduce stress.

17. Vision, Purpose or Goal

Who they have a clear vision in their life are rarely suffer by stress. Again who they have clear purpose or goal in life, are also rarely suffer by stress.

Most of the people have no clarity in their life. They just learn limited things, acquire a basic occupation and think all done. They just go with the flow in their life.

This leads them to suffer in the certain point of life. Because they have not any certain move in their life. They have not a prticular way to go.

This uncertainty results in a way which becomes the base for stress.

So to overcome this problem you need to have clarity in your life, a certain purpose, certain goal and a clear vision. You can be easily deal with stress in this way.


18. Chewing Gum

Research says  gum chewing also reduces stress.

Is not is great!

Just buy a chewing gum and start chewing. Anyone can do it. And your stress will be decrease.

19. Your Mindset

Maximum people suffer by stress because they are not able to accept the reality as it is. Either it is the matter of career, love or relationship, nothing can be fully in your control. So uncertainty is always there.

People avoid this reality. Maximum time in maximum things they think everything is set.

But it is just an illusion, not the reality!"

In that case if you run your life based upon any kind of myth like this then you can be deeply injured psychologically if anything wrong happens in your life, for which there is a big chance because now a days our life is affected by too many things.

So you need to be aware about the present civilization, mindset and priority of others and present human psychology. Because when you will be aware, yoi can be easily accept the reality and your expectations will be based upon the reality.

This will make you more strong, intelligent and adoptable. As a result you can be able to deal with anything easily and stress will not enter in your life.

Note>>> Mostly leaders and big personalities apply it. This is why they are able to rule on pressure whereas others suffer by pressure and finally enters in the zone of stress.

20. Write down your feelings

A very effective way to overcome from stress is to write down your feelings.

Negative thoughts are natural. When you tied up by those, you fall in stress. So you need to come out from that psychological state.

But how!"

Because when you are in stress, your conscious mind can't able to take right decision for your life. Otherwise we all know that stress is just a psychological state and that has not any real physical existence. Stress cannot solve any problem, infact it increases problems.

So in that situation you need a third party who can remind yourself regularly that it is just a psychological trap.

It happens when you write down your stress. Your consciousness comes in to action and you enter in the zone of self counselling. Now by right kind of questions you can remove yourself from stress.

Questions like :-

  • Will stress solve your problem?
  • Is stress the problem or it is the reaction of the problem?
  • How is stress affecting you?

21. Exercise and sleep

Normally people who they are in stress, can't experiance good sleep. Whereas it naturally kills stress. A lot of time I have done it in my life. When I feel stress, I take long and deep sleep.

But maximum people can't sleep due to stress. In that case do exercise. Remember exercise also reduce your stress.

When you do a good quantity of exercise followed by a good sleep, you feel there is no stress left in your mind. Don't worry, after a good quantity of exercise you will feel sleepy because you will be tired properly.


Stress is a very natural thing. You experience it when something doesn't happen according to you.

But you have to understand that everything will never happen according to you. Because you are a part of this universe and it affects you in any case.

So there is only one way. Take everything as it happened. Because you cannot change that. But yes, how you will accept that is in your control. Then you can get the best out of that.

Actually every happening is a result of some other happenings. We get positive or negative from that according to ourselves. All depends on our mindset, thoughts, acceptence and efforts. You can make that matter as a source of stress or a reason to upgrade yourself.

Choice is yours!


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