What is Most Important in Life

What is Most Important in Life


Hey, here's the top secret!

Today I am going to share with you about the thing which is  most important in life. After knowing how to apply this advantage in your life, you will enjoy the easiest and happiest life forever.

We all do hard work in our life although in maximum cases we do not get that result which we expect or want.

Is not it!

Do you ever think why it happens?

Behind it there is an invisible power of nature works. You cannot see it with your eyes. But it can be feel or experiance.

If you able to learn how to apply that power in your life then no doubt you can get more than what efforts and energy you will put in anything.

So read this article till the end otherwise you will miss a top secret and the art of use it which is applicable by the happiest people of this world to get unlimited happiness and success.

Most Important in Life

So now let's understand for what I am talking about :-

The term which we human beings use to identify this power of nature is "LOVE"...

Wait - wait!!

Here I am not talking about the LOVE of couples or boy-girl. Not even about the love of relationship. I am talking about "LOVE" which is very vast and these things are just a small part of it.

This is the biggest mistake of people that they assume LOVE only as a matter of fun between male & female.

But reality is different...

Actually love is the thing which filter the outcome of everything.

LOVE is needed for everything. For every work, every effort, every action, every emotion and even for every thought. Because if love exsits in things then result will be the best and if not then result can be the worst.

Don't you agree with my words??"

Then let me justify my words...


Many times you must have seen that many people work with a lot of dedication, yet they do not get the corresponding result. On the other hand, some people get 10 times more results according to their expectations.


It is because of LOVE!"

Love, not only for their goals but also for the related works and actions...


Let's understand this a little deeper.

What happens when someone do work without love and another one work with love.

Work Without Love and Work With Love

When you do something which you do not love, you have to forcibly put your mind on that. For this, you have to use your will power. It is obvious that in such a situation, you can use less mind power. Because mind constantly tries to ignore that work. It is just like pulling or pushing the mind.

As a result, you become mentally exhausted soon. But sometime you are forced to do work.

In such a situation, you remain physically devoted to that work, but not mentally. To see hair, you will feel that you are completely dedicated to that work. It is such that you accept it yourself too.

But that's not true!"
Exceptional results are only available when you work by being fully dedicated to both physical and mental levels.  

You can understand it better by this example:-

Imagine that you are driving a car. But the engine of that car is turned off.

Now tell how much distance you can cover in 1 hour?

May be 20/30 km...

Because you have to push that car.

Is not it?"

But if the engine of the car is on then no need to push. The car will run by the power of the engine.

Now how much distance you can cover?"

Easily 70/80 km or even more...

Same happens in life. Here your mind is the engine. If you do not love the work which you are doing then your mind will not able to put it's power in that work. You have to push your mind to involve in that work.

No doubt your productivity will be low and you will also tired soon.

Whereas in other hand if you love that work then your mind will automatically put it's power on that work. Now your productivity will thousand times more and also without any tiredness.

For example:-

If you work for 3 hours and you do not love that, then after 3 hours you will tired and also you cannot even define your overall work.

But if you watch a movie or a cricket match for 3 hours which you love also, then after 3 hours you will not feel tired. Even you will feel more energetic and refresh. Again you can explain each and every moment of that movie or cricket match. And it is the fact of everyone.

Is not it!"

Then how level of intelligence can be the root cause?

So the problem is not the level of intelligence. Actually there is no need to count that. Main problem is "LOVE" for that work.

Otherwise the work is the same and the efforts required to get success on it is also the same.


Love is the Most important thing in life

See whatever work is done by you, if you do it with love, then your energy for that work increases 10 times. But if you cannot do that work with love then your energy level for that work decreases.

Otherwise the work is the same and the hard work required to get success on it is also the same. But in both cases there is a huge difference in the results.

Why Love is the Most Important Thing of Life


Actually we use our 2 powers in whatever we do. One is of body and second is of mind. Infact the power of the body is also controlled by the power of mind. Unless you love that work, the power of your mind is not included in that work.

There is only one way to apply the power of the mind in any work, you should love that thing. When you able to apply the power of the mind in any work, you get extra ordinary results in that. And we all wants great results for our works. This is why LOVE is the most important thing of life.

Now the next question is - Is it possible to do love? Because it is said that love happens you can't do it. But it is definitely possible...


I will share that idea in the part 2 of this article.


Love is the most important thing of life. Once you learn how to apply love in anything, you can use it according to your preference for any work to get extra ordinary result in that. We can use the super powers of our mind for a work only when it starts to love that.

Written by
Sushil Jhora


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