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Love | How to use the power of love

LOVE | How to use the power of love
Almost everyone wants to know what is love. I am sure you also want to know, is not it!" But they can not get a satisfactory answer because they all experience it in different manner in their life and also feel the sensation of it. So they are confused as the theoretical knowledge and their practical experience of love do not match.
But nothing to worry friends because today in this article LOVE I am going to give you a simple and true definition of love which will clear all your doubts and you will able to enjoy it and it's power properly.

What is love
Like anger and fear LOVE is also a pure emotional feeling. The only difference is anger and fear are not our desire, but love is our desire.  This is why we can understand anger and fear easily but we can not understand love easily. And it is because of our desire for it. We have our own imagination and believe for love based upon our desire for it so we can not see it as it is. 
Are you confuse…


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