Things to Make Life Easy

 Things to Make Life Easy


Life is becoming more and more difficult day-by-day. Through modernity, a human being was made to make life easy and pleasant. 

But in this era, the reverse is happening. 

Is not it!

While every human has a dream to live an easy life. 

As because this blog Love Life and Relationship has started with the same purpose, so today we came with these 7 Things to Make Life Easy for you. 


Here are those -

Things to Make Life Easy

Now you live in a devloped and advanced world. There are multiple things to make your life comfort

However, it has become difficult in this affair. So now iy is the time to be little serious about your own life and understand these 7 things and start today to apply these in your life.

So the most essential things to make human life easy in this era are -

 1) Health - (The most Important Thing to Make your Life Easy)

Yes friends - "Health"...

No matters how much you earn, how much powerful you are, what kind of relationship you have - At the end it is only your physical and mental health which actually dominate and control your life.

Tell me how you can enjoy all your achievements with an unhealthy body and mind?"

With different lifestyle you face different type of problems. 
With different work or livelihood you find different type of physical and mental challenges. 
If you are not healthy with body and mind, how will you be able to handle these successfully?

By the way, you must have known the meaning of an unhealthy body.

But do you know what an unhealthy mind is!"

In today's time, you will find people get irritated on small things. Getting angry in trivia, answer with swagger, rude behaviour in family. All these are the sign of unhealthiness of mind.

Here I am not saying that those who does these kind of behaviour are mad. 

I am just saying they are mentally unhealthy.

Remember we are rational human beings. Nature has devloped humans so much that we can easily distinguish between right and wrong behaviour.

Is not it!

Again we have a very powerful conscious mind. So we can judge our any behaviour immediately. We have a very active common sense.

Well, if a teenager does all this then it can be understood that he is unmatured. 

But what about adults? 

Because they are also doing this!

So because of this kind of nature and behavior now-a-days people are suffering in all fields of life. And these are happening because they are not taking care of their mental health.

Remember what you think, watch, hear or read, all affects your mental health.

So keep your health mentally and physically well to make life easy. Because it is the very first requirment to live a comfortable life.

2) Right Understanding of Yourself And Your Life 

I have been observing a lot of people while they come to me for consultancy or counselling. I've found that this is the biggest problem  of maximum people now-a-days!"

What if a buffalo considers itself  a dog! What if a reindeer lives for himself as a cat! 

Do you think their life will be easy?

Absolutely not! Is not it?"

The same is happening with humen today. Either they are unable to understand themselves, or they are making misconception about themselves.


See, it is very important to have the right knowledge about yourself. What you are from outside is less important, more important thing is to understand what you are from inside. You must have a clear idea about your strength, your weakness, your hobies, your nature, your character based upon the reality of your life and you should be ready to accept that.

Otherwise, do you know what will be happen?

Either you will envy anyone or you will be influenced by anyone. In real life, in social media, this is happening everywhere today.

This happens when you have no clarity about yourself. When you are not clear in your mind that where exactly you are now and where you have to go in life. 

I mean if you are not sure about the adress of your house, then no doubt you will knock everyone's door or enter in their house.


Again if you have no clarity about yourself, then you want to be like what you see. You want to be like someone today, tomorrow like someone else.

It is just as if you saw a boy and considered yourself a boy, then when you saw a girl, you considered yourself a girl!

Do you do this?

Just kidding!"

You never do this. Because you exactly know what you are by body!

Similarly like this just know yourself from inside. Be very clear about yourself from inside.

Then understand your life according to the reality of yourself. Because everyone's life is different from others. Only after these clarities you can successfully plan your life and can do best possible things for yourself. It will give the maximum happiness and satisfaction to you and your life will be easy for sure.

Let's take an example to understand it properly:-

Just imagine there are two cooks. They are equally qualified and trained for cooking.  Although the taste of their cooking will be different. 

It is because their training is same but their life is different from each other. Their intensity, dedication, mindset, love for cooking, patience level, focus and personal life all are different from each other. Remember each and every single thing affects their performance.

This is why you need a right understanding of yourself and your life to make life easy.

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3) Love Yourself to Make Your Life Easy


Love yourself...

Now this is why people have lack of excitement, lack of confidence in life.

When you will not love yourself then how you will love your life?

You will learn to be happy for whatever your luck will serve you or whatever you will get under your comfort zone. This is why at the 1st video of my YouTube Channel I explained why love is the most important thing of life.

Ok, let's understand it with an example...

Your car or bike will run by fuel. Then why do you fill air in it's tyres?

Ofcourse you do this to run the vehicle smoothly!

Just take out the air from all the tyres of your vehicle and drive it. See how it goes.

This is exactly what happens with your life when you do not love yourself!"

See, life will go. No doubt about that. Because there are many other things. Like needs, wishes, responsibilities, love for others, fear etc. So life will go definitely. But it will not run. Even if you run it also, there will be no satisfaction from your own life. You can see real examples of this in the society.

So it is very important for you to love yourself first.

Then why a person doesn't fall in love with himself?"

It is because you always compare yourself with others. You make your confidence weaker and weaker by counting your weaknesses or by reminding yourself what you do not have.

Think how it would be if there was no one in this world with whom you could compare yourself!"

Would you love yourself now?

Dfinitely would! Because now you can clearly see your strengths. And when you see the merits of yourself, you can love yourself.

See, you work on yourself and your life when you love yourself. So it is very important for you to fall in love with yourself. Only after that you can grow and your life can be easy.

So no matter how you are, just accept yourself with love and respect. Stop seeing drawbacks inside yourself. Look at the merits in yourself. Then refine them as much as possible. Because only those merits can give you anything in life.

Otherwise everyone has flaws. In me, in you and even in every great personality too. Although they are great because they do not complain about their flaws, instead of that they work and refine their merits. This is only possible when you love yourself.

Tell me why a person who doesn't love himself will work hard to make his life better?

His mind never encourage or motivate himself to learn more or achieve more. He accepts only what he gets by luck.

So it is very very important for you to love yourself if you want to make your life easy.

4) Upgrade Yourself with Time to Make your Life Easy

Now this is a very big reason for which life is not easy. May not for all but for maximum people.

Let's understand it with this example:-

We digital marketers know how to make a lot of money through a smart phone and internet.

But most of the people know that we can only make calls, send SMS, chat or video calls by a smart phone.

Again there are people who even do not know how to use a smart phone!

Don't laugh because you also don't know a lot of things about the use of internet and smart phone. Like do you know that you can sell any pic clicked by you through internet and earn good money?


If you don't believe then visit here - earn money by selling photos.

It is just a single example. There are many things that make out love, life and relationship very easy. But the problem is, people do not upgrade themselves. They do not learn new things.

Even most of the people think, educational life ends means need of learning ends.

Listen friends...

Our world is moving forward very fast in every field. Either it is the financial field or relationship field. Social field or love field. Psychological field or emotional field. In each and every field the world is moving very fast.

So if you donot upgrade yourself according to that then you will find yourself in trouble. Far from being easy, in the coming time your life will become so difficult that you cannot even think.

For example, 30 years ago, it was a very good idea to save money in a bank. But today, if you only save money in the bank and do not invest with it, then after 20 years It will be called a foolish decision of yourself as at that time it's value will must be very less.

In the same way 20 years ago, if someone used to give 4 times food, 5 clothes in a year and a home to his wife then she would say that I have got such a good husband.

But not at all today!"

Today, if you will not give love, romance, time with all these, then your wife will say that I did not find a good husband. So here also you have to upgrade.

Remember, you have to upgrade yourself with the flow. Otherwise you will suffer.

Here I have given few examples. You have to upgrade yourself in each and every field. In emotional and psychological field too. That is even more important.

Let's take an example of human psychology.

Earlier, it was believed that if you have a degree, then you have a,career. But today many people are sitting at home holding degrees. And the amazing thing is that those who have no degrees are giving them jobs. Still many people are stuck with the same thinking that who they have degrees are more intelligent.  People like this will suffer a lot in future.


So here you need psychological upgradation.

See, you must have to upgrade yourself with time. Actually you have no choice. Either upgrade yourself by your own otherwise time will upgrade you by it's own way.

So if you want to live an easy and better life then you must have to upgrade yourself with time.

5) Have a Dream

Yes friends, this is also a big hindrance due to which people are not able to make their life easy.

Most people never dream. They just live in the same reality that is visible with open eyes. It is not that those are not realities!

Ofcourse they are...

But those are limited realities.

Hidden possibilities are not visible with open eyes. One needs eyes of intelligence to see them.

How will this be possible now?

It will be possible when you dream!"

For example, the internet has not become like this, first someone dreamed it, then it became. YouTube has not become like this, first someone dreamed it, then it became.

Look friends, dreams are like seeds. How you will groe the tree until this seed with you.

Many people do not even dream that their life can be easy at any time or they can live their dream life too. A lean skinny person never even tries that he too can be muscular.

Do you know what's a dream is? Just to make a blue print of something in your mind, that's it!"

Yes friends! This is what a dream is!"

When you make this blue print and give it to your mind, then only it works on making it a reality.

Dream is the beginning. Actually creative energy originates from here. The same creative energy takes you to possibility by using your intelligence.

That is why it is very important for you to dream!

Whether your desire is small or big, but do dream to fulfil it. Like of you want to roam the world, then dream that. Or if you want to visit Darjiling only, then dream for that.

Remember, first of all it is important to dream. Then, the desire to fulfil that dream will be born in you. Otherwise human mind is naturally lazy. It is not going to do anything for you by itself. It will not make your life easy unless you will try yourself.

That's why you must dream. Because that is the first step to be able to do anything in life. Also that is the first step to make life easy.

Look guys, it's a deep concept. Once you understand this, you will understand the strategy of achieving success in anything.

You can contact me to understand and apply this concept properly for anything.

6) Be a Successful Manager of your Life

You must be a successful manager of your life.

See things were less in earlier times. There were less options to do. In that case, no confussion was there. Focus could also become more.

But today we have a lot of options. From learning to entertainment, from lifestyle to games, in everything we have lots of options.

In such a situation, it has become difficult for more people to manage their own life. And often they do not know about it consciously. People do not know when and how they get caught in the web of options.

Let's observe your own life...

Sometimes you have to choose only one or two things from many options. Observe how much of your mind you use to do that.

Above all, there are so many things in our lifestyle that even if we give five minutes to each, then where the whole day disappears is not known. Then obviously there will be a shortage of time.

For example, 1 lakh rupees is not less."

But yes, if you have to buy 1 lakh things for 1 lakh rupees, then it is definitely less...

Today the same thing is happening in our life. Because there is a lot of options for everything. So in this way, you should be a very good manager of your own life. You should come to choose the priorities.

See, the mind will want everything. There is no limit to it's greed. 

But we also have things called intelligence and common sense with which we can decide what should we choose that can give us all the benefits, what can make our life better and easier, what should we do so that life gets better in every way!

For example:- 

How you can get more happiness in life - by fighting in the comment section for hours and hours or by investing that time to learn something? Life become easy by backbiting while sitting in the park or by using the same time and energy in the same park for walking or jogging?

Remember, many things give pleasure only in short term because those make instant gratification. But in long term, those things give pain for sure, affects your mind badly. It makes bad nature and character. This can ruin your life.

Therefore, you should come to manage your life properly.

You should have clarity about what effect your work will have in your entire life.

Your relationships should be with such people who neither today nor in future will harm you. For example, if you befriend a thief then may not today but tomorrow you will have to make rounds of the police station. If you will build a relationship with such people who are jealous of everyone, then tomorrow they will be jealous of you too.

That is why you should be clear that how you will manage different fields of your life.

You should be very clear about where to invest your time, where to invest your emotions, where to invest your trust, where to invest your love and all your resources of life. Because all these things matter a lot while you go to make your life easy.

Note >  With this you will reduce the losses and will get more and more benefits in life.

7) Correct Use of These Things in Life

Yes friends, it is the most important thing!

You understood all. But if you are not able to use these 6 things in life properly, then what is the benefit?

Your life will not be easy then. So you need to know how to apply these 6 things in your life properly to make your life easy.

Well guys, you have to use all these in your life by giving equal importance to each.

If you give less importance to any one of these, then it will be messed up. And instead of being easy, life will become more difficult.

For example, suppose you Just kept on dreaming, and if you did not work on other things, then your life would go on getting hell.

Or you just paid attention to manage your life. You did not work as much as you used to manage your life then how the results will come?

Suppose you run a hostel in which 500 students can stay. You used your brain properly in order to manage the hostel perfectly. But if only 5 students come to stay in your hostel, then what is the benefit of such high level of management?

Or you just kept on loving yourself, did not pay attention to other things, even then your ego will only increase, nothing will happen.

That is why it is important to work equally on all these six points.

This is exactly like passing in a class. Means, you will pass only if you have passed in every subject, otherwise fail.

So as a normal human being if you want to make your life easy then apply all these 6 things in your life by building a good balance between them. Then only your life will be easy.

Now here good balance doesn't mean that you have divided all your efforts and time equally in all these 6 things. Means 4 hours to each in a day.


Don't have to do that...

It will take more emotions in one thing whereas it will take more time  on another. Somewhere it will take more intelligence and somewhere more efforts.

You don't need hours and hours to dream. Even 10 minutes is enough for that.

It is important that how much you are dedicated to fulfill that dream, how strongly you want to fulfill your dream! You have to apply deep emotion here. Is it really your dream or is it just a wish that has to be find out. If you are crazy about your dreams, then not 10, even 2 minutes is enough! 

But if that dream is to be converted into a reality, then just 2 minutes is not enough. It can take 2 hours or even 5 hours a day. Here you will have to invest more time and hard work. How much has to be invested, it depends on your dreams.

Suppose your dream is to stay fit, then for that it is enough to spend 1 hour a day on health.

But if your dream is to make a body like sir Arnold, then even 5 hours a day may not be enough.

In the same way, you can also plan your own life management by planning for 1 hour on any one day. But you will have to apply that everyday 24X7.

Again you will have to keep upgrading yourself. For that you have to be a learner. Your mind should be open always.

Remember the real game is here only. The more expert player you are of this 7th point, the happier and easier life you will live.

For example, let me share what I do 

First of all I dream for what I want. Then I try to understand that it is possible or not according to the reality of my life. Again I love myself so confidence and believe is always there. As a result, I make my strategy according to that and upgrade that time to time. And at the end based upon this I manage my life and take right action.

That's it.

So friends, apply these 7 things to make life easy in your day-to-day life and get the advantages.


Life never be easy by itself. You have to put efforts to make it easy. All these 7 things which have explained in this articleare very important. Also these are very easy to adopt and apply in day-to-day life.

You can apply these according to your possibilities. Then definitely you will be able to make your life easy.


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