How to Live A Problem Free Life

 How to Live A Problem Free Life


Life is full of problems but we all want a problem free life! 

Don't you...

If yes then this article How to Live A Problem Free Life is only for you.

Because you will get the answer to this question properly after reading this full article. 

And when you will apply these ideas in your real and practical life, surely you will be able to live a very easy and happy life. This is why this blog Love Life and Relationship has found these valuable ideas through a lot of research to help you living your dream life

First pay attention on the reality of life in present time:

Now-a-days we are living in a very devloped world. We have the best fesilities ever to make life better and problem free

However, we can say, we are the most luckiest people ever borned in this planet. Although if you will observe, then you will find almost everyone's life is full of problems.

From career to relationship, family to love, in all walk of life we face too much problems.

While it should have been exactly the opposite. After all, what would be the benefit of such a progressive world if the human life is affected by so many problems?

So let's discus about some very important things by which you can live a problem free life.

What a Problem is :

Actually problem is a raw material. Because whatever happens in life, - success or failier, happiness or sorrow are all created by this.

As soon as a child is born, it's problems start there. 

Again the child of a human being is so helpless that he can't survive, if proper care is not taken.

It means, "life begins with problems"... 

Actually life and problems are two parts of a coin.

If you remove any one of them, then the existence of the other will also disappear.

So now the question arises - "Then how one can live a problem free life? 

Is it really possible?

Ofcourse it is possible!

You may not believe it.

Okey tell me one thing. Suppose it is raining heavily. And you have to go outside. So can you come back without getting wet?

Ofcourse, you can!"

Go by car, take a rain coat...

Is it possible? It makes sense?"

Then how it is impossible to live a problem free life!


If you can live withoit getting wet during the rain, then you can also live a problem free life between the problems.

Then why maximum people can't able to do this?

There are some reasons behind it:-

Reason number 1 is -

1) Mindset

What is your mindset for problems?

See, first of all, understand what a problem really is? Is it made by God?

Actually God hasn't made the problems. God has just made different processes. It is the human being who names the different parts of that process as different problems.

For example:

When a child is born, he is very weak. He can't do anything for himself. He can't walk, talk, sit or even hold anything.

So God have made a complete process to make him self-independent. 

First of all, he will move his hands and legs. This will bring some strength to his body. Because of that now he can crawl. Then by crawling his hands and legs will be more strong. Then finally he can walk and move independently.

Now think, if a child makes a mindset that become self independent is a big problem, then he will not able to walk.

But a small baby never thinks like that. He enjoys each and every part of this whole process from crawling to running.

In the same way, nature has made different processes to move from one stage of life to another. Only after crossing those processes, you reach the next stage of life.

But many people count the different parts  of these processes as different problems.

Not all of them!

Because the same thing is a problem for someone, then opportunity for someone else.

For example:

There is a very famous story in marketing.

Once two salesmen were placed in an island to find out whether the shoes will be sold there or not.

The first salesman came back and said - shoes will be not sold there because no one is wearing shoes there. But the other person came back and said - shoes will be sold there because no one is wearing shoes there.

See, this is the effect of mindset.

One saw the problem and the other one got opportunity.

That's why problem is not a reality. Because reality is always same for everybody, it never be different for person to person.

Like - fire burns!"

It'll be same for everyone...

Not that it'll burn you and not your neighbor.

So how you can call a problem a reality. Because it can be an opportunity for you. All depends on yoir mindset.

So the all game is of your understanding, which makes your mindset.

If you are a person, who believes more in luck, then you'll see the problem. But if you know that the law-of-action and reaction goes on in the world, law-of-cause and effect goes on, then you'll see opportunity.

So at the very 1st make a right mindset. Don't see a matter as a problem. See it as a process. Try to understand the problem by dividing it in small parts. Then that problem will not a problem for you. It will be just a small part of a big process that will take you to some next level of life.

2nd reason for which you don't able to live a problem free life is -

2) Unable to Identify the actual problem

Now it is really a big problem for some people.

Let me share a real life incident of mine. You can easily connect:

Once I was doing night journey by a bus. A beautiful girl was sitting next to me.

Oh, She was really beautiful!

Well, when the journey started, it came to light that people stopped the road because of some accident.

Finally the bus staff decided to take the bus from a by-pass to the destination. That path used to be through the middle of the forests and villages.

It would be around 10.30 p m in the night. We found a small dhaba, then we stopped for dinner there. The bus conductor said "there is no arrangement of food in this road, so take your food here".

Now we all ate something there but that girl did not. 

She said that I do not eat at such a place. Don't know what kind of food material they use. And what about cleanliness.

The bus conductor explained her that you should eat here because we will not find any food in this by-pass. Although that girl did not eat.

Well, we all ate something except that girl and started our journey again.

Now it will be around 2.30 in the night. That girl felt hungry. So she told the bus conductor to stop somewhere, she has to eat something.

But bus conductor said,"I told you to eat there, but you didn't. Now there is nothing."

Suddenly that girl started argue with the bus conductor.

Finally there was an aunty who gave her some biscuits and chocolates to eat.

Now let's understand the whole matter again Carefully.

Tell me what was the main problem here?

Was the hygiene main problem here?


Here food was the main problem!"

Because without food how you can survive?

Ofcourse we are also cautious about hygiene. We also take care about the food quality. But we ate there because hygiene was not the main problem there, hunger was the main problem.

Again that food was not bad. They were using fresh vegitables and other things. Only the place was like a hut.

Remember, you may alive without hygiene and comfort, but you never alive without fulfil your food appetite. But that beautiful girl didn't able to understand the main problem here and suffered.

Same mistake people do in their life. They ignore the main problem and give attention to any other secondary problem.

But you need to understand the main problem. Only then you'll be able to reach the solution. 

Otherwise you'll go on falling into the trap of problems. In the other hand if you catch the main problem then solution will be simple.

For example:-

Let's say you are a student. And you failed in a subject. 

Now what will happen?"

First of all, your teachers, your parents, friends will all start to believe that you are very weak in that subject.

Now if you are very lucky, then some of them will react positively. Otherwise more than 90% people will react negatively. 

Direct or indirect, now you'll be under pressure.

Because of that pressure, now you'll find that subject more difficult. Now whenever you'll go to do something related to that subject, you will feel more mental torture. Because, it is mind's basic nature to avoid pain and  find pleasure. Finally it will affect your personality and overall life.

Now if you'll ignore the main problem here then what will be your reaction?"

You'll say - people are not good, they demoralize me. Or this subject is very difficult. Or, my confidence is poor. Or I lack ability. God doesn't make everyone the same. My luck is bad.

See, how did you get from a simple problem to luck. While all these are just the consequences of the main or root problem. These are only the branches of the main problem. Just solve the main problem and all these other problems will be solved automatically. Instead of that, if you'll solve all other problems then also your root or main problem will not be solved.

And what is the main problem here?

It is just to get 30-35% marks in a subject...

That's it!"

Which you can easily achieve by applying just 15 minutes everyday in that subject.

And it is possible!

I have done it in my life.

By placing a fail mark in a particular subject in a class, I have also been a topper with a record breaking mark in the next class in the same subject.

And believe me, I didn't find it difficult. Infact I enjoyed it.

And I was able to do this because my focus was on the actual problem, not on the secondary problems.

Now see, I gave an example of student life here to make it easy to undersyand. You can put this concept in any problem of life and you will find the same.

You will find a root problem(casue) in every problem. Which is actually very simple. It becomes complicated when yoir focus is on seconday problems instead of the main problem.

So always try to identify the main(root) problem. Then the problem will be very simple for you. Infact you will find that it is not a problem. It is just a part of a process which is going to add something new in your life.

If you want any help session on this then you can contact me.

Now let's move to the third point which is the most important thing to live a problem free life.

3) Increase Your Powers

By the powers here, I mean every power that we use to live life.

Like physical power, psychological power, emotional power, intellectual power, body power, social power, relationship power, financial power, any kind of power.

Yes friends, we use these powers in our day-to-day life. And on all these powers, it depends on how easy or difficult our life will be.

For example - Now look at the time of Corona, whose body(immunity) power is good, they do not have any problem. Because their body is easily recovering from it. Even some have been affected by Corona and have recovered also. Although they did not know.

But for those whose body(immunity) power is not good, Corona is a life-threatening problem.

Now whose body power is good, how is it good?

Because, they regularly work on it!

And whose body power is not good, why it is not good?

Because they do not work on it. They have left their bodies in trust of god.

See, this makes one simple thing understandable. If you continue to regularize your powers on anything, then the related problems will be very easy to overcome for you.


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